Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 7/19/05 - On Blast

On Blast
Do actions speak louder than words (as the saying goes) or should words that counter a person’s actions take precedence?

Although it’s important to tell folks how you feel, actions tend to set the precedent on how folks will feel about you. While actions can prove words ineffective, words don’t seem to do the same for actions. That is, if you show someone you care, you’re loyal, you’re devoted and you’re accessible, it stands to reason that your feelings will convey, even if you never say, “I’m here for you.” Conversely, if you tell folks, “I care about you,” etc. and you are never available for them, it stands to reason that the person will not believe what you’re saying.

Unfortunately, there are also folks who have an extremely strong disposition – bordering on aggressive, rude or obnoxious behavior. They consistently act put-off, are unwilling to show compromise and rarely appear warm. These same folks can (and frequently ARE) very sensitive folks who have adopted a very hard and difficult exterior to ward off being perceived as “softies.” To their credit, they are rarely taken advantage of – but then again, they are rarely taken. That is, most people will avoid these types of folks setting off a vicious cycle of disconnected relationships. These folks often feel that no one understands them and wonder why people avoid them.

While it’s important to be assertive, being aggressive is the epitome of too-much-of-a-good-thing. While it’s crucial to be respected, it’s equally critical to be liked. While it’s of utmost importance that I be happy by MY OWN standards, it becomes obvious that compromise can bring about happiness and satisfaction.

Actions will ALWAYS speak louder than words. So, say what you mean, but show what you mean with more zeal.

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

It was a fabulous blast today and one that, yes believe it or not coco, I read completely. Bringing people together, meeting each other, hanging out and laughing makes it that more real. It was truly a pleasure for me meeting you all connection, laughs, and background of relatedness is what it's all about. Thank you all for inviting us over into your home and hearts it was truly a pleasure and of course the one string that sewed it all up together was Hector who I am truly blessed to have the honor of meeting through one of MY "Best Friends" freakin rican. Thank you Hector I was last minute nilly joining you all but it was truly a pleasure and I am so happy and honored to know u and all your friends. Hey JMoo tks for being my man in those moments and u too Hector yes as well as Freakin Rican.

I needed this weekend and (I am crying as I write) want to repeat the event again.

Luv u all

Krissy (YO)

4:46 PM

caspar608 said...

stay strong Krissy. You are articulate, silly and much more than that, b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. Don't ever diminish that beauty by being anyone's doormate Mama,

Anonymous said...

Please allow me to back track a little to Saturday, July 16, 2005
I would like to give the BIGGEST of THANK YOU and I heart felt appreciation to Ms.Freakin’ for her dedication and sweet will toward me. I am contacting my lawyer because I believe that you are sometimes doing a female impersonation of me and I am suing ya’. Say what ya will but, CAPRICORNS are AWESON.
Krizzy-Girl, thank you so very much for the laughter, the dance,the back seat high-fives, "all that sh*t" and for sharing in the belief of life’s unconditional terms Love and enjoyment. We may not walk in the same shoes but, we know that we could run in them if we had to…
Hector, you know I call you names like Homo’s Homo, Loud Mouth, Shortie-Adobo and the new one; Chunky-Mo, “Great Trip”
And last but not less all my girls in the District of Bush, (I renamed it Washington, D.B.) you got it going on. Never have I seen a crew of such fine ladies. I think I was surrounded by 30 ft of legs, a combine boobage of 78 LMNO-cup (that should be pronounced like they do in KGN)and very few people know it but I am a lips man. Man-o-man, enough said, you’al just keep doing what ya doing, “Much Love”. Especial my Toi, keep it real. Ms.Casper608 and my other Blog-in-laws, you were missed.
Okay seriously, Hector… What can I say, 20 year this October 2005. Time flies when you are having fun, Love you much punk! And No! I ain’t all choked-up and my eyes ain’t all with welled up with tears either…I gotta go


Anonymous said...

Okay so when is the next re-union October for Halloween we can all dress-up I will come as a Drag Queen, whose house Marcia? (don't curse me out) or for November Thanksgiving we'll make-up our own date before or after thanksgiving or December or Yeah how about New Years! Yes New Years. Well Coco What's up when is the next one.

Love Krissy (YO)