Thursday, April 28, 2005

Morning Edition - 4/28/05

Like A Raft Over Trouble Waters
Last year over 110 Dominican citizens met their doom attempting to cross the Mona Passage into Puerto Rico. The U.S. Coast Guard says that the number is just an estimate, since many boats or bodies are never reported or found. This year, over 30 Dominicans have met their demise in the same strait. Now, famous Dominicans from singers to baseball players are asking their countrymen not to take the ill-fated voyage across these perilous waters. The Dominican Republic is one of two, very poor, countries on the island of Hispaniola – the other is Haiti. Many Dominicans risk their lives every year to find a better life in Puerto Rico – some attempting to come into the U.S. from Puerto Rico, since Puerto Ricans are born U.S. citizens and do not require documentation.

…And Then There Were Five
American Idol voters have not been following a predictable elimination pattern. The first real upset – for me – was Anwar Robinson last week, but last night’s axing of Constantine Maroulis had the audience in an uproar and Paul Abdul balling inappropriately. Sure, Idol viewers and even the judges tend to develop favorites and attachments to the same, but boo-hooing in front of millions of folks about double-chinned, fake-sex-appeal Maroulis seemed a bit over-the-top. Most, expected that either Scott Savol or Anthony Federov would leave the show last night, so the announcement that Maroulis received the lowest number of votes was slightly shocking. The 29-year old had been initially pegged as a hard-line rocker – one of two – with Bo Bice rounding out the pair. In recent weeks though, America found they like Maroulis’ pop side more than his rock side and his chances at hanging on increased. Tuesday, Maroulis decided to return to his rock roots. It’s apparent America only intends to support one rocker – Bo Bice. Vonzelle, Carrie, Bo, Scott and Anthony return to the stage on Tuesday for another round of American Idol.

New Houston Library Regs Stink
The City Council of Houston passed new library regulations that specifically prohibit sleeping on tables, eating, using the restrooms for bathing and body odor that would be offensive to others. Mayor Bill White says the new regulations are in response to public complaints that city libraries were being abused by the homeless. Any chance we can explore moving some of those regs to our offices?

$280 Million Is No Game
Jayceon Taylor (aka The Game) has been sued to the tune of $280 million by Kwasi Jones. Jones was filming an interview with The Game and DCs WKYS radio personality Zxulu when the radio Zxulu made a comment about The Game’s manager, Jimmie Henchman. Zxulu and Jones both “caught a beat down” from The Game and his entourage before being apprehended and charged with assault by the Prince George’s Police Department. The Game is set to appear in court to face the charges on June 20. Zxulu and WKYS have not yet pressed charges.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Morning Edition - 4/27/05

Kem Calls
“There’s nowhere to hide when love is calling your name,” R&B artist Kem (Kemistry) says on Love Calls – a popular song off his first CD. With a vocal style that has been compared to Al Jarreau, the soothing – even jazzy – artist will release his Kem, Album II, on Tuesday, May 3. If his first release is any indication of what to expect on Album II, then this is a MUST buy.

WIC Out of Whack
A study by the Institute of Medicine found that the current WIC program, which supports more than half of all infants born in the United States, is outdated. The program was founded in the 1970s and is known for giving vouchers for milk, cheese, juice and cereals. The current program did not meet the current recommendations for nutrition made by experts. WIC recipients can now expect less milk, less cheese, less juice and a voucher for fresh produce. The key change – LESS of everything.

Way Over The Rainbow
Judy Garland’s pinafore styled blue and white gingham dress worn while filming the Wizard of Oz was sold at auction today for $252,000. Initially, it was believed the gown would fetch about $63,000. The buyer, who purchased the dress via telephone, did not wish to be identified. The dress is one of six used during the filming of the movie, but only one of two that had secret pockets sewn in to the gown. Judy Garland was 17 when the film was made in 1939 and died in 1969 at the age of 47.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Special Edition - (Reunion Prep - Please respond)

Special Edition (Reunion Prep – Please respond)

Calling ALL current and former Morning Edition ABA folks and their close friends and family!!! With so many position changes, state changes, family changes, etc., happening in our crew, it’s about that time to get together and catch up with each other.

Please choose the date that would be most convenient for you to gather with the crew. Our current two available dates are:

Saturday, July 16, 2005, Noon
Saturday, July 23, 2005, Noon

The tentative location for this gathering is Watkins Park, Largo, MD.

Please respond by choosing the comments section at the end of THIS message. Please note that there is a comments section for each post. This method will show your response to others and enable you to see all other posts - so you'll know what the most popular date is.

A tally will be taken on Friday, May 6 and a final reunion date will be announced.

Look forward to seein’ ya’!

Morning Edition - 4/26/05

Boy, Oh Boy!
Daylen Evan F. entered the world this morning at 1:01 a.m. The bouncing baby boy, born to David F. and Evelyn C., is said to weigh 6 lbs. Mother and baby are recovering well. Daylen is Evelyn’s second child and her first foray into natural childbirth. After inducing labor yesterday evening, doctor’s informed Evelyn that an epidural was not an option. Needless to say, Daylen has secured his spot as the baby of the house.

A Ton of Fun
One ton of the former group Two Tons of Fun, graced the stage at Heaven nightclub in NYC last Saturday. The incredible Martha Wash performed “It’s Raining Men” and other amazing hits to a packed house. Heaven celebrated its third anniversary as one of NYCs hottest alternative clubs.

Exit Stage Left… or Pass Me My Xanax
Anwar Robinson proved to be too mature for Idol viewers; that’s the consensus reached among most folks I’ve talked to since his departure from American Idol last Wednesday. The viewer demographic for the show is much lower than previously thought – and by their choice to bid Robinson farewell, I say their IQs are too. In his farewell interview clip posted on the IdolonFox site, Robinson gives a very mature look at his choice to audition for the reality series and his acceptance of the inevitable stardom that came with the show’s massive appeal. As I watched the video I also realized that Robinson was at ease – a side rarely seen during tapings of the show – and was therefore more himself. Let me know what you see… Check it out at

Soon to come… Back in the Saddle Again – The Dating Adventures Of the Cocoa Rican in the Rotten Apple

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Morning Edition - 4/21/05

America Idolizing Mediocrity?
In a twist of fate that made me cringe in horror, American Idol viewers dismissed Anwar Robinson from the hit reality series last night. While standing in the bottom three, I believed Scott Savol or Anthony Federov would be bidding America farewell, but Robinson was announced as the contestant with the least votes. Yes, I’m taking a moment here… first, I will concede that my admiration for the 25-year old Jersey native may stem from his nerdy good looks, his shy disposition or even his odd sense of style, but what managed to keep my attention on Anwar from the start was his incredible voice. Paula Abdul called Anwar “technically this season’s best singer.” Anwar was one of two contestants – the other, Carrie Underwood – that I believe had the strongest vocal talent. Anwar is a middle school music teacher from New Jersey who also has keyboard skills to accompany his melodic voice. Admittedly, I didn’t think he’d win, but I sincerely thought he’d leave the show after talent-less Anthony Federov; sweaty Scott Savol and nauseating Constantine Maroulis. Now, rather than battling to win, I believe the remaining mediocre members of Idol, season 4 (Federov, Savol and Maroulis) will struggle to buy one more week of stardom from the show. Ultimately, my prediction on FINAL three (rather than bottom three) still are Vonzelle Solomon, Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood. Let’s see if America can tune in to real talent and stop voting on geographical or racial favorites. SIDEBAR...Before we give credence or importance to the rumors circulating regarding Anwar’s sexual orientation, let me just say, “Give it a rest America!” It’s 2005! Chances are you’ll never sleep with your favorite artist – straight or gay – so focus on talent. We’ve managed to mind our business for super-talents like Luther all these years; Let’s do it for Anwar as well.

Pope Promotes Risking Your Life?
Pope Benedict XVI, formerly cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, voiced fervent opposition to the use of condoms – even in light of the catastrophic spread of the deadly AIDS virus. Touted as a strict defender of conservative Roman Catholic doctrine by Agence France-Press reports, insiders say that he even opposed condom use in poor nations that were experiencing mass devastation due to the AIDS epidemic. Most religions frown on sex outside of marriage, but it stands to reason to, as President Bush said recently, choose life above all else and promote protection of life (with the use of condoms) around the world. Time will tell if the new Pope will tweak his conservative agenda and address pressing global issues.

President Honors Teacher Of The Year – He’s From DC
Jason Kamras, 31, of John Philip Sousa Middle School in the Anacostia area of DC, was honored as teacher of the year by President Bush yesterday. This is the first time in the contest’s 53-year history that a DC teacher has won the honor. During his acceptance speech Kamras said, “They (students) inspire me every day with their intelligence, creativity and humor. Teachers can and do make a dramatic difference in their (students’) lives every day."

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Morning Edition - 4/20/05

I Say Okay. What Does Mayor Williams Say?

DCs attorney general, Robert J. Spagnoletti, put the heat on Mayor Anthony Williams when he announced that gay couples married in Massachusetts may file joint tax returns in DC this year. He said it would be up to the Office of Tax and Revenue to accept or deny their filings.

Although DC has already said that it will not issue marriage licenses to gay couples, it has not addressed the issue of recognizing marriages performed elsewhere. Under federal law gay couples (married or otherwise) cannot file jointly – The 1996 Defense of Marriage Act.

DC has one of the largest gay populations in the country, but faces opposition to any gay-friendly legislation by the Republican Congress.

Get Me My Platforms, I’m Watching Idol

Last night, American Idol had the final seven contestants perform songs they probably never heard first-hand, since the theme was Seventies Dance Music. Highlights included the explosive Donna Summer hit “MacArthur Park,” conquered by the talented Carrie Underwood. Vonzelle Solomon belted out a throaty, but fun, “I’m Every Woman,” while my soul mate, Anwar Robinson, performed an animated rendition of Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September”. Even the true resident rocker took his turn at belting out a 70s tune with “Vehicle”. Tonight’s cast-off show is sure to hold some surprises, but a safe bet is that Scott Savol, Anthony Federov and Anwar Robinson will find themselves sweating under the lights as our bottom three. My prediction is that Savol will be taking down a Super Size Wendy’s frosty at a drive-up window before the sun rises Thursday morning. In any case my crystal balls tell me this: Savol will be gone tonight, Federov gone next week, and Constantine right after, with Anwar to follow. This will leave Bo Bice, Vonzelle Solomon and Carrie Underwood as our final three. Chances are Underwood will take Season 4. ::::Note to Anwar – I will comfort you -– WELL!::::

Closer Couldn’t Be Further From Story-Book Endings

After watching “Closer” with Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman this weekend, I’ve come to the realization that now-and-again Hollywood will deliver a movie that does not have the predictable story-book ending. Closer tells the story of two couples who suffer enormous emotional breakdowns brought on by infidelity. Will their relationships survive? The storyline is believable, more for its outcome than for our journey to it. Time lapses in the film are initially hard to follow, but you’ll be given clues to months – or even years – that have passed between scenes. Watch it with your significant other. If nothing else they’ll get the idea that being truthful is ultimately the best idea.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Morning Edition - 4/19/05

American Idol - April 19

Last week Idol finalists reminded we older viewers how young they actually are, by singing songs released during their birth year. Included were, Let’s Hear It For The Boy – a song released by Denise Williams in 1984! Well, Nadia Turner bit the bullet. Although she wasn’t one of my favorites I couldn’t help but think that Anthony Federov has well exhausted his lucky charms’ powers. He is completely out of his league now and anyone getting dropped before Federov will prove voting is not necessarily fair to the most talented finalists. Who does your friendly Cocoa Rican love (yes, I said LOVE) – Anwar Robinson, of course!! Yes, I realize he’s slightly nerdy and boring. Yes, I see he lacks rhythm. I also can see a flawless face with pink lips parting beautifully to reveal an angelically controlled voice. No, I’m not delusional enough to think he’ll win, but if America has any sense of sight or hearing, he’ll be in the final three. Watch Fox, tonight at 8 p.m.

NY Says We Recognize You

On April 6, Anthony Crowell, special counsel to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, announced that The Big Apple will recognize same sex and opposite sex civil unions. Unfortunately, a clear definition of what the benefits will entail has not been released by the mayor’s office. Many gay and lesbian groups have praised the mayor for his efforts and said it is a step in the right direction.

Long Story Short…

Richard S. is fast becoming the final candidate in a race for a position with Neilsen, the ratings folks. Evelyn C. was released from the hospital last night. Her prognosis is still guarded, but the doctors are confident that mom and baby will do fine during the long-awaited delivery. Melvin and Kim S. will be visiting NYC this weekend to celebrate their anniversary. The Maryland couple plans to stay at the Millenium Hotel and enjoy many Big Apple attractions – call me! Phillipe G. is closing on a successful art exhibit in one of the city’s local watering holes. The exhibit had old friends of G scratching their heads at the creative work.

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Friday, April 15, 2005

Morning Edition - 4/15/05

Morning Edition – 4/15/05

Ready to Blow
Evelyn C., now in her eighth month of pregnancy, gives new meaning to “Thank God I’m a man!” The 38-year old is expecting her second child – her first born over nine years ago. Although she is reasonably in good health, Evelyn suffers from a hyperthyroid condition and was discovered to have dangerously thinning blood. Combined, the medical concerns have prompted her doctors to keep her over the weekend. On a brighter note, Evelyn was engaged to her beau, David F., who proposed during her baby shower last weekend.

Brandy, Best Of…
So you thought Brandy didn’t have enough songs to fill a Best of CD? Think again. The 90s rasp queen has released a CD with all the Brandy favorites that had us switchin’ Brandy CDs in the past. It’s a great buy for those that enjoyed the catchy tunes. The only drawback is that no new songs were included to help justify the cost of purchasing songs you probably already own.
Coming soon: Reviews of Mariah Carey’s Emancipation of MiMi & Faith Evans’, First Lady.

ABA Changing of The Guard
ABA, the powerhouse DC association that brought so many of us together, is experiencing a changing-of-the-guard. The original one o’clock lunch crew, which once took several large tables to accommodate, has dwindled to two-or-three folks sporadically shooting the breeze . The most recent departure, Tamara Y., jumped ship for a lucrative subscription manager position in DC. Belated congrats to Tam-Tam. One ABA insider recently commented, “Looking over at the empty tables where you guys used to hold court makes me kind-of sad. It’s really not the same.” Not the same, indeed.

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

New Place To Hang! Tell a friend...4/14/05

Looks like we've found a new place to put it down and do our thing. Now, we can have our Morning Edition and rantings about Idol all in the same area. So join me - at least once a week or so- for what will be a fun way to stay in touch.

The Cocoa Rican