Thursday, May 25, 2006

Morning Edition - 5/25/06

Idol Proves Looks Aren’t Everything
At the start of season five of American Idol, contestant Taylor Hicks appeared to be an unlikely candidate for the show and a sure-fire cast-off. His gray hair and oddly Ray-Charles-ish personality made it almost impossible for anyone to predict he’d make any connection with the young target audience of Idol. Last night, however, showed how your looks and physique are not necessarily the only factors for success. Hicks seemed to wield his personality all season long and captured the hearts of America winning the coveted title of American Idol.

Let the Summer Begin
This weekend marks the start of summer 2006. As we all know too well, summer is the season that flies by the fastest and we’re left looking back from our Labor Day perches wondering what happened to the warmest 90-or-so days of the year. This is your chance folks. Take a moment to plan ahead for summer fun. Beach weekends, outdoor activities – even camping, can be a part of your agenda. Memorial weekend is also Black Pride Weekend in Washington, DC. Men and women of color flock from all over the country to congregate in our nations Chocolate City to enjoy the gayest weekend of color in the northeast. So let the games begin! Bring on the sun and take summer 2006 by the horns!

On Blast
…and cut! You’ve been thinking about it for a while, but don’t know how or when to do it. It’s time to do it now though and you can feel it in your deepest recesses. What do you intend to cut-out of your life this summer – and hopefully for good? What do you believe your biggest challenge is for keeping it out of your life? What makes you so sure it must be eradicated from your life?

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Morning Edition - 5/24/06

Our Lady Of Shock Value
The relentlessly irreverent Madonna took the stage at Los Angeles’ Great Western Forum on Sunday and left concert-goers bewildered. Spending over $250 to watch the 47-year old Kabbalah queen attempt to shock and disturb you, just doesn’t really leave a good feeling in the pit of your stomach. Madonna, a pioneer music and video maven, is now more like a rebellious teen, trying hard with everything she does to make your jaw drop. This time, the in-your-face Madonna decided to turn the controversy stove up a notch as she strapped herself to a mirrored cross, had her male dancers mimic horses and abruptly closed the show with no encore; maybe she’s developed a little ESP and could sense that 20 years later, it’s going to take a little more than grabbing your crotch, disrespecting the entire Christian population while emasculating your dancers, to impress your fans. Now that she invests over three hours a day exercising and doing yoga to stretch out her body, she should begin thinking of ways to stretch her mind. Madonna is definitely suffering from creative atrophy.

From Undercover to Six Feet Under
Officer Seneca Darden, 25, rushed to help his colleagues who had put out a distress call after responding to a shooting at a private home in Norfolk, Virginia. Unfortunately, officer Darden was in plain clothes and when he jumped out of his car wearing jeans and a t-shirt while brandishing a gun, he was asked by officers on the scene to drop his weapon. The next chain of events had one of the uniformed officers gunning Darden down. Shot several times, Darden was rushed to the nearest hospital where he died. The unidentified uniformed officer is on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated. Darden was on an undercover burglary detail in a nearby neighborhood. He served for four years on the Norfolk Police Department.

Okay Black Folks, What Now?
Statistics show that 35% of Americans 24-34 have never married, for African Americans that figure is a whopping 54%. The divorce rates were a bit better; African Americans divorced just over 2% more than others. One study shows that the sexual revolution and the drive black women have shown to get a great education and kick start their careers have left them without a substantial pool of black men to choose from when they are ready to settle down. Moreover, black men are outnumbered by black women, giving them a large population of women to choose from. Then there’s the issue of interracial dating, the down low and imprisonment that has also had an affect on black-on-black relationships. Looking forward, the future is actually bright. Educated and poised, black women can help recapture the strength of the African American family. They have been the cornerstone of their families in the past and will again take their rightful place as matriarchs of generations to come.

On Blast
Is it me? Accepting responsibility for why things go right or wrong in our lives is important if we are to learn and grow. In relationships this is sometimes easier said than done. Yesterday’s discussion circled back to failed relationships and what, if any, responsibility we should take for the outcome of our partnerships. What actions (or lack thereof) did you take to make your prior relationships fail? Do you have any regrets about how your relationships ended? Is there a pattern that you can recognize that repeatedly marks the defeat of your relationships? Conversely, do you repeatedly find that your partners are to blame for your failed relationships?

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Morning Edition - 5/23/06

Overwhelming; Oprah’s Legends Ball
Last night I sat for one hour of the most heart-stirring television in recent history. Billionaire Oprah Winfrey planned an executed the greatest thank-you three-day event for legends in the entertainment and literary world. The affair brought some of the most famous names of our time together into one room. The experience – including a luncheon, gala ball and tent-revival-like closing ceremony – was opulent, genuine and original. Equally astounding is that these women had never been honored collectively before. Call me an emotional twit, but I could not contain the streaming tears as women I admired all my life, congregated to receive a resounding thank-you from their peers and the up-and-coming artists of our time. For those who missed this moment in television history, we’ll keep our eyes open for any mention of a DVD deal.

Set-back or Just Life?
My little back-trouble fiasco set my Body Beautiful campaign on its head. While sitting out for a week with excruciating back pain, I treated myself to every tasty treat I cheated myself out of for the past five months. The result was five nasty pounds that no one noticed, but I certainly felt. As I prepared to torture myself with mental beat-downs and physical work-overs, I realized that this is life. You can’t run your car at 90 mph all day, every day and a simple set-back cannot derail so many months of hard work. I’m back at the gym and slowly returning to the rigorous work-outs, but the most important lesson of this incident wasn’t lost. We will have moments of side-stepping and indulging, but we must return our focus on staying to our goal. The spotlight on Body Beautiful 2006 continues!

Sex in Bookstores and Bathrooms; The Making of a NJ Governor
Former New Jersey Governor, Jim McGreevey is touring with his soon-to-be-released book Confessions. The 384-page tell-some book (he keeps some facts to himself) details how McGreevey engaged in sexual encounters in bookstores and rest areas to avoid being discovered as gay. What the book doesn’t detail is whether these trysts occurred while he was still in office. McGreevey resigned as governor in 2004 amid allegations that he was having an affair with one of his former aides. McGreevey was married twice and has a young daughter. His book is due in stores later this year.

On Blast
On the Down Low On My Way to the Top; Why are stories about white men engaging in homosexual or bisexual behavior not directly associated with the HOT issue of the down low, but any mention of men of color carrying-on a separate sex life with other men immediately pegged as the down low? Is there a double-standard and a new prejudice brewing in the sordid world of cheating homosexual/bisexual men? Does the “down low” only refer to men of color who cheat with other men? Can this phenomenon be attributed to a more vocal group of women – namely women of color – and their hypersensitivity to this issue?

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Morning Edition - 5/22/06

M4; Mission Accomplished!
It was a great day for a walk yesterday; Especially when that walked benefited the millions of people infected with HIV/AIDS. The weather was amazing and it held out just until the end of the walk. As we crossed the finish line and began to search for a place to eat, it began to cloud over and rain. Proof positive (no pun intended) that it began well and ended well. Thanks again to all my supporters who contributed to make this event a HUGE success. If you're interested in receiving the 20 other photos taken at the event, please feel free to give me a shout-out in the Comments area. Contributors should just sit back; I'll be sending your photo album via e-mail by close of business tomorrow.

On Blast
What cause (charity) close to your heart will you dedicate your time to this year? What/Who prompted you to want to make a difference with this cause? What (specifically) will you do?

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Morning Edition - 5/19/06

Will & Grace; The End of An Era
Last night Will & Grace aired their last episode – ever! Just like songs catalog a time in our lives, I believe shows have a tendency to do the same. Hey, I still watch Bugs and laugh at the same scenes – more because of the memories of my life back then. As NBC aired bloopers from the show and episodes of these quirky characters in years gone by, I found myself tearing up. When Will & Grace first aired I was living in Landover, Maryland; in a long-term relationship; working for a conservative Washington, DC association. I had no idea of what I was doing right or wrong and was coasting in a comfy life of haves and haves more. Now, 73 Emmy nominations later – 14 of which they won – Will & Grace is coming to an end. So much about the show inspired me to laugh, be silly and be proud of who I was as a man and more important, a gay man. I saw myself in all of the characters. At times I’ve had the neurosis of Grace; the anal-retentiveness of Will; the moronic humor of Jack; and the sick sense of humor of Karen. In those eight short years, so much has changed. While Will has gone from morbidly single to happily married, I’ve gone from morbidly married to happily single. Oh, there are countless other changes…maybe too many to share with folks that aren’t earning an hourly rate equivalent to the Mexican national deficit, but it’s the end of an era; time to check the TV listings for the next great program and to look forward to the exciting new episodes of our lives.

Twenty Five Years of AIDS
In 1981 several men in California were diagnosed with a strange pneumonia that was later given the official name of AIDS. That’s the long story made extremely short, but the trip from AIDS’ beginning to where we are today has been far from short, pretty or easy. Over 500,000 Americans have died from the disease and millions live with HIV/AIDS today. Remarkably, the shame, the silence, the guilt and the stigma still surround those inflicted with this disease. Credit where credit is due, there have been promising leaps forward in the fight against AIDS. Victims are now living longer and more productive lives and America is realizing that AIDS affects us all. Unfortunately, AIDS in the gay black male population is now on the rise.

Long Story Short
My work-out partner and “pumpkin” Evelyn M. is vacationing where things are kept on the hush-hush… yeah, the b*tch is in Vegas! I’m working out alone and missing you, so hurry back. William C. may be headed back to PR. That’s right, the baby boy of the Cruz clan may soon find his one-way ticket back to the parent pad where he’ll live out a Puerto Rican version of Failure to Launch. The drive-less teen has taken the adage “The city that never sleeps” to another level and finds himself up until the crack-heads fall-out (we don’t really use ‘til the crack of dawn here in the apple) and sleeps his days away. Unfortunately for him, we in the NYC-arm of the Cruz clan refuse to support dead-beats, so he’ll be sunning with his boyz on the island of enchantment until he finds direction or is introduced to his cell mate – whichever comes first. Sunday is the big day for resident blogger, J’Moo and I to take the 6.5 mile walk to benefit our brothers and sisters suffering with HIV/AIDS. I’m attempting to debut my new digital camera at the event and bring back some photos to share with the blog family. Soul-wifey Marcia R. and I are planning a weekend of fun in the sun for my birthday. Pocketbooks-permitting, we’ll fly out to Puerto Rico to celebrate my 37th. This is your night… Carmen C. and the girls have scheduled a night of cocktails and bent-tails as they shake their Latino-love-lumps on the dance floor of LQs. The hot after-work dance party begins around 5:30 and is free for the ladies (men pay $5). LQs is located on Lexington Avenue, between 47th & 48th Street.

On Blast
Nix the manipulator. The great thing about getting older is that you hope experience will make you wiser. I have to admit that I can now see dating-trouble much sooner than in my younger years. Rather than ignore the signs of impending disaster, I’ve taken the approach that it’s best to drop it while it’s hot. Simply put, drop’em while they’re still in LUST with you. It gives you the upper-hand in future interactions if you choose to keep them on as friends or acquaintances. All this to ask, are you choosier as you get older or do you accept more from your dating partners? Do you find that you’re less willing to compromise on certain issues as you mature or have you learned to ignore those hot-button irritants for the sake of keeping a partner on board?

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Morning Edition - 5/17/06

AIDS Walk This Weekend
This weekend the NY AIDS Walk will snake its way through 6.5 miles of the city. Thank you to all who sponsored me for such an important cause. Initially, I set my goal at $500, but just 24 hours after I began my drive, your support surpassed that amount. Within a week you helped me raise $700. By press time this morning, your sponsorship reached $900. Your dollars will help people living with AIDS find treatment, food and resources for this devastating disease. I am humbled by your support and proud to have such a generous group of individuals to call friends.

Driving You Crazy
Road rage is a serious problem affecting most major cities in America. With more and more folks taking to the road, the incidence of those who are rushing to their destination or simply too inconsiderate to drive carefully, road rage is fast becoming a leading cause of death on our nation’s roadways. AutoVantage recently released a survey ranking the cities with the most serious cases of road rage. Topping the list as the number one place drivers experienced some form of road rage is Miami. New York ranked number three and Washington DC was a respectable number six. Chicago and Atlanta ranked 13 and 16 respectively, with Minneapolis rounding out the top 20.

Know the Facts Before Yelling, “Cut!”
Circumcision is one of the most common surgical procedures practiced in the United States without anesthesia. The foreskin – the portion of skin covering the glans or head of the penis – is cut off leaving the head exposed. The American Pediatrics Association and the American Medical Association both say the procedure is purely voluntary and poses no medical benefit. Yet, American parents have their children circumcised more often than not. The foreskin provides the penis with a supple sheath (coating) and also keeps it moist with a secretion known as smegma. This secretion is now thought to have an antibacterial affect. Unfortunately, there is an odor that can also be associated with smegma and it can be fairly pungent. Doctors say it is completely natural. Doctors now believe that a good amount of sensitivity is lost when the foreskin is removed. It is believed that 12 bands of receptors are located in the foreskin and work in conjunction with the sensitivity of the head of the penis to produce pleasure. Without the foreskin, the head of the penis (the corona) is said to have poor sensitivity. Conversely, the incidence of penile cancer is three times greater in men who are not circumcised. Ultimately, it may come down to a cosmetic decision. Do you want your child to look different from his peers? Also, if you opt to let the boy keep the hood, it is recommended that you teach him proper hygiene to minimize the incidence of rude odor.

On Blast
Women and gay men: Do you have a visual preference for a circumcised or uncircumcised penis? Will you avoid either when engaging in oral sex?

Straight men: What drawbacks do you see for an uncircumcised man living in American society? Do you think that the straight male population notices another man’s penis – in locker room situations, etc.? As an adult would you change the choice your parents made with regard to being circumcised or uncircumcised?

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Morning Edition - 5/16/06

Blowin’ Out The Back
Last Monday I stood in front of my sink preparing for my work day and checking my pores under three high-intensity 100 watt bulbs, when I was suddenly stricken with the overwhelming and uncontrollable desire to sneeze. Rather than render myself unconscious and add disfigurement to my already sagging ‘cara’ by bashing my head against the fast approaching faucet, I opted for tensing my body during one of the most violent contractions a sneeze has ever conjured. What resulted from my little mishap left me bent over – not in a good way either – for over four days and popping a paralyzing concoction of muscle relaxers and Vicodin that had me singing Jeffrey Osborne’s On The Wings of Love, while drifting in and out of sleep. The reverberations of the excruciating pain that gripped my lower back still linger today, but I’m finally recovered enough to stand straight and climb on to a treadmill again. So, after a week of proving I’m really not twenty-something any more, I’ve come to the conclusion that you don’t have to continue taking your pain medication after the unbearable pain has stopped – oh wait, no- what I meant to say was, this is life and regardless of whether I’m up or down, showing signs of aging or on the dance floor until the lights come up, thank God for long-term relationships built on trust, respect and comfort – like the ones I have with my doctor and pharmacist.

Stats Don’t Look Good; 17 in 58 and 3 in 7
In the last 58 years the state of Florida has seen 17 fatalities from alligator attacks. Unfortunately, it appears the gators in Florida have figured out there is a plentiful source of food that isn’t very fast and is sometimes oblivious to the dangers of wildlife predators. Annemarie Campbell, Yovy Suarez Jimenez and Judy Cooper all met their death with their encounters with the giant alligators in Florida. Authorities warned Florida residents to not swim in water that has dense vegetation and asked them not to walk their pets from dusk until dawn when gators are known to be more active.

It’s Syphilis Again
Syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease long thought easily treated, is making a strong comeback in gay and bisexual men. Presently the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that cases of syphilis have increased in the gay and bisexual male population by over 68 percent. Even more alarming is that gay and bisexual men account for 64 percent of all new syphilis cases. The CDC is ramping up efforts to educate men about the spread of this disease.

On Blast
Emotional numbness. It can be diagnosed as a case of careful-what-you-ask-for-because-you-just-might-get-it. After several years of suffering some heart shattering relationships, we can sometimes become emotionally numb to prospective partners (boyfriends, girlfriends, etc.) and begin a whirlwind dating situation that is both exhausting and addictive. What can be done to remain focused on truly enjoying each individual we date without feeling the need to push “fast-forward” to the next subject? Is dating several individuals (openly and honestly) in any way depriving you from experiencing true love and happiness? Are we conforming to society’s need to box everyone into a monogamous relationship by settling down prematurely? Is human nature really designed for one-on-one contact as we progress into our more “mature” years?

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Morning Edition - 5/9/06

The Glamorizing Of AIDS
Last night I caught In The Life, one of LOGO Channel’s one-hour documentaries on the gay, bisexual and transgender lives of Americans and the AIDS epidemic. Issues from what the current administration is doing – or not doing – to obliterate the disease, to the challenges of being black and gay in America. The issue I found most interesting was when Harvey Fierstein – of Broadway’s hit, Hairspray fame – mentioned how we may have glamorized being HIV positive and living with AIDS by depicting beautiful, buff and happy-looking models on posters for AIDS drugs and the like. The truth is, I haven’t seen one AIDS drug poster that depicted someone who appears to be truly suffering with the disease. Although it’s a triumph to have new drugs that help prolong the lives of those battling this deadly disease, the truth is, the drugs cause severe damage to the liver, heart and kidneys of those taking these life-saving medications; climbing mountains and partying all-night long are rarely the lives led by folks who live with AIDS. So where do we go from here? Yes, it’s important that we don’t see HIV and AIDS as a death sentence, but it certainly isn’t a cake-walk. No, we can’t discriminate against folks with AIDS, but we can’t continue to glamorize a disease that’s killing so many. Keeping people alive and negative has to be the ultimate goal. So don’t believe the hype. We’ve come a long way, but AIDS will never be glamorous, cool or hot. It will always be deadly.

Immigration; Now What?
Regardless of what side of the immigration debate you’re on, it stands to reason that we all want what’s best for America. Most of us wouldn’t be here if not for some form of immigration. America is known worldwide as the land of milk-and-honey. So why are so many opposed to having immigrants come to America legally? Well, first there’s the concern (for me at least) of homeland security. If we don’t know and can’t account for millions of individuals who enter our borders illegally, how easy is it for America to suffer, yet another, September 11-type incident? Also, if we can’t provide a higher education for our American youth, how can we give away millions of dollars in grants to immigrants? Finally, can tax-paying Americans stand to support immigrants who can’t fend for themselves after reaching our shores? There has to be an overhaul to our immigration laws, but all involved on both sides of the debate must have the true issues drive their votes.

The Magic Number Is 21
Four months after starting the work-out regimen and healthier eating I’ve lost 21 pounds. Yesterday, I had my physical and everything appears to be working fine. Coincidentally, I just hurt my lower back while sneezing in front of my bathroom sink – don’t ask! The great part about this health trek is that I’ve become less anxious about my size and have concentrated on simply following a more consistent lifestyle. Yes, I miss a day at the gym here-and-there and had an incredible pizza burger Sunday night – this after our 2-for-1 foray at the urban watering hole, but all things in moderation isn’t so bad – right? ::::Hmmm…the church better be saying, “Amen!” ::::: For the record, I don’t weigh myself regularly and I let my clothes be my barometer for progress.

On Blast
Some things are better left unsaid. This is a hard rule to live by and it has taken me years – sometimes I think I’m still working on it – to realize that we don’t have to say everything that comes to mind. Words spoken in anger, haste or heat of the moment, can never be taken back. So while you may apologize for saying something you could’ve held back, chances are your cutting words will never be forgotten. Tell us of one occasion when you said something (true or not) and regretted the words ever left your mouth. What effect do you believe your outburst had on your relationship with the listener? Have you been hurt, surprised or bewildered by someone’s outburst?

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Morning Edition - 5/5/06

Oh the Woes of Being the Richest
Bill Gates, the mastermind behind Microsoft, is the richest man in the world. He has been at the top of the Forbes list since 1998, when his fortune was estimated at $90 billion. Today he is still at the top, though his current worth has taken a plunge to $50 billion. Realistically, the man couldn’t spend either amount. Besides, when you’re talking billions, it’s almost silly to quip between 90 and 50. Strangely, Gates says he doesn’t like the attention the wealth has fetched him. “I wish I wasn’t. There is nothing good that comes out of that,” Gates said.

The Number You Have Reached
Technology is changing at break-neck speeds and I’m just tripping over myself trying to keep up with devices that will make my life easier, while saving me money. After juggling two phone services for years, Verizon in the home and Cingular on my cell, it became apparent that I only really need one phone. So this weekend, I’m calling those fat-wallet cats at Verizon and giving them the send-off. My cell number will remain the same. Pity to the person receiving my old home number; they’ll be disturbed, entertained or institutionalized. My new cell/PDA is the Palm Treo 650. I’m taking bets on how long it takes Palm to make my new toy obsolete, but in the meantime, it’s time to take a picture of the guy who’s going to call me about the e-mail he just sent me that gives me the details on what he’s willing to do that night when I film him – all so I can share it with my friends on the internet, courtesy of my new Palm. Hope I don’t drop this thing.

Poppa Can You Hear Me?
At 19, Poppa Cruz married my mom and proved that a Puerto Rican man can be in a committed and monogamous relationship. He raised five children who were oblivious to the reality of dysfunctional marriages, poverty and irresponsible parenting. Dad wasn’t always perfect – and as the black sheep of the Cruz clan, I realize our relationship wasn’t exactly the picture of father-and-son bliss, but today I appreciate him for what he was able to offer me. Happy 63rd birthday daddy! I see you…. I hear you… and for the record, my therapist says in a few years, I may learn to put your love in perspective.

On Blast
For years I struggled with lessons my parents taught me, only to find myself thinking or sounding like them today. It’s not a bad thing really; it’s a realization that comes with maturity and life lessons. Our parents weren’t always wrong and, as many of us can attest today, we weren’t always right. What is the most important life lesson your parent(s) imparted you with that you live by today?

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Morning Edition - 5/3/06

Stuck In A Crappy Scene
An unidentified 20-year old man was found by an employee of Wal-Mart in Salisbury, Maryland, stuck to the toilet. Lt. Cheryl Rantz of the Salisbury Police Department says the man was taken to an area hospital. The man was found by the retail giant employee after he banged on the wall for several minutes. He is said to have become stuck after sitting on a toilet seat that was covered with glue.

Game Over
James Edwards Jr., 24 died after his friend Arthur Priestly, 29, argued with him about how to properly use his Playstation at a barbecue in Columbus, Georgia. Priestly pulled his shotgun and shot Edwards once in the chest. Priestly pleaded guilty to murder on Monday.

Church Seeks to Protect the Straight
Pope Benedict XVI asked for clarification on whether the church should allow condom use by married heterosexual individuals who have an HIV positive partner. Apparently if your partner followed current Catholic rules and became infected, either of you would be granted permission to now use condoms to protect the negative partner. Yo Benedict?! Brilliant idea. Here’s another idea: Everyone should be encouraged to use condoms and protect themselves and their partners from HIV infection – PERIOD.

On Blast
You had really incredible dreams for how your life would turn out and the amazing career and relationship choices that were in your future. Today, you realize your life has taken some odd and sometimes necessary turns. How is your reality different from your dream of how your life would turn out? Do you accept that maybe your present-day life serves a purpose or do you still seek to attain your dream of where your life should be? How different is your dream-life from your real-life?

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Morning Edition - 5/1/06

Next Stop Death Valley
David Audet, 49, a bus driver from Laurel, Maryland, passed out while driving his motor coach to pick up passengers on Saturday. His fatal ride ended with him hanging out the driver-side window before plowing into a bridge embankment. Audet was pronounced dead at the scene, but his bus continued for over half a mile down interstate 395 before roadway workers were able to jump on the bus and apply the brakes. A routine autopsy is scheduled to rule out any foul play.

LQ; Party Until the Wheels Fall Off
Friday night a group of co-workers and I hit Latin Quarters on 47th Street and Lexington Avenue for an after work party that left many dancing until their sweat glands were shriveled and their livers were working overtime processing tasty drinks. Admittedly I had an incredible time – thanks to Carmen C., Giselle F. and crew. The music was hot, the girls were hotter and for a moment there I thought I had slipped into an unconscious state of lesbianism…. go figure. Next month we will return to LQs for a do-over of a stress-relieving night.

Long Story Short
William C., my youngest brother, is hot from the Puerto Rican beaches and ready to take on the big Apple. The youngest boy of the “C” clan landed in NYC on Friday night and is taking on school and a new job in the big city. Marcia R., my soul wifey extraordinaire is celebrating her birthday this Thursday. The stunning beauty will be holding it down with her lovey and her son Jayson. Daddy C. turns the big 6-3 on Friday. The patriarch of the “C” family is retired and happily spending the day with mom. J’Moo lost an aunt at the end of last week and is in DC for the funeral. He will be staying in Chocolate City through today. What happens in Vegas… well, you know the line. Evelyn M. will be living the line down when she visits Vegas mid month. Evleyn C. landed a very lucrative HR generalist position that will give her a hefty salary along with free parking and full tuition reimbursement. You go girl!

On Blast
If you were invisible for one day and had the opportunity to be in any situation to quietly watch a scene unfold, where would you be? Since you can’t be seen, would you do anything to participate from your unseen position?

Keep passin’ the open windows…