Friday, April 15, 2005

Morning Edition - 4/15/05

Morning Edition – 4/15/05

Ready to Blow
Evelyn C., now in her eighth month of pregnancy, gives new meaning to “Thank God I’m a man!” The 38-year old is expecting her second child – her first born over nine years ago. Although she is reasonably in good health, Evelyn suffers from a hyperthyroid condition and was discovered to have dangerously thinning blood. Combined, the medical concerns have prompted her doctors to keep her over the weekend. On a brighter note, Evelyn was engaged to her beau, David F., who proposed during her baby shower last weekend.

Brandy, Best Of…
So you thought Brandy didn’t have enough songs to fill a Best of CD? Think again. The 90s rasp queen has released a CD with all the Brandy favorites that had us switchin’ Brandy CDs in the past. It’s a great buy for those that enjoyed the catchy tunes. The only drawback is that no new songs were included to help justify the cost of purchasing songs you probably already own.
Coming soon: Reviews of Mariah Carey’s Emancipation of MiMi & Faith Evans’, First Lady.

ABA Changing of The Guard
ABA, the powerhouse DC association that brought so many of us together, is experiencing a changing-of-the-guard. The original one o’clock lunch crew, which once took several large tables to accommodate, has dwindled to two-or-three folks sporadically shooting the breeze . The most recent departure, Tamara Y., jumped ship for a lucrative subscription manager position in DC. Belated congrats to Tam-Tam. One ABA insider recently commented, “Looking over at the empty tables where you guys used to hold court makes me kind-of sad. It’s really not the same.” Not the same, indeed.

Keep passin’ the open windows…

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