Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Morning Edition - 11/30/05

Honey, I’m Home!
For the last eleven days I have been playing the role of retiree in HOT and sunny Puerto Rico – yeah, the shining star of the Caribbean. My sidekick Freaking Rican and I were able to hit some beautiful beaches while sloshing down some Pina Coladas – yeah, we even shared stories about how some of the men were a complete waste for not being available to Freaking – serious eye candy for me though! Just before leaving on my Caribbean cool-out I stood at the check-in line at the American Airlines terminal with T who went in his pocket and pulled – what he called – a placeholder ring on my finger. When I asked him, “What is this for?” T responded by getting on one knee – right in front of hundreds of travelers – and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I quickly pulled him up, hugged him tight and planted a long wet one on him. So I guess you can say I got engaged right before taking my trip into Satan’s lair. The Maldonado/Cruz family gathering was festive and bordered on nut-house excitement. We all discovered that while some families have high-blood pressure or diabetes run in their family – the Maldonado family has a history of mental illness. Who knew?!?! My clubbing with the locals was HOT-HOT-HOT and I had to use all my powers to deflect the oncoming advances of the garlic munchers. I even saw a T look-alike, but I know best and stayed clear! I returned Monday night to a bouquet of my favorite flowers – white tulips! My honey was waiting for me, flowers, a smile and a special gift…I stayed up enjoying my welcome-home gift until 5 a.m…..wink, wink. Special thank-you to Freaking for enjoying my vacation with me and to Marcia, Col and Yolanda for staying in touch while I was out there. Today I hope to eat with the ladies who lunch…. Carm, Mich, Yo, Ana, Tash, Juana and sistah Maldonado are all welcome. Hit me up with time and location!

You Can’t Blow Me Until Next June
The hurricane season officially ends today. The 2005 hurricane season was the busiest and costliest in US history. No hurricane has ever been known to hit the US mainland between December and May. This year 13 hurricanes – four of which hit the US and three were Category 5 storms – hit the US mainland. Puerto Rico had a brief two-day tropical storm during my visit last week. Katrina proved to be the deadliest US hurricane since 1928, killing an estimated 1,300 folks.

Noah’s Arc – Tonight at 10; LOGO Channel
After taking a week off and showing a repeat while I was away, Noah’s Arc returns tonight with a brand new episode. Tonight’s episode, entitled Love is a Battlefield will explore Ricky’s new-found love-life with Junito and his eek “issue,” Alex and Trey’s fading sexual involvement, Wade and Noah’s career-relationship tennis match and we’ll finally know whether Chance wants Keith back. For those who have trouble keeping up with the series, tune-in at 9:30 p.m. to see the last episode. The new episode airs at 10 p.m.

On Blast
I have always frowned on gay marriage – well, personally – not as an issue – as I believed gay marriage was another carrot dangled by the straight community to lure the gay community into mainstream “normalcy.” Now that I’ve accepted T’s proposal to spend the rest of our lives together, we’re juggling ideas for the where and how of a trendy, yet simple wedding that doesn’t conform to “straight” standards. Here’s my initial thought…Puerto Rico beach wedding. Friday night cocktail party to acquaint my guests – island flare for all. Saturday Sarong-clad groom and groom vows on the beach… off-beach tent reception. Two-to-three day honeymoon on the island with our guests enjoying a Spa treatment Sunday before catching their evening flights. Your thoughts?

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Morning Edition - 11/16/05

Shot To Death?
The death of two women, one who died in 2003 and one in 2004 are being tried as first degree murder in Canada after Johnson Apanga Aziga, 49, failed to inform them he was HIV positive prior to having sexual intercourse with them. He is also standing trial for aggravated sexual assault for his sexual involvement with 11 other women. Canadian legal analyst Steven Skurka said this is clearly not a case of consenting to risk just because you consent to having sex. "Let me explain it to you this way: If someone walked into a restaurant and ordered a meal, and the chef deliberately poisoned the meal, you could hardly say, 'Well, you agreed to eat the food, didn't you?' It's no different with the women in this case," Skurka said. Aziga is remanded to custody until his trial on December 16.

Noah’s Arc; Tonight at 10 p.m. on LOGO
It’s that time again folks! Noah’s Arc (NA) is on tonight with last week’s episode airing at 9:30 p.m. and the new episode playing at 10 p.m. Tonight, Noah finds himself confronting two important issues – how do you keep the peace at home while telling your partner that you may be taking his job? Alex, who started his own AIDS clinic last week, will now put pressure on his friends to get it popping. Ricky, Ricky, Ricky… what can be said? The man just can’t seem to commit to anything – other than a different partner every night. Now, Ricky will meet his match in a new character introduced tonight – Junito. Will Ricky trade his lust in for some love? Check out the tea at

Eddie, Johnny and the Rumor Mill
Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill have long been rumored to have some sugar in their tank – yeah, some would say they dip-and-dab, but there has always been the issue of proof. Now, I’ll be the first to discourage any outing (exposing) of folks not yet ready to come out of the safety of their closets, but this one is too juicy to let up. My girl La-La in Charlotte, NC, forwarded a sweet piece featuring pictures of Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill – TOGETHER – leaving a posh gay night club. When a reporter approached Murphy to ask some questions, Murphy gave him “the hand” and shouted some obscenities. I can’t attach pictures to this, but feel free to let me know if you need to see physical proof. Are they dating? What’s the story? Does anyone have additional information? Hit me up – PRONTO!

On Blast
You have an incredible partner. He/She is attentive, loving, giving, warm, affectionate and loyal. You are confronted with the opportunity to have a quick, discreet and enjoyable bang-up time with a HOT side-dish. There is NO risk of anyone really getting hurt – assuming you can keep your trap shut and you’ve been assured that there are no strings attached. Be honest – would you do it?

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 11/14/05

Time Stood Still
Sunday morning just before the sun could make its way over the horizon, time stood still. I heard a soft whisper in my ear and at first I couldn’t quite make out what it said, but it said it several times before my conscious mind could decipher the words, “I love you… I love you so much.” Just when I thought I would jump, hit the floor running and dress on my way out the door, I heard a heart-reflex response that said, “I love you too.” T had awakened just moments before I did and was holding me softly in his arms, my waist pinned between his thighs a broad smile gleaming across his face. “I didn’t think you were awake,” he said. “Judging by my response, I didn’t think I was awake either,” I said. We both laughed and softly kissed, his soft full lips enveloping mine. The candle I had lit the night before to ease us into sleep was now just a flicker in the room’s dawning. There was a warm, muted silence that felt safe and true. Neither of us said another word for the next two hours. Our mouths moved and our faces contorted with the look of raw passion, but never a word was uttered. As he laid his head on my chest he smiled again and said, “I can feel your heart beating.” I was about to correct him and say, you mean “hear,” but I realized he was right. I could feel his beating as well. “You know I meant what I said, right?” T said looking up at me, his eyes as innocent as a mischievous puppy. “Yeah, I know you did and for the record, I do too.” The realist in me quickly tried to rear his head and I said, “You know, if a friend of mine told me they…” but T put his hand to my mouth and said, “I’m not one of your friends and we’re not one of your blog questions, so leave it alone.” He took his hand from my mouth to reveal a quirky smile – the kind of smile I have when I’m a bit apprehensive. “Don’t be scared. I’ve got this,” T said. I sat up and rather than fight the feeling, I said, “Coffee?” He patted the bed and said, “Yeah, light and sweet like my baby, but first let me hold you a minute.” Needless to say, our first cups of coffee were had over brunch later that afternoon. Our apologies to Evelyn M and Celia P who we missed drinks with on Thursday night. Ladies! It took three days to get out of the house!

Island Countdown
This Saturday, November 19, I will be heading to La Isla Del Encanto – Puerto Rico! Yes, I’m excited! I will be keeping notes of my excursion and will be reporting back all my delicious exploits.

On Blast
I know T didn't want me to ask...but when do I listen? Is it difficult to get candle wax off pubic hair?

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 11/10/05

Noah’s Arc – Recap
The acting at NA is slowly, but surely, improving and last night’s episode held some pretty funny moments. Chance as a thug was a joke in-and-of-itself, while Alex’s insistence on playing Mother Teresa at his place of employment had him opting for a clinic start-up of his own. Noah and Wade’s relationship is progressing in leaps and bounds – Wade even threw Noah a surprise birthday party. Being there for someone can help you win-over someone’s heart and Eddie proved to Chance that he could be counted-on to be there when even his closest friends left him in the middle of ghetto-central to fend for himself. Noah took on a job with Paramount pictures, but his position as editor for a script can pit him against the love of his life as he attempts to revamp a script written by Wade.

The Ski Trip
Friday, March 3 through Sunday, March 5, Evelyn M. is hosting a ski trip at the Eisenhower All-Star Resort in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The cost per person ranges from $285. per person if you don’t mind bunking four to a room, to $320. per person to do the one-on-one deal. The fee includes, transportation, breakfast and dinner during your stay, Friday through Sunday parties and, go figure – skiing! The first installment of $100 per person is due Thursday, December 1 and the balance should be paid by mid February. For more information or to sign-up please let me know via e-mail and I will forward this to Evelyn M.

Long Story Short
Jeanine A., of ABA in DC fame, is breaking ranks with the association and joining another firm. Her offer comes on the heels of her fifth year with the bankers
. Please call Jeanine or ABA directly for exact farewell party info. Carlos C. is recovering well since his release from the hospital over a week ago. He still has a nurse at home who changes his dressing daily. T and I will be spending the weekend together – even babysitting on Saturday night. Last night’s foray into watching Noah’s Arc while curled up on the couch together led to a late night and an even later morning. By the way T, popcorn while watching TV is great, but for the record, popcorn butter burns. Ewww...

On Blast
Name a physical characteristic of your partner/spouse you prefer DID NOT pass-on to your children.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Morning Edition - 11/9/05

Billionaire Buys Apple – Again
With $5 billion in his bankroll and at his disposal, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg used $74 million in a victorious push to stay-on as the first Republican candidate to win with a 20-point lead. This will be Bloomberg’s second term as mayor. Over $30 million of the campaign funds were used for advertising alone. His opponent, Fernando Ferrer, would have been the first Latino man to hold the office of mayor in New York City. Bloomberg, a moderate Republican, supports gay marriage and abortion rights. For the record, he’s also a former democrat. Ferrer is Puerto Rican and needed ALL the black and Latino vote to trump Bloomberg, but he consistently failed to gain their support – primarily the black support – when he said the shooting of a black immigrant by police officers was not a crime. This was Ferrer’s third attempt at capturing the mayor’s office. He is a former Bronx borough president.

CDC Report; When Big Is Bad
When the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) release a report most folks stand at attention and listen. This time the report showed an increase in the spread of syphilis among gay and bisexual men in the U.S. Two-thirds (64%) of all new cases of syphilis in 2004 belonged to gay men. The disease is especially a threat to metropolitan areas such as San Francisco and Atlanta who have the highest number of new cases; topping the top-ten list. Following, in order, are Baltimore, New Orleans, St. Louis, Washington D.C., Dallas, Jersey City and Chicago; remarkably, New York City ranks 19th on the list. Everyone is cautioned to use protection – including during oral sex, which some gay men have turned to in an effort to reduce their chance of HIV infection.

Noah’s Arc; Tonight at 10
Tonight, my boys are back on the tube with the issue of masculinity and the “thug” culture. Chance will explore another side of himself as he struggles with the reason behind why his partner, Eddie, cheated with a thug. A couple of weeks ago, we found out that after moving in with Eddie, Chance was rocked to his foundation when he discovered an affair that had him turn a critical eye on himself. Will Chance transform into a thug or will he simply find out that a man is a man regardless of how feminine or masculine others perceive him to be? If you missed the last episode, please tune-in to the Logo channel a half-hour earlier (9:30 p.m.) to catch last week’s episode with the current episode airing at 10.

La Isla Bonita
My crumb cake T had a vacation planned to the Dominican Republic with his friends in the coming months, but has opted to switch-it-up and join me for an island rendezvous in Puerto Rico this month. The spontaneous decision has me both smiling hard and scrambling to find a more appropriate bathing suit. Keep me in your prayers as I make the scary introduction – T to my parents. I just don’t want to have the Puerto Rican version of Meet The Fockers happening to me! T and I will be fleshing the trip out when he joins me tonight for a little Noah’s Arc and nookie. That-a boy!

On Blast
Toys, toys and more toys. A friend of a friend mentioned the use of toys last night and how they enhance her sex life. Toys can very well be the spice to invigorate a bored lover or awaken new sensory spots. What (if any) toy would you recommend and why? What are the drawbacks of toys?

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Morning Edition - 11/8/05

Pump Your Brakes Sister
Let’s “keep it real” here. Sometimes, no matter how cool and open-minded you think you are, you come across a situation that just catches you off-guard or dishevels you a bit. It’s natural. What’s not natural – well, not for an open-minded person - is to take that awkward experience and turn it into an uncomfortable experience; an experience that forces me to pull your card and tear you a new one. Yesterday, after T and I rode into work together, we were exiting the train station when we ran into two girlfriends of mine (older ladies) and a friend of theirs. Patti, Carol and Julia were all smiles and kisses as T and I joined them and said hello. Patti, who I’ve known longer than Carol, immediately asked why she hadn’t heard from me all weekend and turned to T and said, “You must be the reason he hasn’t come up for air.” I was a bit unnerved by her comment, but took this cue as a firm assertion that everyone present was aware of what was up with T and I and that I was free to speak about anything. “I’m sorry Patti, but T and I were busy trying to make babies all weekend,” I responded. Patti, Carol and Julia all laughed and T and I held hands his head leaning lovingly on my shoulder. We chatted a while longer before T and I announced we were rushing off to work. A few steps from the ladies, T and I turned to each other and gave each other the cursory farewell peck shared by many couples. It was then that we both heard Julia bellowing, “Oh my God! Oh my God!!” Rather than turn to see what she was referring to – I’m not a rocket scientist, but I suspect she was flabbergasted that T and I shared any affection in Grand Central Station – both T and I walked our separate ways. Later, T phoned me to mention the incident and said, “I’m curious to hear what your friend has to say when you see her tomorrow morning, since I thought she was open-minded.” I told him I’d definitely check it out. Well, this morning Pattie, Carol and Julia were again perched at their ledge at the Grand Central exit when I came strolling through. Patti, pulled my arm and immediately said, “You are so crazy. Why did you disrespect Julia like that yesterday?” I was taken aback, but was more interested in clarifying what “disrespect” she was referring to. “Patti, what was your friend Julia so offended by?” I asked irritated by the whole scene. Patti attempted to lower her voice – to give you a visual, Julia was sitting two seats away from her on the same bench – and said, “Uh, when you mentioned you spent your weekend trying to make babies, Julia was offended. She is old school and you can see how she wouldn’t take to that kind of stuff,” Patti tried to explain. I felt the blood rush to my face and responded before I could even reflect on my words, “Look ladies,” I said, turning to all three of them, “This is 2005, so if you get offended or feel disrespected because two people are showing affection, then that’s your hang-up, but in the future, don’t call us over and taunt us to provide you with some comic relief and entertainment, if you don’t know what the outcome will be. More importantly, I’m not ashamed, of who I am or who I’m with, so if you felt disrespected Julia, maybe you should stay home and away from the public areas that may remind you that this isn’t 1922 anymore.” Patti, Carol and Julia now sat, mouth agape, looking like I had slapped them all to the floor and was allowing them to get back up. I then smiled and made a brief attempt at leaving them with some way at regaining their composure when I said, “…and the next time you guys bring up some ignorant discussion to me first thing in the morning, I’m going to tear up your wedding invitations. T and I just won’t tolerate ignorance from the geriatric crew.” They all laughed heartily and I took the reprieve to wave and walk away. I called T and recounted the story to him and we both laughed. Just before we hung up he said, “Baby, I know you’re laughing, but I also know they upset you. Thanks for being proud of me and standing up for us. You have no idea how many cool points I’ve added to your sheet for this.” I smiled and felt a slight frog in my throat when I responded, “Add them, subtract them, but know that in the end, no band of cackling fools will divide us. Have a great day baby.” He blew a kiss, we both sighed and hung up.

On Blast
Appropriate behavior is important in ANY relationship. Necking in church, hand-holding at work, groping in public, are all forms on inappropriate behavior. Is there a different set of rules for straight and gay couples OR is the rule of acceptable and appropriate behavior universal?

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Morning Edition - 11/7/05

Don’t Be A Chicken
With each adult American consuming close to 90 pounds of chicken per year, it stands to reason that the poultry industry is terrified now that the Avian flu – presently in Europe and Asia – is threatening the US mainland. As of October, close to 122 folks have died of the Avian flu. To date no US cases have been reported and since the disease has not mutated, it cannot be passed from human-to-human. The Avian flu scare may reduce chicken consumption in the US by up to 40% this year.

What A Drag
Los Angeles is instituting a new ad campaign to combat smoking in the gay community. The new ads, titled “The Last Drag,” will target the gay and lesbian community. Research has shown that the gay and lesbian community are more than twice as likely, than their straight counterparts, to smoke. The ads will be posted in bars and clubs – presently known to be the first place gays are introduced to smoking.

If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful
“If you say, my eyes, my eyes are beautiful; it’s because they’re looking at you.” Such is the case with my new-found love connection “T” aka Jim. That’s right, T and I connected this weekend and spent a whirl-wind romantic three days getting to know each other – yeah, even in the biblical sense. The amazing connection, incredible conversation and passionate lovemaking appear to be the beginning of a burgeoning love story we both hope will flourish into a long-term affair. When I picked up T on Friday, we both laughed at the fact that we were wearing matching jeans, long-sleeve white t-shirts and red leisure jackets. I jumped out of my car and we both turned around and mimicked mirror images with each other before giving Penn Station an eerie sense that twins were engaging in a taboo-esque embrace. The weekend even took a positive, but odd turn, when we decided to hit the pews of Salem Pentecostal Church Sunday morning to worship together – hey, we figure a couple that worships together, uh… at least has the same point of reference when calling out the mighty name of Jesus later in the evening. As we commuted into work together this morning we longingly stared at each other, our bodies pressed together in the crowded subway car. We snuck a few love-lorn kisses between train jerks and women on the train didn’t know whether to turn in shock or press their knees together at the bold display of brotherly love. T and I are attempting to hold out until Wednesday night to reconnect, but judging by the two phone calls I’ve received from him since our separation at 9 a.m., the prospect of waiting 48 hours doesn’t look promising.

On Blast
One of the astounding things between T and I is how similar we are to each other. We are amazed at how our sense of style, body types, complexion and sense of humor are virtual duplicates of the others’. What quality do you have that you would find overwhelmingly attractive in someone you date?

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Morning Edition - 11/3/05

Noah’s Arc – Recap of last night
Last night Noah’s Arc found Wade and Noah treading new waters as Wade decided to introduce the very flamboyant Noah to his straight football buddies. Before actually heading out to the bar for the boys-night-out, Wade stops by and makes some adjustments to Noah’s outfit – all in the name of making him look hot, of course – yeah, right! When Noah gets wind of Wade’s attitude around his testosterone pals, he’s furious and confronts Wade – in homeboy corn rolls and “hoody” top to get his point across. Probably the funniest and most shocking part of the show last night was the solidarity Ricky, Chance and Noah showed Alex when they took-on dressing in drag for a mini amateur night. Alex began having cold feet just before going on the stage and the guys (rehearsed and all) joined him for a hot number. For the record, Alex and Ricky really were doing it in drag – Noah honey, keep your beautiful football head out of women’s make-up. Eddie is attempting to convince Chance of how sorry he was for cheating. Last night his efforts were fruitless. If you missed the show last night you have another chance at watching it this Saturday at 11 p.m. on the Logo Channel.

Latina Interrupted
Excuse me nenas, but you’re never that slick… okay, I just had to put that out there for my muchachitas. Evangelina Gonzalez of Texas was recently hit with the same reality when she chose not to pay the tolls in her Dallas area community, said the North Texas Tollway Authority. Cameras caught Gonzalez running the toll plaza close to 3,000 times since February 2004. With fines and fees amounting to over $76,039, Gonzalez was arrested at her home last month. She will be put on trial and asked to pay the fines. The state has cameras showing Gonzalez breezing through without paying.

Stickin’ It ToYour Ex
After Gail O’Toole broke it off with boyfriend Ken Slaby she decided it was time to take matters into her own hands. She invited Slaby to her home for dinner and since he wanted to rekindle the relationship he obliged. After dinner, O’Toole waited for Slaby to fall asleep before she glued his penis to his stomach, his nuts to his leg and his butt cheeks together. She then went on to empty a bottle of nail polish into his hair. Slaby who was in shock when he awoke to such a “sticky” situation, was even more humiliated when he was forced by O’Toole out into the street – nude and glued, where he walked close to a mile to a pay phone to call authorities. O’Toole has been convicted of simple assault and sentenced to six months for her creative work. She will also stand trial in a civil case brought on by Slaby, who is seeking $30,000 in damages.

Loving You, Loving Me
With over 7 hours of consistent and exuberant telephone conversation and topics that would make Joan Rivers blush and fall-out, “Jim” and I are moving at a lightning pace that feels right as rain. “Jim” and I are scheduled to hang-out Friday night and throughout the weekend in what we both anticipate will be a cosmic experience. I’m announcing my man-of-honor (ala maid of honor) next week – just kidding. Truth is, Jim and I are basking in each other’s adulation right now. Stay tuned.

On Blast
Last night Noah’s Arc explored the issue of changing who you are to help get along with your partner’s friends. Name one instance when you’ve changed who you are for the purpose of making a better impression and what the outcome was.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 11/2/05

Smile With My Heart
There’s really no other way to describe it. Some people make you feel warm inside and a sense that you’re smiling with your heart. Such is the case with “Jim,” who I had the pleasure of speaking to last night for over three hours. The odd thing is that the conversation never had a moment of dull chatter or meaningless pleasantries. While we discussed everything from what really went down with Bill, to what we’d like to do TOGETHER this weekend, Jim was always honest, open, humble and yes, even self assured. These qualities made me both interested and excited, since he never appeared conceited or obnoxious, rather as he put it, “A work in progress.” As I responded to him when he said this - “I want in on that construction project!” We laughed hardily and carefully touched on subjects that definitely built up sexual tension. Our first official date is set for Friday night – Saturday morning (…another one of our “charged” jokes).
**By the way, my apologies to Evelyn M. and girls, but I’ll have to cancel this Friday with you ladies. I have plowing…uh, I mean, pressing matters to attend to.

Noah’s Arc; Tonight at 10 p.m.; LOGO
Tonight at 10, the story of Noah and his “arc” of friends continue as Noah examines whether he should change his look and personality in an effort to make, sexually ambiguous Wade, a bit more comfortable. When we practice to deceive…. Well, you know the deal – so be sure to tune in.
For more info on tonight’s show, check out

On Blast
Female circumcision or genital mutilation – take your pick – is a barbaric practice whereby the clitoris is removed. It is practiced in certain regions of Africa and the middle east to highlight the lack of sexual stimulation for women during intercourse and to accentuate sex for females as strictly a means for reproduction. For women who have undergone this travesty of a procedure, what would you recommend to help them now enjoy sexual interaction?

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Morning Edition - 11/1/05

NYC’s Halloween Parade; Ho-Hum
Last night I was front and center for NYC’s Halloween parade which runs through the West Village. The weather was astounding – clear skies, temperatures in the 60s and a light breeze coming off the muddy brown waters of the Hudson River. After waiting for the marchers to snake their way up Sixth Avenue, we were set up for disappointment – since most goons and goblins suffered from a lack of imagination this year. Every now and again we were treated to someone who really took the time and put it all out there. We counted at least fourteen Marilyn Monroe’s – a record, even for the west village. Of course, the boys and I were pleased to see that some folks can’t wait to strip down in the name of horror. There were several gym bodies that we bowed-down to – especially when they chose a very skimpy thong and body art as a costume. All-in-all it appears the mixed crowd was happy to frolic and explore together, but weren’t inspired enough to take chances on wearing costumes to capture anyone’s imagination this year.

Second Chance At A First Impression
Last July I enjoyed apple martinis at a local NYC bar where I met two perfect gentlemen who struck up conversation and some heavy flirtation with me. I was interested in one fella, but his pal was much more aggressive and snagged my number before his friend had the opportunity to reciprocate my advances. Well, it just so happens that these guys shared the same rules my friends and I do – that is, you don’t pursue someone your friend has on his/her radar. So, as it went, I was left to date the friend I wasn’t attracted to – we’ll need to name him for this story’s purpose, so we’ll call him Bill. Now don’t get me wrong, Bill was a great guy and we had a ball when we hung out, but I secretly wanted the friend to join us – we’ll now refer to the friend as Jim. As it turns out Bill started coming on strong and without hurting his feelings I began rebuffing and shutting down. It wasn’t long before Bill – who appears to be very perceptive – stopped calling. Frankly, the calling stopped so suddenly it even caught me by surprise. Since I had no intention of taking my friendship with Bill to the next level, I never inquired as to why he stopped calling – I assumed he knew what was up. Well sometimes life has a way of tossing the salad (sort-of speak) and bringing folks back together for another go-round. As one of my friends and I entered a packed bar last night to use the bathroom along the Halloween parade route, someone grabbed my arm and pulled me to him by the waist. I was suddenly face-to-face (more like nose to nose) with Jim. He smiled broadly and asked, “Where have you been?” I was initially speechless, but quickly responded, “Looking for you.” A soft pat on the behind and a slight giggle later and he was asking me, “So, what ever happened between you and Bill? You know he really, really liked you, right?” I said, “It’s a long story and it’s too noisy in here for me to even go there.” Besides, I have a strange feeling you know why your friend and I didn’t work out,” I said, with a sly grin on my face. He now had both his arms around my waist and our eyes were locked for what seemed like an eternity before he said, “Yeah, I think I do.” My friend, who had now come out of the bathroom, tugged at my arm and said, he’d wait for me outside. The interruption jarred me back into reality – the reality that it would be next to impossible to date Jim now that Bill and I weren’t even speaking. I waited for Jim to say something else – something to validate both our intuitions. “I really liked you too, so I avoided hanging with you and Bill. Now I wish I had stayed on top of things,” he said now pulling me even closer; our lips centimeters from each other. As I reached into my pocket to retrieve my ringing cell phone, our lips brushed each other and we both smiled. “Why don’t I take your number and we can talk about all of this without the massive crowds,” I suggested. He whispered his number into my ear as I dialed each digit into my phone. I completely ignored the incoming call from my friends waiting outside the bar. “So, I’ll call you,” I said, returning the cell phone back to my jacket’s inside pocket. “I’ll be waiting for your call and this time, I won’t back up for anyone else.” We were now virtually lip to lip with nothing left to say. It wasn’t until my friend, who returned to the crowded bar to find out what was taking me so long, pulled me back and said, “Uh, either get a room or let’s roll!” that I realized Jim and I were lip-locked, nestled in the heat of the crowd. Both of us laughed as I began walking away while yelling, “I’ll call you!” over the music and conversations that now drowned us both out. I’ll keep everyone posted on the outcome of this little fiasco.

On Blast
So, what’s the T?! Since Bill and I never engaged in any hanky-panky, would it be wrong to date Jim? How do you believe Jim and I should proceed? Is this just a fling that wasn’t meant to be?

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