Monday, December 31, 2012

The Folks We Leave In 2012

Oh sure, those of you who live for the drama and crazy that is toxic people in your lives thought this post was about leaving the negative people in your life in 2012, but this post is all positive. It's about the painful and real loss of the loved ones who left the land of the living in 2012. They shared our lives and left us with such heartwarming memories that we thought we wouldn't survive their departure. As we move to 2013 it's important that we take everything about them with us because they continue to live within us. We will push through the upcoming challenges and we'll celebrate those incredible wins with them in our hearts. When you think life is getting rough, think of them and how you have one more day than they did to make it all better. There's no problem as permanent as a solution and those we lost in 2012 live on in our ability to make every tomorrow see the new opportunities as one more chance to do something wonderful because they are our push to be fearless. So lets pay the utmost respect to those we lost in 2012
by living life to the fullest and being authentic. Life really does go on...and the best way to show you love and remember the folks we lost is by absorbing everything wonderful about them and making an amazing you. Happy 2013.

- Keep passin' the open windows...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another Year Over

As we get older we realize how quickly each year slips by and how precious each moment really is. This year I was blessed with so much and I was also reminded that good or bad, all things work according to a higher plan. If it wasn't so pitiful it would be funny how we mope and complain around only to see or hear of a tragedy that reminds us how truly great our lives really are.

In 2013 I'd like to make a difference in my own live healthier, to care more and to live more fully. No one ever laid in their death bed wishing they had spent more time at work. That said, I give thanks for 2012...for all the wows and the awwws.

- Keep passin' the open windows...

Location:New York