Monday, November 14, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 11/14/05

Time Stood Still
Sunday morning just before the sun could make its way over the horizon, time stood still. I heard a soft whisper in my ear and at first I couldn’t quite make out what it said, but it said it several times before my conscious mind could decipher the words, “I love you… I love you so much.” Just when I thought I would jump, hit the floor running and dress on my way out the door, I heard a heart-reflex response that said, “I love you too.” T had awakened just moments before I did and was holding me softly in his arms, my waist pinned between his thighs a broad smile gleaming across his face. “I didn’t think you were awake,” he said. “Judging by my response, I didn’t think I was awake either,” I said. We both laughed and softly kissed, his soft full lips enveloping mine. The candle I had lit the night before to ease us into sleep was now just a flicker in the room’s dawning. There was a warm, muted silence that felt safe and true. Neither of us said another word for the next two hours. Our mouths moved and our faces contorted with the look of raw passion, but never a word was uttered. As he laid his head on my chest he smiled again and said, “I can feel your heart beating.” I was about to correct him and say, you mean “hear,” but I realized he was right. I could feel his beating as well. “You know I meant what I said, right?” T said looking up at me, his eyes as innocent as a mischievous puppy. “Yeah, I know you did and for the record, I do too.” The realist in me quickly tried to rear his head and I said, “You know, if a friend of mine told me they…” but T put his hand to my mouth and said, “I’m not one of your friends and we’re not one of your blog questions, so leave it alone.” He took his hand from my mouth to reveal a quirky smile – the kind of smile I have when I’m a bit apprehensive. “Don’t be scared. I’ve got this,” T said. I sat up and rather than fight the feeling, I said, “Coffee?” He patted the bed and said, “Yeah, light and sweet like my baby, but first let me hold you a minute.” Needless to say, our first cups of coffee were had over brunch later that afternoon. Our apologies to Evelyn M and Celia P who we missed drinks with on Thursday night. Ladies! It took three days to get out of the house!

Island Countdown
This Saturday, November 19, I will be heading to La Isla Del Encanto – Puerto Rico! Yes, I’m excited! I will be keeping notes of my excursion and will be reporting back all my delicious exploits.

On Blast
I know T didn't want me to ask...but when do I listen? Is it difficult to get candle wax off pubic hair?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


donya said...

I am so happy that you are happy. You deserve it! Oh for those of you in this area (DC) I am planning a christmas trip to Rehoboth Beach, DE on 12/10/2005. The cost is $30.00 and you get a free shopping bag and coupon book with savings worth over $850.00. Email me to reserve your seat. For those of you out of the area you ar welcome to come. I just did not think you would want to past their just to go right back that way. But let me know if you are interested.


petite morceau said...

It's so great to read about a couple in love. It puts a stupid smile on my face.

As for the candle wax, don't sweat it - just trim or shave it off - you can even have T do it for you ;-)

Cocoa Rican said...

Well Petit... we know we're not speaking of my pubic hair, since I don't have any....poor T had some, but I suspect with my experimentation he'll soon have none to speak of either. Guess these are the freak accidents that happen when you put to "boys" together! :)

Krissy said...

WOW! I love you!

I am so happy for you!

Hey like I keep saying enjoy that is what life should be about anyway. Stop trying to figure things out & have it go a certain way just enjoy and be.

As for the pubic hair I've never tried that so I can't really answer it but hey if he saw yours he may want to do the same & then does not have to worry.


caspar608 said...

perhaps if you light a match and cinge the pubic hairs until the wax melts and then burns his feet?

what the hell! Stop hurting the ones you love for crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

Tonight we're trying one of my favorites - Cellas (chocolate covered cherries in a syrup) I'm inserting them into his.... uh, eww.... I'm sorry...I got a little carried away with this whole experimentation kick I'm on. Besides, we're enjoying each other so much and he let's me do so much to him that I won't soon tire of his "open" personality. Go figure...

Cocoa Rican

caspar608 said...

wait'll you see my OH!
You are a freeaaakk Senor Cruz.

The FDA just issued a warning about chocolate covered cherries...something about explosive diarrhea...just a heads up. Literally.

Cocoa Rican said...

You know what... Caspar, what's with ruining a wet dream?