Thursday, April 21, 2005

Morning Edition - 4/21/05

America Idolizing Mediocrity?
In a twist of fate that made me cringe in horror, American Idol viewers dismissed Anwar Robinson from the hit reality series last night. While standing in the bottom three, I believed Scott Savol or Anthony Federov would be bidding America farewell, but Robinson was announced as the contestant with the least votes. Yes, I’m taking a moment here… first, I will concede that my admiration for the 25-year old Jersey native may stem from his nerdy good looks, his shy disposition or even his odd sense of style, but what managed to keep my attention on Anwar from the start was his incredible voice. Paula Abdul called Anwar “technically this season’s best singer.” Anwar was one of two contestants – the other, Carrie Underwood – that I believe had the strongest vocal talent. Anwar is a middle school music teacher from New Jersey who also has keyboard skills to accompany his melodic voice. Admittedly, I didn’t think he’d win, but I sincerely thought he’d leave the show after talent-less Anthony Federov; sweaty Scott Savol and nauseating Constantine Maroulis. Now, rather than battling to win, I believe the remaining mediocre members of Idol, season 4 (Federov, Savol and Maroulis) will struggle to buy one more week of stardom from the show. Ultimately, my prediction on FINAL three (rather than bottom three) still are Vonzelle Solomon, Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood. Let’s see if America can tune in to real talent and stop voting on geographical or racial favorites. SIDEBAR...Before we give credence or importance to the rumors circulating regarding Anwar’s sexual orientation, let me just say, “Give it a rest America!” It’s 2005! Chances are you’ll never sleep with your favorite artist – straight or gay – so focus on talent. We’ve managed to mind our business for super-talents like Luther all these years; Let’s do it for Anwar as well.

Pope Promotes Risking Your Life?
Pope Benedict XVI, formerly cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, voiced fervent opposition to the use of condoms – even in light of the catastrophic spread of the deadly AIDS virus. Touted as a strict defender of conservative Roman Catholic doctrine by Agence France-Press reports, insiders say that he even opposed condom use in poor nations that were experiencing mass devastation due to the AIDS epidemic. Most religions frown on sex outside of marriage, but it stands to reason to, as President Bush said recently, choose life above all else and promote protection of life (with the use of condoms) around the world. Time will tell if the new Pope will tweak his conservative agenda and address pressing global issues.

President Honors Teacher Of The Year – He’s From DC
Jason Kamras, 31, of John Philip Sousa Middle School in the Anacostia area of DC, was honored as teacher of the year by President Bush yesterday. This is the first time in the contest’s 53-year history that a DC teacher has won the honor. During his acceptance speech Kamras said, “They (students) inspire me every day with their intelligence, creativity and humor. Teachers can and do make a dramatic difference in their (students’) lives every day."

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Melissa said...

Hectah!!! Looks like I'm your first. Lawd, never thought I'd say those words. *heehee* I like this new vehicle. My best to Evelyn. Miss you.

Tamara said...

Finally I am able to get in! Stoopid thing. Anyhoo, Hector Anwar needed to go...he messed Earth Wind and Fires song up! I think Carrie is gonna be this years winner...we'll see.

Cocoa Rican said...

Dear Shag Queens,
My first... aww... that sounded so good...I even wore a white shirt the next day to commemorate the event. Evelyn says "THANKS!" Tam.... Tam...Tam... it is sacrilege to speak ill of Anwar in my presence! SACRILEGE!! The blood of the lamb compells you!!

Keep passin' dem...