Friday, May 05, 2006

Morning Edition - 5/5/06

Oh the Woes of Being the Richest
Bill Gates, the mastermind behind Microsoft, is the richest man in the world. He has been at the top of the Forbes list since 1998, when his fortune was estimated at $90 billion. Today he is still at the top, though his current worth has taken a plunge to $50 billion. Realistically, the man couldn’t spend either amount. Besides, when you’re talking billions, it’s almost silly to quip between 90 and 50. Strangely, Gates says he doesn’t like the attention the wealth has fetched him. “I wish I wasn’t. There is nothing good that comes out of that,” Gates said.

The Number You Have Reached
Technology is changing at break-neck speeds and I’m just tripping over myself trying to keep up with devices that will make my life easier, while saving me money. After juggling two phone services for years, Verizon in the home and Cingular on my cell, it became apparent that I only really need one phone. So this weekend, I’m calling those fat-wallet cats at Verizon and giving them the send-off. My cell number will remain the same. Pity to the person receiving my old home number; they’ll be disturbed, entertained or institutionalized. My new cell/PDA is the Palm Treo 650. I’m taking bets on how long it takes Palm to make my new toy obsolete, but in the meantime, it’s time to take a picture of the guy who’s going to call me about the e-mail he just sent me that gives me the details on what he’s willing to do that night when I film him – all so I can share it with my friends on the internet, courtesy of my new Palm. Hope I don’t drop this thing.

Poppa Can You Hear Me?
At 19, Poppa Cruz married my mom and proved that a Puerto Rican man can be in a committed and monogamous relationship. He raised five children who were oblivious to the reality of dysfunctional marriages, poverty and irresponsible parenting. Dad wasn’t always perfect – and as the black sheep of the Cruz clan, I realize our relationship wasn’t exactly the picture of father-and-son bliss, but today I appreciate him for what he was able to offer me. Happy 63rd birthday daddy! I see you…. I hear you… and for the record, my therapist says in a few years, I may learn to put your love in perspective.

On Blast
For years I struggled with lessons my parents taught me, only to find myself thinking or sounding like them today. It’s not a bad thing really; it’s a realization that comes with maturity and life lessons. Our parents weren’t always wrong and, as many of us can attest today, we weren’t always right. What is the most important life lesson your parent(s) imparted you with that you live by today?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Tamara said...

So, I take it that this is your new e-mail address?

Cocoa Rican said...

NO, NO, NO... just made the mistake of posting from my "booty-call" account

petite morceau said...

LOL, oh Cocoa, you never cease to crack me up, "booty-call account" LOL.

My parents, who are both deceased now and whom I miss every day in ways that I never anticipated, were the best parents anyone could ever have.

They taught me and my sister by example - they gave us unconditional and unselfish love and support.

My father taught me patience, kindness and humility. My mother taught me selflessness, loyalty, and how to be assertive. They balanced each other out so well which is one of the reasons they were together for over 50 years.

Anonymous said...

Be careful of what you do in the dark because, it will soon come to light. Amen, Amen, Amen...i.e. my son, Reynoldo, whom I am just 14.5 year his senior. Amen

Cocoa Rican said...

The Cruz parenting tag-team was one that I admire to this day. I think they agreed early on that they would play good cop-bad cop with us. Although my parents were firm believers and supporters of corporal punishment – after living with them, the Rodney King video seemed mild – I was taught to carry myself with class, respect and dignity. In addition, my parents were sure to impart a winning spirit and healthy self esteem in all their children. Today, I think highly of the loyalty they have for each other and the strength of both their characters. I always know that they love each other to death – and quite frankly, mom is working on it. I only wish I can find half the person my parents are and I’ll be guaranteed a lifetime partner.

caspar608 said...

J' had a baby @14.5!
Child of God ... God bless you and yours.
Hard work and determination. Thats what I learned from my Mother.
As dysfunctional as my upbringing was, my parents did a great job. All my shortcomings are my own. And I take pride in being a psychopath.

Tammy said...

Sounds like we were all Blessed in the parents department. Although I know that they were not perfect we come from a generation where their was proud in ourselves. We come from the generation of parents that wanted their children to do better than them. My parents were not afraid to show me love and discipline. Although they did not believe in corporal punishment...with the way my mother could use her words and make you feel like the size of an ant...often times i wish i could've taken the azzwhoppin and be done with it. My mother talked and punished. Whew, aint nothin like solitary confinement in the summer time. But she should an abundance of unconditional love. And she still does. I love so strong because of my parents...i am not afraid to love. It gives me confidence to conquer many things. And I pass it on to my sons.

Mrs. Don Cheadle said...

My mom always told me, "You don't have to say everything that's on your mind." I completely agree and I have lived by this. My dad has always been against credit cards. Well, uh, I have, but I see his point.