Thursday, April 14, 2005

New Place To Hang! Tell a friend...4/14/05

Looks like we've found a new place to put it down and do our thing. Now, we can have our Morning Edition and rantings about Idol all in the same area. So join me - at least once a week or so- for what will be a fun way to stay in touch.

The Cocoa Rican


J'Moo said...

Hey that thing you said about that there Fag-Got on that "Singing to Be the Best One Show, is so true. Let ha' be, Oh! I mean him, My bad. Any-Whoo! Let him, see I got it right, pack whatever and be packed by whomever ha' wanna. I made that mistake again didn't I. Sorry? I gotta run but peace out and I hope that ha' can keep passin' those opn windows after having ha' life crashed on nationwide TV. PEACE! SIGNED: J'Moo (Just Mine Own Opinion)

Cocoa Rican said...

Well, well, well....thanks for that enlightening viewpoint J'MOO. I don't recall mentioning anything about Anwar "packing" anything nor did I say that he was or wasn't of any sexual preference. What I said, that appears to have fallen of deaf ears on you (or blind eyes, in this case) is that it's none of our business. Now we realize that it's just your opinion, but let's see if you can have common sense to go hand-in-hand with your opinions.

WIT DA' (What I think, DUMB AZZ!)