Monday, December 05, 2011

I Was Here

I came across a story today of a woman diagnosed with stage four cancer. What drew my attention is that there appears to be a direct correlation between being told you’re dying and when folks believe they need to start

living – fully. It’s like they find their strength, their passion and their drive from the realization that they had a short time left. Another common denominator between folks that are told they will soon die is that they want to be sure to leave a legacy of some sort…some way to have folks realize they were here. So what it made me think about was why don’t we start living before we’re told we’re dying? I mean, aren’t we all dying at some point anyway? The reality is that some of us have longer than others and it seems a bit pointless to decide to really enjoy your life when they tell you that it has suddenly been shortened.

Live…love...participate in your life.

Keep passin’ the open windows…