Friday, July 29, 2005

Morning Edition - 7/29/05

MJ Disaster; Album Won’t Sell
Michael Jackson’s new release, The Essential Michael Jackson, sold 8,000 copies in its first week of release. To give you an idea of how bad this is, Carly Simon’s new CD, Moonlight, sold 58,000 copies in the same week. Jackson may have been acquitted of abusing Gavin Arvizo earlier this summer, but it appears the public hasn’t forgiven Jackson for the charges. Jackson’s Thriller sold over 40 million copies worldwide.

Tit As Ticket
The Leopold Museum in Vienna, Austria has a new exhibit called The Naked Truth. To bring life to the exhibit, museum founder Elisabeth Leopold announced that people who visited in a bathing suit or naked would be allowed into the exhibit for free. Present temperatures in Vienna have been over 90 degrees, so having, yet another reason, to strip down suited some folks fine.

Pissed & Burned
Kathleen Williams just wanted to sit down and take a quick leak before returning to her meal at a Denny’s in St. Louis, but her lawyer says that the moment Williams sat down to urinate she felt a burning sensation that, to this day, has her wearing burn victim panties and taking pain medication for the nerve damage. Williams alleges the cleaning fluids used to disinfect the toilet permanently burned and damaged her rear. Sidebar: I thought you ladies said you hover?

On Blast
Ignorant bliss or painful honesty? If given the choice to live in ignorant bliss – that is, you never will be made privy to the indiscretions of your partner and never suffer any humiliation, embarrassment or betrayal from them OR have someone be painfully honest with you – telling you any/all indiscretions, shared fantasies that may not include you, faux-pas that would never make their way back to you. Which would you choose? Would you live in ignorant bliss or painful honesty? Why?

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 7/28/05

The Sun Will Come Out
Monsoon rains have killed over 500 people in India in what forecasters are touting as one of the worst rainstorms the country has seen. Bombay, the financial capital has been shut down for two days following massive landslides and in the small town of Juigaon, an estimated 100 folks were buried under an avalanche. Yesterday the Maharashtra government, the town in India suffering the greatest hit so far, called for a holiday today and asked everyone to stay home.

Wish You Were Muslim
Over 131 people are dead in China from what reports are calling the Swine Flu. Although the condition has never been known to cross lines between pigs and humans, scientists now believe the disease could mutate and unleash an epidemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) said it is watching developments closely. America does not import livestock from China. Chinese officials say that feel they can control the pig-borne bacterial disease. Sidebar: Cancel my order of pork fried rice and pernil please.

I Robot
Life imitates are or is that the other way around? Today, Japanese scientist unveiled Repliee Q1, a life-like silicone skinned female android that appears to breathe, sit and flutter her eyelids like a human. Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University says one day robots will fool us into believing they are human. The Repliee Q1 is said to be able to follow the movement of a human wearing motion sensors or act independently. It can even respond to people touching it.

On Blast
This afternoon’s On Blast is a two-parter...
The first part comes from Jeanine – most of you have started responding to it already that is: Is it just me or are the rules of parenting and nurturing changing these days? In the past 2 weeks, we've seen 2 cases in the DC area where mothers have either killed their child or, left them in harm's way. The second part deals with involvement and was submitted by Maddy: I know someone who has been involved in an "unhealthy" "mentally, verbally & physically abusive relationship" for 10 years. Should one get involved or just sit back and listen? Wrap-Up: What’s the story with parents lately and second is it worth getting involved?

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Morning Edition - 7/28/05

Join the Army
The ongoing commercial for the US Army usually ends with a soldier saying, “We do more before 9 a.m. than most people do all day.” This morning, while riding the train into the office after a day of stomach cramps and smoldering heat, a woman got on the train and stood by me at the door where she commenced speaking to her girlfriend (at volume 10) about NOTHING. I immediately plugged my iPod into my ears and continued reading my book, but apparently my efforts to ignore her were futile, since she had the nerve to tap me on the shoulder, coquettishly motioning that I remove my earplugs, before asking if she was wrong about thinking that men can be selfish sometimes. I looked from her friend back to her before choosing my words very carefully. “Has anyone ever told you that you should join the Army?” I asked in an obviously annoyed tone. “Oh, you think I’m militant, huh?” she responded. Her friend giggled, but stepped back apparently ready for the zinger that would be delivered. “No, you don’t appear militant. Ignorant maybe, but not militant… but the reason I thought you’d work out in the Army is because you do more f’ing talking before 9 a.m. than most folks do all f’ing day.” With this I jammed my earplugs back in my ears and looked straight ahead. I could see her friend do the “Oh snap” covering of the mouth and she pushed past four or five individuals to get further away from me. Moral of the story: Ladies, no one wants to hear you RUN your mouth about ANYTHING first thing in the morning. The less you run your mouth about, the more folks will pay attention when you finally speak.

Let’s Take A Look At Your Belly
Astronaut Eileen Collins manually steered the Discovery space shuttle onto its back to expose the belly of the shuttle to the International Space Station who would then photograph the belly and check the aircraft for damage. Discovery saw a similar incident as the Columbia space shuttle when a piece of foam dislodged during take-off. The foam apparently missed the aircraft, but double-checking was important to the mission. This is the first time in over 2 ½ years that the International Space Station receives much needed supplies. Discovery brings 15 tons of supplies and a replacement gyroscope. Gyroscopes help steer the space station.

Eat Me
Michael Link, 63, lived with his brother Adam Link, 66, in their Victorian home across from a school in Yonkers, NY. On Sunday, Adam called 9-1-1 to report that his brother was having trouble breathing. When paramedics arrived they were confronted with overgrown bushes and shrubs and a home that had no electricity. All these conditions could not prepare them for Michael Link’s condition. Paramedics say Michael was lying on cardboard boxes in his own feces with maggots eating at his exposed flesh. Although he was rushed to a nearby hospital, Michael died. Firefighters returned to the house wearing hazardous-materials gear to check-out the premises. Adam is undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

On Blast
An ex-partner, who you’ve always held a torch for, contacts you out of the blue and engages you in conversation. Without disrespecting you and in a roundabout way, he/she manages to ask you out to eat and shoot-the-breeze. In your heart of hearts you are aware that you are likely to engage in casual (and unfortunately, consensual) sex with this person. Do you still meet the ex and let bygones be bygones or do you decline the invitation and avoid contact with the ex? (Please refrain from addressing this issue from the standpoint of presently being in a relationship and cheating to engage the ex)

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 7/26/05

Ewww… What’s This Rash?
Thank you to resident blogger La-La who brought the article regarding hotel sheets to my attention; hotels are now saving money by changing sheets less often. Granted, the report claims that all new customers get fresh sheets, but if your stay extends beyond a day, the chances are you are using the same sheets. Some chains, including Marriott, change sheets as infrequently as every three days. For those who take vacations that include freaky sheet damaging action at hotels, take note that you can request your sheets be changed daily. Presently customers aren’t aware that they can make such a request OR that sheets were not being changed daily.

On Blast
You’re out at a club having a grand time and realize that your good friend’s partner is out with someone else. You try to avoid being seen by them – and maybe avoid the drama of it all – but the bold partner approaches you and greets you, leaving their little side-dish at the bar. You exchange pleasantries and move on. Do you share the incident with your good friend? If so, what context do you put the story in? If you choose not to share the incident and your friend confronts you with the info first and says the partner said they saw you, what do you say? What is the politically correct thing to do in these instances?

J’Moo… we will be using your On Blast question tomorrow.

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Morning Edition - 7/26/05

5-4-3-2-1; Ready For Take-Off
With the 7 astronauts strapped into their seats and the hatch closed and locked, the space shuttle Discovery’s crew is ready for a 10:39 a.m. lift-off. The astronauts are scheduled to perform three space walks while at the International Space Station. These walks will include the repair of equipment on the ISS. NASA estimates the risk of catastrophic failure is about 1 in 100.

Jamboree or BBQ?
A boy scout jamboree scheduled at Fort AP Hill – one hour south of Washington DC – turned deadly when a deadly electrical accident killed four adult Scout leaders that were setting up camp for opening day. The troop leaders that were killed were visiting from an Alaska troop. It is believed that a tent pole struck a power line. "The Jamboree will go on," said spokeswoman Renee Fairrer.
Sidebar: My first song request for the jamboree is “The Electric Slide”

Long Story Short
Carlos C. is still hospitalized with clots in his chest and legs. Doctors hope to release him by the end of the week. Daylen has made a full recovery since his hernia op and is now eating, screaming and givin’ the Boogie Down hell. Hector C. drops E
. and R., puts P in his place and looks to a couple of drinks with S. by Friday – stay tuned. Did Freakin’ get freaky? Questions abound, but details are fervently requested. Krissy brought her Angel to the Village for a double date of sorts with Cocoa and friend. The night was a success, but what was with the GAY-torade order at the bar? Evelyn C. won the court battle with the city board to keep her two story deck. Congrats, now safety check that thing! J’Moo married? Inquiring minds want to know! BTW: Lounge tonight?

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 7/25/05

I Reckon You Think We Fools
The Dukes of Hazard movie will release this August, but if “Cooter” a Dukes television program character played by Former Georgia Congressman Ben Jones has anything to say about it, moviegoers should ignore the movie and send Hollywood a message to clean-up the “profanity-laced” script. The movie stars pop sensation Jessica Simpson sporting her new waif frame. Jones has posted a letter to Dukes fans on his website denouncing the movie. Jones alleges the new movie version stands to ruin the reputation of the show. Fans of the show can still catch it on the CMT network which claims the show has had record breaking numbers and has presented the show to new fans. I suspect Jones’ allegations are a ruse to stir up interest in the show and the movie.

Livin’ La Vida Mahack-Loca
UNICEF goodwill ambassador, singer Ricky Martin, said he will become a spokesperson on behalf of the Arab youth in the west to change negative stereotypes and perceptions of the Arab world. While speaking at a youth conference today, Martin told youngsters, 14-16, from 16 different Arab countries, "I have been a victim of stereotypes. I come from Latin America and to some countries, we are considered 'losers,' drug traffickers, and that is not fair because that is generalizing.” Martin was born in Puerto Rico. Sidebar: He has nobly taken on many causes. It is equally important to recharge his notoriety with a follow-up hit album. Otherwise he will be relegated to Sally Struthers status.

Cervical Stretching
The opening of a woman’s cervix leads directly into her uterine cavity. When this opening is too small it’s difficult for anything, including sperm, to make its way up the canal. A procedure is now in place to introduce sperm to the uterus and it involves threading a tiny catheter through the cervix and into the uterus or endometrial cavity. This procedure is known as an IUI. If your cervix is severely damaged and an IUI is pointless, surgery may be performed on an outpatient basis to dilate the cervix. Using regional or general anesthesia (sometimes via epidural) a doctor places a series of metal dilators into the cervix. Each metal dilator inserted into the cervix is slightly larger than the previous one, thereby stretching the cervix. The narrowing of the cervical opening, called cervical stenosis may be a side effect for women being treated for precancerous lesions (dysplasia) of the cervix. Intracervical insemination (ICI) is another solution, but it does not offer the benefits of expanding the cervix and performing an IUI.

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Morning Edition - 7/25/05

Taking Sides; 14 Injured in Accident
A Greyhound bus headed for Philadelphia from Washington slipped off the road and onto its side this morning. It left DC at 5 a.m. and had made one stop in Baltimore before taking the spill. A Greyhound spokesperson confirmed that 32 passengers were on board. As a Greyhound insider, I can tell you the driver will be severely reprimanded, up to and including termination, since accidents of this kind are normally caused by excessive speeds for the current road conditions.

Rats! What’s For Dinner?
Mice the size of rats have infested the small island of Gough between South America and Africa. This island is one of the major nesting grounds of over 22 bird species, 20 of which are seabirds. Some of these seabirds, already on the brink of extinction are suffering massive losses at the “hands” of the rodents. Researchers say that although the chicks tend to be larger than the mice, they are immobile and die after being chewed and gnawed by groups of mice. Scientists are exploring poisons and other extermination methods for the mice. The rodents are not indigenous to the island and were brought via ship when seal hunters stopped on the island. Though the mice were much smaller then, they are said to grow with the new food source and higher altitudes. It's an ecological rule: if it's a cold environment, you are better off being a larger animal,” one researcher said.

Strike 3; No Show to Funeral
Whitney Houston’s 85-year old aunt, Arthur Lee Drinkard Warrick - Dionne’s mom - passed away last week. Lee, was the oldest sister of Cissy Houston. When services were held at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, NJ, Houston chose not to attend. Speculations ranging from a dispute with mom Cissy over custody of Bobbi Christina and a previous riff with cousin Dionne were mentioned as reasons for Houston’s absence. Warrick’s funeral marks the third consecutive funeral Houston was expected to attend; the other two were her own dad and most recently Luther Vandross.

Of Note
A new website offers an enlightening and different view from mainstream Christian America regarding gays and whether the Bible condemns them. The new site has an area Dispelling the Anti-Gay Myth that includes a study in the Bible, the time period it was written and lots of information we can ALL open our minds to. Whether you’re a Christian or an atheist the study is enlightening and has valid points.

On Blast
It’s important to know some (if not all) history on folks you are dating, courting, etc. What (if any) information is it okay to withhold from current partners? Should ALL history be disclosed to current serious partners? What (if anything) MUST be disclosed with partners? Is it okay to keep the past in the past and disclose nothing?

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 7/22/05

One Lump or Two
Breast cancer is nothing to laugh about. With more than 200,000 women in America diagnosed with breast cancer each year, the disease is downright scary. Yesterday, the New England Journal of Medicine said that women who have non-cancerous (benign) lumps in their breast should take heed. They are 400% more likely to develop breast cancer. Researchers have found that while some benign lumps are simply an overgrowth of normal cells, others take on strange shapes. These are known as atypia. They are the cells most likely to morph into cancer.

Bring Your Mini-Van Back Please
Toyota is recalling 345,000 Sienna minivans after discovering faulty seat belts may not hold passengers in the vehicle during a crash. The vans include all 2004-2005 Sienna mini vans.

If We Tell You, We’ll Have To Kill You; Even Before The Chicken Does
Colonel Harland Sanders created Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and the chain manages to keep the 11 herbs and spices recipe a secret even from their top level executives. The ingredients are stored at the KFC headquarters in Louisville. Today, KFC serves over 8 million customers daily all of whom have no idea what the recipe of this world famous chicken is. The chicken recipe is over 65 years old this month.

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Morning Edition - 7/22/05

Let Me Violate You; You’ll Feel Safe
A couple of days ago, I reported that the city of DC was looking into randomly searching riders boarding their Metro System. Today, NYC beat DC to the punch and began the procedure of randomly searching riders – your bags and in some cases, your person. Other cities (even DC) have stepped back to see what the reaction and result of this project will be. Any intelligent person can see that random searches that are not profiling persons fitting descriptions provided by factual intelligence reports/sources are futile. It is ignorant to believe that forcing a 14-year old boy to open his bag on his way to camp will make anyone safer. Meanwhile, Grand Central Terminal (which I traverse each day on my way to the office) was packed with reporters snapping shots of working New Yorkers, scared stupid, allowing officers to violate them, rummage through their bags and send them on their way. Let’s not be ignorant. There is no way to protect an antiquated subway system that provides service to over four million riders daily. The truth is, give me back my rights, and develop a more realistic approach to security and stop setting up smoke screens to make Americans believe you are doing anything to protect them from a real threat. The New York City Civil Liberties Union has said these new procedures will bring about racial and religious profiling.

Eminem says I’m Not Retiring
Reports recently circulated that rapper Eminem (aka Marshall Mathers) would be making his current Anger Management Tour his last foray into live performances. As it turns out, Eminem is not retiring and vehemently denied all reports that Encore was his last album. He told an MTV reporter "I'm not retiring. When I say I'm taking a break, I'm taking a break from my music to go in the studio and produce my other artists and put their albums out. That's called taking a break for me. When I know my next move, I'll tell everyone my next move. Not some reporter who writes a story about 'This is Eminem's last album'. I never said (ENCORE) was my last album. I never said anything yet. I don't know what I'm doing yet. Nothing is definite; you know what I'm sayin'? Nothing is written in stone.” Uh, yeah… Rap aficionados are waiting with bated breath.

Idol Fans; WAIT FOR IT!
On November 22 a three DVD compilation will hit stores; The Best of American Idol Seasons 1-4, The Worst of American Idol Season 1-4 and a limited-edition DVD set combining the best and worst. Pete Kalhan, senior VP Home Entertainment and archive sales at Fremantle Media and Capital Entertainment have not determined exactly what segments will be included on the DVDs – there better be some Anwar is all I’m saying!

On Blast
Is it possible to love someone, but not be in-love with someone, and faithfully spend the rest of your life with them? Can a person live a happy existence while in this type of relationship? What are the pros and cons to such an arrangement? If applicable, give a scenario when/where you subjected yourself to such an arrangement?

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 7/21/05

Praise God; You Sound Like A Fool
“Sisters making more money than brothers and it’s creating problems in families … that’s one of the reasons many of our women are becoming lesbians,” That was one line delivered in Reverend Willie Wilson’s message entitled “You’ve Got to Fight to be Free.” Wilson delivered this message on July 3 from the pulpit of Union Temple Baptist Church in Southeast DC. “I ain’t homophobic because everybody here got something wrong with him,” he said. “But women falling down on another woman, strapping yourself up with something, it ain’t real. That thing ain’t got no feeling in it. It ain’t natural. Anytime somebody got to slap some grease on your behind and stick something in you, it’s something wrong with that. Your butt ain’t made for that. “No wonder your behind is bleeding,” he said. “You can’t make no connection with a screw and another screw. The Bible says God made them male and female.” Now the controversial remarks are dividing the African American community in DC who, gay and straight alike, were looking forward to participating in a Millions More Movement March to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March. What’s most striking is that this is no young minister. Wilson has been the pastor at Union for 22 years. Various groups have expressed their disappointment and shock at Wilson’s remarks. Wilson has not issued any statement regarding reactions to his message. Were his comments ignorant? Hate-filled? Necessary? Time will tell.

Stone Cold
In a similarly ignorant news story, a man in Northern Nigeria has been sentenced to death by stoning for admitting he had sex with a man. Islamic Sharia law says gay sex is punishable by stoning death. The 50-year old man was acquitted of having sex with a much younger man, but was then asked by the judge whether he had any previous gay sexual encounters. When he answered yes, he was sentenced to death. The issue is presently being reviewed for appeal. Insiders don’t feel the sentence will be overturned.

Four Hail Mary’s… Or 4 Countries Accepting Marriage of Marys
Canada became the fourth country to grant gay couples full legal rights – the same as heterosexual married folks, setting off a condemnation from the Vatican who said, it was a distortion of God’s plan for the family. Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain also have legal same sex marriage laws.

Long Story Short
Angela M. has offered her home as the next venue for a get together. A date has not been determined, but we are presently looking at a Saturday between October 29 (Halloween) and November 19. A poll will be taken to determine the exact date. Carlos C. is still in the ICU suffering from blood clots in his lungs. It is presently believed that he will require medication for the rest of his life. No definitive prognosis has been announced. Evelyn C. is back at work after the maternity leave she enjoyed with new-addition Daylen. Yo-Yo is reviewing draft plans to open a parent-kid gym. Ideas are welcome.
In Brief: Careful what you wish for… if you’re putting yourself out there and making yourself available to everyone, why are you complaining when the trash bangs down your door? If you can’t take it, don’t dish it. Funny how some folks are rude, loud and obnoxious, but are easily offended by the slightest reproach that comes their way… get over it! If it ain’t broken, don’t try to fix it. Your man didn’t do you wrong and you’re reading into things… stop testing his patience or you’ll find that he’ll do it, since he’s already suffering the blame for it. So you trust him and feel comfortable engaging in unprotected sex with him… it wouldn’t hurt to know a little bit about his past – especially since he’s from out of town and has no known gay friends his age. Are they still living? Your mom is driving you crazy and won’t mind her business, but you’re forced to tell her your business because you constantly need her financial support. Pay your own bills and you won’t have to make her aware of all your stuff.

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Morning Edition - 7/21/05

Houston, We Have A Problem
Rene Armando Nunez, 34, remembers waking up to a burning sensation in his crotch. It was then he realized that his long-time, live-in girlfriend, Delmy Margoth Ruiz, 49, cut-off 80% of his penis. After waking in the hospital Nunez was told his penis was severed. Ruiz is now on trial for the mutilation and says Nunez abused her for years – perfect reason to chop his member, huh? She faces 20 years in jail. Nunez has undergone two skin grafts and will face more reconstructive surgery to attempt to replace his penis. The severed piece of penis was never found.

Mizrahi Designing Talk Show
Isaac Mizrahi, famous 80s designer turned Target fashion-plate, has been tapped to host his own show on the Style network. The show titled, “Isaac” will cover beauty, style, fashion, diet and a slew of other topics and will feature a studio audience.

Straight? Then Make Sure You’re Cut
Bertran Auvert, a French researcher has discovered that circumcision may help cut the risk of HIV infection in heterosexual intercourse by over 70%. It is not yet known why the same benefits don’t translate into gay sex, but the findings of Auvert’s research will be presented at an International AIDS Society meeting in Brazil later this month.

On Blast
Love, love, love… Today’s topic was brought about by a discussion with resident blogger J’Moo… Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Is it possible to meet someone and know immediately that this is the person you are destined to be with? Is love something that grows or can it be experienced through a spontaneous meeting? Please be sure to post your opinion in this Morning Edition’s Comments.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Morning Editon - 7/20/05

In The Bag
DC Metro riders may soon be asked to show what they’re carrying in their bags. A new anti-terrorism consideration by the DC Metro system is a random police check of bags. In light of the recent London tube (train) bombings, some say the measure makes perfect sense. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) objects to all physical searches.

Phone Home
Cell phone sales will top 800 million worldwide this year, with more than 2.9 billion folks expected to carry cell phones by 2009. This means that the need for public telephones and even home telephones is zippo. With recent cell phone company mergers, prices on cell phone subscriptions are dropping.

On Blast
Today’s topic is … During our road trip to DC this weekend. the issue of what is acceptable for men and women in the dating/sex realm came up. The old belief that men are not held to the same standard as women with regard to promiscuity and social flirtation. Is the old-age belief that a man is a man regardless of what he does socially/sexually, while a woman is a whore if she partakes in, what many would consider frequent activity, still true? Can women today “run the street” and still be respected and respectable women or are we still bound by the same old-age beliefs? Are men now suffering the same repercussions as women when they are promiscuous? **Disease is not a consideration for this issue ** (Please post your opinion in our Comments section for this Morning Edition)

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 7/19/05 - On Blast

On Blast
Do actions speak louder than words (as the saying goes) or should words that counter a person’s actions take precedence?

Although it’s important to tell folks how you feel, actions tend to set the precedent on how folks will feel about you. While actions can prove words ineffective, words don’t seem to do the same for actions. That is, if you show someone you care, you’re loyal, you’re devoted and you’re accessible, it stands to reason that your feelings will convey, even if you never say, “I’m here for you.” Conversely, if you tell folks, “I care about you,” etc. and you are never available for them, it stands to reason that the person will not believe what you’re saying.

Unfortunately, there are also folks who have an extremely strong disposition – bordering on aggressive, rude or obnoxious behavior. They consistently act put-off, are unwilling to show compromise and rarely appear warm. These same folks can (and frequently ARE) very sensitive folks who have adopted a very hard and difficult exterior to ward off being perceived as “softies.” To their credit, they are rarely taken advantage of – but then again, they are rarely taken. That is, most people will avoid these types of folks setting off a vicious cycle of disconnected relationships. These folks often feel that no one understands them and wonder why people avoid them.

While it’s important to be assertive, being aggressive is the epitome of too-much-of-a-good-thing. While it’s crucial to be respected, it’s equally critical to be liked. While it’s of utmost importance that I be happy by MY OWN standards, it becomes obvious that compromise can bring about happiness and satisfaction.

Actions will ALWAYS speak louder than words. So, say what you mean, but show what you mean with more zeal.

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Afternoon Edition - 7/19/05

Here’s to DC
Thank you to ALL who made our DC gathering last Saturday a grand success. A special thank you to Angie M. who took special care of us with hotel booking – the NYC crew sincerely offer their “Thank you!” Our heart felt appreciation to Marcia R. (my soul wifey) who had our backs when the weather didn’t cooperate on Saturday. Marcia was kind enough to take the party indoor and provided her crib as our venue. A fork-up to Jeanine A. who gave us grill appeal right from a stove top. You go girl! Ultimately, it was a wonderful experience and having some of the NYC folks meet the DC folks proved to be a great idea. Taqua W…. what can be said? You’re my sister indeed. A resounding thank you for the great dinner on Sunday. So here’s to DC… four quadrants that still pull at my heartstrings.

On Blast
Today, I pose a question to be answered by all… well, all who wish to voice their opinion…
Do actions speak louder than words (as the saying goes) or should words that counter a person’s actions take precedence?

Long Story Short
Carlos C. is again in the ICU Pulmonary Unit with several clots in his lungs and legs. The Cumadin has been rendered ineffective and his prognosis is guarded. Please bend a knee for your editor’s brotha. Daylen recovered beautifully from his hernia repair last week. The beautiful tot is back to shouting and carrying on. Krissy (aka YO) purchased a new Ford Explorer last week. The caca-colored truck is gorgeous and may God provide her many miles of good truckin’. Phillipe is headed to Chicago to have a art show there, his NY show proved a great success.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 7/14/05 - SATURDAY, JULY 16 FESTIVITIES!

This Saturday at Noon; CELEBRATION!
This Saturday at noon we are gathering to loosen-up, celebrate friendship, and have a festive time together. Come and touch-base with old friends, make new friends and even bring a friend. Franks, burgers, salads and the like will be the fare of the day – bring your own vice if you’ll want to consume alcohol, etc. In the event of rain, Marcia R. has agreed to have us gather at her apartment where we will cook while taking the festivities indoors. So far, the forecast is for a chance of thundershowers in the afternoon, but we’ll cross our fingers and play it by ear. Additionally, the hotel where I’ll be staying in Landover has a pool, so going for a dip is always an option. To review:

DATE: Saturday, July 16, 2005
12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Watkins Regional Park
ADDRESS: 301 Watkins Park Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

DIRECTIONS: For precise directions go to

GENERAL INFO: Take exit 15A (East) onto Central Avenue
Continue for 3 miles
Turn right onto Watkins Park Drive
Follow road about ¾ of a mile – you will see park sign
Entrance to the right
Follow road; turn right into first parking lot

MY CELL #: 917-434-5743

MY HOTEL: From Friday 7/15 to Monday 7/18, I will be staying at:
Courtyard Marriott
8330 Corporate Drive
Landover, MD

We are meeting at the tables beside the tennis courts. In the event of rain, you should dial my cell phone number to receive directions to our alternate meeting place - Marcia R.’s home. Marcia lives (LITERALLY) around the corner from Watkins Regional Park.

Saturday night we will be going out in a smaller group. ALL ARE WELCOME. The exact venue has not been decided, but will be discussed during our gathering at Watkins.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 7/13/05

Daylen Update; Out of Surgery
Daylen is out of surgery and is presently in recovery. He is doing very well and doctor’s expect he will be going home either late tonight or tomorrow. His recovery will take a little time, but the doctors say babies are much more resilient that we adults think. Evelyn is extremely grateful for everyone’s thoughts and prayers.

I sent a picture of my soul wifey, Marcia R. a few moments ago. The truth is I’m always amazed by how she makes me feel as a friend. She appears to know what to say, how to say it and when to say it. Recently we joked about having children (naturally of course) and watching in wonder at how they turn out – truth is, there’s no one I can think I’d like to share genes with – or jeans (the girl’s got taste). Whether times are good, bad or just blah, she’s always someone I want to share it with. How’s that for “UGH” inspiring?!

On Blast
Today a caller that wished to remain Anonymous asked me: Why do you think some people don’t want children? Is it normal to not feel the NEED to reproduce?

Many of you will argue this point until you’re blue in the face, but it’s best to take folks at their word. If anyone tells you that they don’t want children, take them seriously. This means that if you’re a woman or man engaging in a relationship with someone that has said they don’t wish to have children and you do want a family, it’s best to weigh which of the two is most important to you (the mate or the mating) and make adjustments. People thrust or forced into parenthood can adjust and be adequate parents, but they will never show the enthusiasm in parenting that someone who has always wanted children displays. Some folks may tell you that the NEED to reproduce is natural, but the truth is, the need to mate is more natural than the need to reproduce. If you’re questioning whether you’d make a good parent, start with a pet. If you can’t handle the responsibility of a puppy, you can only imagine what a 10 pound screaming needy infant will do to you.

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Morning Edition - 7/13/05

Daylen in Hospital; Emergency Surgery
After several days of consistent crying, Evelyn C. opted to take Daylen in to the hospital last night. After careful inspection, doctors found Daylen had a hernia that required immediate repair. At press time, Daylen is undergoing a 1 ½ hour surgical procedure to repair the hernia. Recovery time is minimal, but like all surgical procedures on infants, the process is slightly riskier. Mom is extremely anxious this morning and the family is in serious prayer that everything goes well.

3-2-1; NASA We’re Ready

Two-and-a-half years after the Columbia space shuttle tragedy, crews are preparing for this afternoon’s launch of the space shuttle Discovery. The shuttle is set to blast-off at 3:51 p.m. today, but forecasters are predicting thunderstorms that may hamper the take-off. Discovery will have a crew of seven astronauts.

JAM, Oh JAM, JAM… Wilson JAM for Me
The new Woodrow Wilson Bridge, connecting DC to Virginia, is in the midst of an 11-year construction. This weekend, beginning at 8 p.m. Friday, officials say they will begin laying asphalt for the 12-lane bridge. This portion of the construction is not set to end until 5 a.m. Monday. Insiders are closely monitoring the weather and have said that officials are making a final decision on whether to take on this mammoth weekend task. The final go-ahead on the weekend closures would be made by 6 p.m. Friday – talk about last minute! With this weekend’s construction, delays can range from 90 minutes to 2 hours to cross the span. The new bridge is said to cost $2.43 billion and will handle over 200,000 vehicles per day.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Morning Edition - 7/12/05

Four Days and Counting…
We’re four days out from our DC Gathering at Watkins Park in Largo, Md. The Saturday, July 16 festivities will begin at noon and go until about 6 p.m. Thank you to all who signed-up to provide the goodies for the event. So far, Angie is providing what we’ll be “burning” on, that is, the grill, charcoal and lighter fluid. Jeanine, Eber and Toya have signed on to show us where the beef is (or whatever type of meat those hotdogs and burgers end-up being!) Tamara, Angie and Jeanine are bringing rolls, while Melissa and Marcia are providing the much needed condiments to make our tasty treats, finger-lickin’-good. Tamara and Marcia have also agreed to provide forks, knives, spoons and cups. Shannon is making sure you don’t load up on too much meat, by providing chips and watermelon. Feel like you just have to have your salad tossed? Well, Jeanine is being generous enough to bring a tossed green salad. The NYC contingency (moi’ included) will bring soda, juice, ice and miscellaneous treats. If you’re wondering if it’s too late to “chip” in, it isn’t. Please drop Angie an e-mail with what you’d like to contribute or just post it in our Comments section to this Morning Edition. We look forward to having a really great time and hope you are ALL there to celebrate the old, the new and the gift that is life!

Her Crime; Too Much Pussy
Ruth Knueven of the Mount Vernon section of Virginia loved cats. Unfortunately, authorities say they were forced to remove 187 cats from her home; this didn’t include the 86 dead cats found in her trash bins. The 82-year old Knueven was physically living with the animals. Authorities say there are still cats living in the walls and chimney of the Knueven home. The elderly woman was issued two summonses for failure to care for animals and for failure to dispose of dead animals properly. The fees were nothing to hiss at.

Where There’s Smoke
As it turns out, there are still folks in this world who sincerely believe that everyone around them is blind to their shenanigans. Such is the case with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. If you’re like me, you’re ambivalent to the two-some and whatever could be going on between them. Quite honestly, the pair is garnering too much free publicity behind the allegations that they’re having an affair. Still, if we’re to believe that they are not romantically involved and they are both adults that recognize the media is hanging on to their coat tails for a story, why do they insist on running around together – across African beaches, in grocery stores and most recently, to adopt an Ethiopian 5-month old girl – the new addition to the Jolie family?! For crying out loud! Spare us the cock-and-bull story that nothing is going on between you two and learn that ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. If it quacks, walks-like and does AFLAC commercials, it’s probably a -------- you guessed it, DUCK!

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Monday, July 11, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 7/11/05

A Tyrant and a Gentleman
Fidel Castro has been reigning in Cuba with an iron fist for over 46 years. On Friday he sent Queen Elizabeth a heartfelt letter expressing his condolences for the lives lost in the brutal terrorist attacks last Thursday. "Let me assure you that the people of Cuba, who have been the victims of terrorism for more than four decades, share your pain and reject this unjustifiable attack against the British people,” he said. Sidebar: Is Castro forgetting that the greatest abuse the Cuban people have suffered has been wrought by his hands?

Pay ME Some Respect; Learn the Words, Brush Your Teeth
Many artists / celebrities graced our fair city of NY Friday to pay final respects to Luther Vandross. One of these artists, Freddy Jackson, known for his You are My Lady and Rock Me Tonight ballads, was at the service for Vandross on Friday and sang a few out-of-tune bars of Vandross’ Power Of Love. I watched the ceremony live via a local TV station, but it was Saturday night that truly sent me over the edge – well, more like made me step BACK in horror. I had the, uh… honor… yeah, honor… of meeting Freddy Jackson on Saturday night. Upon being introduced to the crooner, he spoke to comment on “H”ow great it was to meet me and was I “H”aving a good time. Each time he spoke an “H” word I cringed. His breath was atrocious. Sidebar: In defense of Mr. Jackson, his attitude was far sweeter than his breath.

Gimme a C… A Bouncing C
I’m not going to elaborate, other than to say… it’s ALL good on the dating front. Girls, call me I need to put my weekend ON BLAST. The magic letters for today are E, P and T… and no it’s not a pregnancy test.

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Friday, July 08, 2005

Morning Edition - 7/8/05

Dennis Tears Haiti A New One
Hurricane Dennis took down a bridge and peeled tin roofs off homes on the island of Haiti. At least five people are reported dead from the storm. Dennis is now headed for Cuba. The storm is not expected to make landfall in the US until sometime Sunday. On Thursday, the 135 mph winds of Dennis skinned Jamaica.

Poor Publicity Stunt or Good Communicator?
R&B singer Omarion was in London when the explosions occurred yesterday. Sony music released a press release from the artist saying, "T.U.G./Sony Recording Artist Omarion was in London during the tragic bombings that struck this morning. He would like his fans to pray that he has a safe trip and a safe return home. He appreciates your support” On a day when over 50 people are reported dead, it seems a bit awkward to send a grandiose release informing us of your well being. Most stateside fans were unaware of the braided buff’s trip to begin with.

LIVE 8 Concerts to Rerun on MTV and VH1
The Live 8 concerts that took place last week to raise money for famine-ravaged Africa will be rerun by MTV and VH1 tomorrow. VH1 will carry the first five hours from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and MTV will carry the second half from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. The concerts will be shown without commercial interruption. Stevie Wonder, Destinys Child, Alicia Keys and Madonna were among the artist to grace the stage of the Live 8 concerts.

Final Curtain Call; Vandross Memorial Today at Noon
Eddie Murphy, Stevie Wonder and The Queen Of Soul, Aretha Franklin will be among the many guests to pay final tributes to Luther Vandross at Riverside Church in upper Manhattan today. Vandross will be buried at George Washington Memorial Park in Paramus, New Jersey. The Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel, who held the viewing services on Wednesday and Thursday, have asked supporters to post their well wishes to These postings will be forwarded to the Vandross family.

Sign-Up Today; It’s All About Keeping in Touch and Having a Great Time
Today is your final day to forward your sign-up sheets letting us know what you will be bringing to our July 16 gathering. The function, scheduled for a week from tomorrow, will begin at noon at Watkins Regional Park in Largo, Md. Exact location will be posted to the blog by Thursday of next week. This function stands as the premiere way of keeping former ABAers and new family and friends in touch and a way to really have a great time together. This is our ONLY general get-together of the year. Please forward your sign-up sheets to Angie M. before 3 p.m. today. If you need a new sign-up sheet, please post a request in our Comments section or contact Jeanine A. at ABA.

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 7/7/05

London Rocks; Four Explosions; Over 33 Confirmed Dead
At 8:51 a.m. London time (London is five hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Time) a train that was 100 yards into the tunnel just outside the Moorgate station (a financial district in London) exploded killing seven people. Minutes later, 8:56 a.m., another explosion near the King’s Cross station in north London kills 21 folks. Shortly thereafter, 9:17 a.m., an explosion near the Edgware Road station annihilates five. Finally at 9:47 a.m. a double-decker bus explodes near Tavistock Square killing an undetermined number of riders. The last attack on British soil was on September 20, 2000, when IRA dissidents fired rocket-propelled grenades at the MI5 security agency headquarters. There were no injuries in that attack. Sidebar: Congratulations to London on their 2012 Olympic bid win.

Dennis Doesn’t Play Nice; Hurricane Might Hit Florida
Folks in the Florida Keys were asked to begin evacuation in preparation for hurricane Dennis, who forecasters are predicting might hit the state by the weekend. With winds of at least 74 mph and horrific storm surges, Dennis has already ripped through several islands in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico avoided the brunt of the storm, but has been covered in rain for two days straight.

Color of the Day: ORANGE
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff raised the terror alert to code orange following the London attacks earlier today. The color change is specifically targeting public transportation. Per a U.S. counterterrorism expert the code has been changed because there are “clear and inherent vulnerabilities,” in transit. "Mass transportation systems will always be vulnerable to some extent if we want to keep them as efficient as they are today," said Rafi Ron, president of the Washington-based transportation security consulting firm, New Age Solutions. The last time the terror alert color code change occurred was in November during the elections.

You Know What… We Need Black Folks After All
The US Chamber of Commerce is quietly courting (excuse me, begun a campaign) to court the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). The CBC is largely democratic and has normally taken the side of union groups around the nation. Now, the US Chamber of Commerce has found that the support of the CBC is necessary to insure passing legislation that benefits businesses – especially since many votes are so close that even a few votes count. Recently Wal-Mart made their plea to the CBC and others are finding the group and the folks they represent are extremely important to the business community.

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Morning Edition - 07/07/05

No Licky-Licky; Not So Fast Kim
Foul-mouth rapper and convicted perjured artist Kimberly Jones a.k.a. Lil’ Kim will be spending one year and one day behind bars beginning September 19, announced U.S. District Court Judge Gerald Lynch yesterday. The 29-year old artist said "I testified falsely. ... I now know it was wrong. I'm a God-fearing, good person." Initially Kim held news briefings saying the government was on a witch hunt because she was a wealthy African American female artist. Now, Kim will have a chance to literally “eat” her words and also live-out her guttural lyrics, “No licky, licky, forget the sticky-sticky. …talk about being “tongue” in cheek.

London Suffers Deadly Terrorist Attack
With 274 stations and more than 250 miles of active lines, the London Underground subway system, known as the Tube suffered an assault by terrorist who bombed various busy stations in the early morning rush hours. At the moment, two people are reported dead – but some insiders say the death toll could top 90. This is an ongoing story.

Cry Me A Rio (River)
Steven Rios, a former Columbia, Mo. Police officer was sentenced to life in prison after killing his boyfriend, 23-year old University of Missouri student Jesse Valencia. Valencia had his throat cut. Rios maintains his innocence and says he will appeal. Linda Valencia, Jesse’s mom, says she feels sorry for the Rios family but asked that Rios be sentenced to the maximum sentence.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 7/6/05

Breeding Like Roaches – Congratulations
Juan Gabriel Moreno and Joana Elizabeth Sanchez are celebrating the birth of their six little girls. The girls, delivered via C-Section, ranged from 2 lbs., 8 ounces to 2 lbs., 14 ounces and are all said to be doing fine. The 25-year old Sanchez had been taking medicine to stimulate ovulation.

Pump Your Brakes Ah-Poo; You Can’t Marry Here
Six days after legalizing marriage, Spain made another controversial decision when it refused to marry a Spanish man to his Indian partner. Spain’s high court cited an article in their civil code which says foreign residents seeking to wed Spaniards are bound by the laws of the country where they have citizenship. India does not have legalized gay marriage. Making the ruling abundantly clear, the Spanish court went on to say that only foreigners from the Netherlands and Belgium (the other two countries allowing gay marriage) may marry Spaniards.

July 16 Sign-Up Sheet Reminder
Our Saturday, July 16 BBQ is still on and each of you have received a sign-up sheet detailing items that can be brought to the function. Please be sure to take a look at that list and choose one of the items. Angie M. will need your forms via e-mail by Friday, July 8 to hammer out all last minute logistics. Please let me know if you need the form resent to you. We’re still taking ideas for hanging out Saturday night (7/16) and have received a few suggestions. Tamara suggested a cabaret and Angie had a club in mind. All suggestions are welcome!

For Real… August is Better For Me
Freaking Rican, our reigning queen of the NYC Breathe Bitch Conglomerate has postponed the Friday, July 8, get together. “With so much going on it’s best to wait until we all return from DC and do this in August,” Freaking Rican said. FR will e-mail all interested NYC participants by the end of July.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 7/5/05

Fire Up and You’re Fired!
One Cleveland area clinic is joining many hospitals nationwide in banning smoking in, on or basically anywhere near hospital grounds. The Cleveland Clinic that made headlines specifically bans smoking anywhere on hospital property. If caught, smokers could lose their jobs. "Our policy is very simple," says Dr. Derek Raghavan, chairman and director of the Cleveland Clinic's Taussig Cancer Center. "You cannot smoke on Cleveland Clinic premises. Not on the grounds. Not in the hospital. Not in the toilets. Nowhere." One Cleveland doctor admits that he is a role model for his patients and wants to quit, but finds that quitting is extremely difficult to do. Sidebar: I second that – Day 14.

Happy Meal Meets Hip-Hop
P. Diddy, Russell Simmons and Tommy Hilfiger have been tapped by McDonalds to remake their uniforms. The $80 million deal will turn former fat broker, Mickey Ds into a PHAT broker of sorts. “We’re looking at how do we make our uniforms more appealing, more desirable,” said Bill Lamar Jr., chief marketing officer for McDonald’s USA. Right now the talks between McDonalds and the designers (moguls) are in their preliminary stages.

Morgan Stanley Looking to Get Back On Track
Blogger member Caspar is probably closest to the latest scandals surrounding financial giant Morgan Stanley, but news reports say newly appointed chairman and CEO, John Mack, has urged Morgan Stanley managers to seek out the best talent from rival banks to help stop the high-level executive exodus that has shattered Morgan employee’s confidence in the firm. Mack feels a few good men might restore some of the past Morgan luster…. Hey Caspar, want to come over to JPMorgan instead?

Final Show; Luther Memorial Set
A final curtain call, or better yet, a public viewing has been set for Luther at the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel on Madison Avenue in NYC on Wednesday and Thursday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. A memorial service for the crooner will be held at Riverside Church, Friday at noon. Sidebar: J’MOO, I know Riverside is your church. What’s the story with getting me front row seats and more importantly, can I sing at the service?

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Morning Edition - 7/5/05

Bisexual? Yeah, right…
A new study set to publish in the journal of Psychological Science shows that men that profess to be bisexual are, in fact, ambivalent homosexuals that either don’t wish to be pegged as homosexuals or are unaware of their homosexuality. The study monitored the arousal rate of a group of men who identified as bisexual and rated them on a 0-to-6 scale with 0 being the least aroused and 6 being the most aroused. Most men in the study were almost exclusively aroused by depictions of male-on-male sex. Some researchers are saying the study needs to have a broader base before drawing these conclusions, but many gay men feel that this study validates their belief that most bisexual men are just trying to mask their homosexuality.

Here and Now; In Our Hearts Forever
Luther Vandross is dead at the age of 54. His career spanned over 20 years and positioned Vandross as the premiere balladeer of our era. Vandross suffered a massive stroke in 2003, just before the release of his Dance With My Father CD. He is said to have died with close friends and family by his side, but the cause of his death – outside of the tragic stroke of two years ago – were unknown. In 2003, Vandross contracted pneumonia and had to have a tracheotomy to help him breathe. Many in the media reported Vandross died then, but the reports were unfounded. Today all who appreciated the man and his music mourn his death and revere the man who brought us love with a beat behind it.

Flying Without Wings
Sometimes you have to endure great strife to learn to recognize and appreciate good things. The last two years were difficult ones for me. From relationship drama – recently recounted for the delight of gossip mongers on this very blog – to my growth-spurt inspired move from DC, close to two years ago, I have undergone a virtually complete emotional (even physical) transformation. This Independence Day I celebrated not only the freedom of our country, but my own freedom. My freedom from the paralyzing fears of success, my freedom from the crippling effects of bad relationships and my freedom from self-defeating body image issues. Today, I’m grateful for a new blossoming career, incredible new emotional partnerships and my new-found ability to see the positive. It’s not the final chapter in my book of life, but it’s that middle chapter where the book picks-up and gets hard to put down. I’m smiling with my heart today and for the first time in a long time, I’m not so surprised that the world is smiling back.

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Friday, July 01, 2005

Morning Edition - 7/1/05

Tyler Perry Has Nothing To Be Mad At
Tyler Perry and his acclaimed black series of plays and recent movie, Diary of A Mad Black Woman, hit another milestone this week selling 2.3 million copies of his DVDs in one day. In addition to Diary, Perry had Madea’s Class Reunion, Madea’s Family Reunion, I Can Do Bad All By Myself and Meet The Browns, officially hit the DVD shelf. Steve Beets, President of Lions Gate Entertainment said, “We’ve got retailers screaming for more product.” Medea’s Family Reunion will be made into a movie with production set to begin on July 11 - the movie will be in theaters February 2006. Perry’s second film, Medea’s Family Reunion, will also mark Perry’s directorial debut.

Deadly Typo Wracks Police Dept. In Seattle
Three hours before fatally shooting Michael Robb with a shotgun, Samson Berhe was questioned by police in an alleged burglary. Officers could not arrest Berhe since he did not have any outstanding warrants – well, none that they knew of. Turns out, Berhe had an outstanding warrant for car theft since 2002. Unfortunately, the warrant had a typo and listed Berhe’s name as “Berne” preventing officers from detaining the assailant. Shortly after being released Robb fell dead at the hands of Berhe leaving a wife and 14-month old baby behind. The Seattle police department says the killing is racially motivated. Now, 18-year old Samson Berhe is being charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing Robb. The black teen faced the charge on his birthday.

A Woman Scorned; A Gay Man Bashed
Terry McMillan is now a woman scorned. Her intention to divorce her husband and self-professed gay man, Jonathan Plummer, has made headlines throughout the country. Now Plummer spoke to a Washington Blade reporter claiming McMillan has repeatedly harassed him, even writing a letter to him that said, "The reason you're going to make a good fag is because most of these guys are dogs anyway. All of you guys are fags and you have no power except in your dicks … and your loose assholes." Following that incident Plummer alleges McMillan sent him a bottle of Jamaican hot pepper sauce with the words, "Fag Juice Burn Baby Burn,” written on it. The bottle arrived at Plummer’s dog-grooming business in suburban San Francisco. Plummer told the Washington Blade reporter that, “"She hates my guts, based on the fact that I came out to her. She thinks I deceived her, but that's not the case. I find her attractive; I fell in love with her. As I got older, things changed." Plummer came out to McMillan a year ago. Court papers say Plummer engaged in homosexual affairs during his marriage to McMillan.
Sidebar: Betrayal is bad. Public betrayal – worse!

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** Reminder: Please check your e-mail and complete the sign-up sheet for our July 16 event. Your response is due to Angie by Friday, July 8. **


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