Saturday, September 15, 2012

Funny How Time Flies

Funny how time flies... It has been seven months since we moved into our new home. Believe it or not, we're still adjusting to our over-one-hour commute and taking care of more house and the property around it. All said, we couldn't be happier. The home and the life we're living are blessings that we're grateful for and conscious of. When we moved in folks mentioned that we should give the house some time before tackling big projects, since our priorities would change. The real priorities haven't changed, but our order of taking them on has. Since moving in we've changed our foyer area a bit, but are waiting before making a decision on curtains and blinds - both of which will have an enormous impact on making our first floor look a lot more updated. On a whole other 'time flies' note is the realization that Buster is now showing serious signs of aging. Deafness, blindness and a stiffer gate are now his regular afflictions, but he has earned his turn to be cared for and I'm here to do it. Love my Bus-Bus.

- Keep passin' the open windows.