Thursday, March 28, 2013

DC, Philly and the Little Things

A couple of months ago we had the bright idea of taking a family road trip to see DC and Philly. Exploring America is cost efficient and really interesting. It let us do what we wanted, when we wanted on a budget. We had a ball. My favorite little thing-turned HUGE surprise-on our trip was a stop to visit Keith's older cousins in a affluent suburb of Philly. Their home was exquisite and their company divine, but what made the stop unforgettable was how this amazing couple - married over 40 years - manages to stay warm, romantic and playful. They gave us the gift of their blessing and reminded us that successful and lasting relationships are built on our ability to stay interested.

At a time like this when the Supreme Court is considering whether same sex couples should have the right to marry, I am encouraged by couples like the one we shared an evening with in Philly who understand the importance of love and partnership and how intolerance, ignorance, homophobia and hatred will never win over the power of love. Our family is proof of God's many blessings and mercies.

- Keep passin' the open windows...