Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Morning Edition - 5/24/06

Our Lady Of Shock Value
The relentlessly irreverent Madonna took the stage at Los Angeles’ Great Western Forum on Sunday and left concert-goers bewildered. Spending over $250 to watch the 47-year old Kabbalah queen attempt to shock and disturb you, just doesn’t really leave a good feeling in the pit of your stomach. Madonna, a pioneer music and video maven, is now more like a rebellious teen, trying hard with everything she does to make your jaw drop. This time, the in-your-face Madonna decided to turn the controversy stove up a notch as she strapped herself to a mirrored cross, had her male dancers mimic horses and abruptly closed the show with no encore; maybe she’s developed a little ESP and could sense that 20 years later, it’s going to take a little more than grabbing your crotch, disrespecting the entire Christian population while emasculating your dancers, to impress your fans. Now that she invests over three hours a day exercising and doing yoga to stretch out her body, she should begin thinking of ways to stretch her mind. Madonna is definitely suffering from creative atrophy.

From Undercover to Six Feet Under
Officer Seneca Darden, 25, rushed to help his colleagues who had put out a distress call after responding to a shooting at a private home in Norfolk, Virginia. Unfortunately, officer Darden was in plain clothes and when he jumped out of his car wearing jeans and a t-shirt while brandishing a gun, he was asked by officers on the scene to drop his weapon. The next chain of events had one of the uniformed officers gunning Darden down. Shot several times, Darden was rushed to the nearest hospital where he died. The unidentified uniformed officer is on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated. Darden was on an undercover burglary detail in a nearby neighborhood. He served for four years on the Norfolk Police Department.

Okay Black Folks, What Now?
Statistics show that 35% of Americans 24-34 have never married, for African Americans that figure is a whopping 54%. The divorce rates were a bit better; African Americans divorced just over 2% more than others. One study shows that the sexual revolution and the drive black women have shown to get a great education and kick start their careers have left them without a substantial pool of black men to choose from when they are ready to settle down. Moreover, black men are outnumbered by black women, giving them a large population of women to choose from. Then there’s the issue of interracial dating, the down low and imprisonment that has also had an affect on black-on-black relationships. Looking forward, the future is actually bright. Educated and poised, black women can help recapture the strength of the African American family. They have been the cornerstone of their families in the past and will again take their rightful place as matriarchs of generations to come.

On Blast
Is it me? Accepting responsibility for why things go right or wrong in our lives is important if we are to learn and grow. In relationships this is sometimes easier said than done. Yesterday’s discussion circled back to failed relationships and what, if any, responsibility we should take for the outcome of our partnerships. What actions (or lack thereof) did you take to make your prior relationships fail? Do you have any regrets about how your relationships ended? Is there a pattern that you can recognize that repeatedly marks the defeat of your relationships? Conversely, do you repeatedly find that your partners are to blame for your failed relationships?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Just Me said...

ALL relationships fail because of two people not, one. We all require different sustaining efforts from our partners. If we don't recieve what we need then we start to look else where, I.E. cheat to fill that void that is in our life. I've had no desire to marry and I've always wanted to wait until I was older and more mature. I think that with this new day, "access to people across the country" we need more time to live, love and learn and trust me, I'm loving the living part of this journey..

Tam and Cas, cheating doesn't always mean being in one relationship and stepping outside. You can disrepect another woman by sleeping with her man....

Remember, more than 80% of you woman raise us men. We more from you than you do our rarely seen fathers so, watch what you do, say and act around us.

Tammy said...

You are right Just Me, to sleep with another woman's man is disrespectful to her and to myself. I would not do that to another sista, plus I dont want her headache.

caspar608 said...

Just Me
No need to school grown responsible women on the rudiments of cheating. Furthermore, if a man cheats on his "woman" with another woman without telling the other woman that he is involved - that would essentially continue to keep the blame on the man who has no integrity. If you beg to differ, we can agree to disagree...just don't take it to the point of no return.
I don't bring strange men to the crib simply because I am NOT a hoe bitch and have no intention of setting that tone or example for my sons or my daughter. The one time I did bring someone home, he wound up being a loser who was looking for his mother anyway.
Men who lack integrity in committed relationships were most likely exposed to something at home that twisted their loyalty factor. I have this friend who was disowned by his family due to his sexuality...I am sure this is the reason for his failed relationships....he didn't want to feel that type of pain or rejection again.
The father of my children grew up impoverished IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA mind you. His mother had 10 children...the first four had the same father the last six ALL HAD DIFFERENT FATHERS. SHe would feed the kids chicken backs while the boyfriends got the steak and the hamburger ... she would trade in food stamps to get her hair did. She beat the boys unmercifully and made them sleep on mats on the floor and the girls were allowed to run wild. Matter of fact, one of the brothers had a sexual relationships with the sister for years since she was a child until she took her own life in December 2001. I know why babies daddy is an individual incapable of being true to himself let alone anyone else. But I am only going to take but so much. When I met him he was involved with some else...bbut I didn't find out about this person until AFTER my first child was born.
I stepped into the world of relationships with an open heart full of love. But the things I have experienced have shown me that some people will only change after they are dead and they have to answer to God.
As I have said on this blog so many times children are my first priority...they all have the same loyalty will never be called into question. Nor will they ever doubt how much I loved their father or how much I loved them. Sure it takes two...sometimes it does. But I can say that I tried with my whole heart and cheating was never an option for me when I had my children to consider.

caspar608 said...

On another note, Madonna should just retire to the English countryside and keep both of her traps shut.

Cocoa Rican said...

I have amazing parents that have been married over 40 years. They showed me nothing but loyalty, respect and love in relationships. Unfortunately, the school of hard knocks and foolish immaturity helped to send me down the wrong path of bad choices and poor decisions. That said, the key is in learning from those experiences and not repeating them. I was pained by some of the decisions I made and had some regrets about wronging others… that said, after apologizing from the heart I moved on. I cannot sit in judgement my entire life. I accept responsibility for my actions (good and bad) and put less and less blame on those I have been partnered with. Looking back, my recovery from being wronged by others would have been shorter had I been afforded the same. Oh well… hindsight is 20/20 right?

caspar608 said...

Maybe you aren't really gay and thats why you cheated on so many of your partners.
Just a suggestion.
; )

Just Me said...

I take another trash is one thing. Borrowing it to get the job done is another.

Cas, I'm proud that all your child'ren have the same daddy that speak all by itself. Maybe you could have learned quicker if you weren't so blinded by him.


Hind sight will always be 20/20 or better but, if you don't use it to better your life, what the hell good is it? Older couples stay together because that's what everyone did. Younger folks divorce because they don't have to deal with the shyt. Your Ma and Pa are Hispanic and very possessive of the other and will fight to the death even if there was no love...Because NO one else can have the other....

I'm sure that you can attest to that, your Rican too.....and I've been around us too long to not know.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cocoa is as gay as a boy 5'9" walking around with a mid-drift shirt and heels and handling a Prada purse.

caspar608 said...

I wouldn't say blinded. My eves were wide open and twenty twenty at all times. More like determined to show everyone that I was going to make something work that was doomed by deceit from its inception. I am to blame for my determination. I am to blame for my own unhappiness ... but I sometimes find myself cursing the day that birthed the bitch who didn't show her son that women are worthy of respect. That women aren't just a slit and compassion.
Bottom soul mates in this life are my children. While I was pookin per nub in all the wong pwaces, my babies loved me and I loved them.
Thanks for being proud of me, Just Me : /
I am like astounded that you are so perfect. Although, I am sure I always knew that in the back of my mind : )

Cocoa Rican said...

Although there is a very competitive cultural phenomenon that says Ricans will defend what's theirs to the death, I KNOW that my parents are together because of an undying and soul-connecting love. Sure, there are couples that stay together because of countless other reasons, but it's great to see a couple that is together because of a true soul connection. Just Me, there are folks in life that actually love each other and can put all aside to honor that love. My wish is that if I'm ever in love again I enjoy a fraction of what my parents have. It will be bliss.