Thursday, January 02, 2014

Samsung…Innovation Meets Bad Customer Service

Six months ago I trotted over to my neighborhood Best Buy store to make a dramatic change.  I chose to switch from Apple's iPhone device to Samsung's Galaxy S4.  Like a rebellious child, I made the argument that the exodus from Apple's confining tech space would change my experience and tech development.  Samsung's S4 provided all the freedom of a teen that's off to college.  I was free to download what I wanted and set-up my device just as I dreamed.  Within a couple of months my out-of-the-box S4 ran up to its 16G memory cap and my 32G micro SD card was rendered useless by one of Samsung's software updates.  I attempted to fix the hiccup by purchasing an expensive Samsung micro SD card, only to find that the issue wasn't the SD card, it was the actual S4 device.  Countless telephone conversations andTwitter messages later and NOTHING is resolved. Samsung suggested that I send them my mobile device and they would analyze and attempt to repair it.  They were quick to mention that they do not provide replacements or loaners while you wait.  I was forced to choose another mobile device and ATT was kind enough to expeditiously forward me a new Blackberry Q10.  It has proved more reliable AND is better supported than Samsung's flagship phone.  Now, the expensive micro SD card appears to be fried and I again, gave Samsung another opportunity to make-good and replace the accessory.  After spending the better part of several hours explaining the issue with the SD card and providing Samsung Support a proof of purchase and giving them my home address, telephone information and carrier contact, Samsung sent me an email containing a UPS label.  They request I return my Samsung micro SD card to them and upon inspection, they will replace the card.  WHO MAKES THEIR LOYAL CUSTOMERS WAIT FOR A REPLACEMENT WHEN THEIR PRODUCT MALFUNCTIONS?  Samsung does.  They repeatedly use their Twitter feed to appear responsive, but all the Twitter support attendants do is ask for your device information with no real support or help.  I'm done with Samsung.  The sad part is that I drank the kool-aid and believed that Samsung was an innovator of technology, that like Apple, wanted to provide the best product with the highest level of customer service.  Apple has NOTHING to fear.  Samsung's customer service completely ruins their customer's experience.  I recant all accolades I gave Samsung.  I admonish friends, family and anyone who can read this message - Stay clear of Samsung…they couldn't care less about you or ensuring that you are happy.  Apple may want to control your environment, but they are intent on guaranteeing you are happy.  Ultimately, that's the guy that should get your business.  

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