Monday, May 01, 2006

Morning Edition - 5/1/06

Next Stop Death Valley
David Audet, 49, a bus driver from Laurel, Maryland, passed out while driving his motor coach to pick up passengers on Saturday. His fatal ride ended with him hanging out the driver-side window before plowing into a bridge embankment. Audet was pronounced dead at the scene, but his bus continued for over half a mile down interstate 395 before roadway workers were able to jump on the bus and apply the brakes. A routine autopsy is scheduled to rule out any foul play.

LQ; Party Until the Wheels Fall Off
Friday night a group of co-workers and I hit Latin Quarters on 47th Street and Lexington Avenue for an after work party that left many dancing until their sweat glands were shriveled and their livers were working overtime processing tasty drinks. Admittedly I had an incredible time – thanks to Carmen C., Giselle F. and crew. The music was hot, the girls were hotter and for a moment there I thought I had slipped into an unconscious state of lesbianism…. go figure. Next month we will return to LQs for a do-over of a stress-relieving night.

Long Story Short
William C., my youngest brother, is hot from the Puerto Rican beaches and ready to take on the big Apple. The youngest boy of the “C” clan landed in NYC on Friday night and is taking on school and a new job in the big city. Marcia R., my soul wifey extraordinaire is celebrating her birthday this Thursday. The stunning beauty will be holding it down with her lovey and her son Jayson. Daddy C. turns the big 6-3 on Friday. The patriarch of the “C” family is retired and happily spending the day with mom. J’Moo lost an aunt at the end of last week and is in DC for the funeral. He will be staying in Chocolate City through today. What happens in Vegas… well, you know the line. Evelyn M. will be living the line down when she visits Vegas mid month. Evleyn C. landed a very lucrative HR generalist position that will give her a hefty salary along with free parking and full tuition reimbursement. You go girl!

On Blast
If you were invisible for one day and had the opportunity to be in any situation to quietly watch a scene unfold, where would you be? Since you can’t be seen, would you do anything to participate from your unseen position?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Winnie said...

Great Question!!! Now you know that you have to give me more than 1 day as an invisible woman. First of all, I would probably spend it doing a lot of stuff that I wouldn't do if I was visible like walk around naked all day. Then I would start my day by going to Frankie's day care and sitting in to see what he does when I'm not around all while watching his triflin ass teacher or I might ride to work with Henry and he not know that I'm there and follow him around for a bit. Then I would grab the butt of every fine man that I see, among other things :), terrorize people who get on my nerves...wait a minute, I have to think some more...I could get a lot done that I've been wanting to do.

Just Me said...

I would start my day hanging with my kids and their friends to really see what happens when an adult is not around.
watch normal people have sex. I get tired of watching people while they know that their on TV.
Third watch a couple of Lesbians do their thang...and hope to be able to do my thing and tap that azz and they not even know that they just had a man. lmao
then hang around my enemies to see just how much they hate me. Finally, Be a fly on CocoaRican's wall then report back to his sister about the shyt that's going on under that roof.

Cocoa Rican said...

Tricky, tricky, tricky… I mean, there are things I’d really like an opportunity to see first-hand, but wonder whether they’d do my heart more harm than good. It’s the concept of knowing that your imagination is simply that – your imagination. I mean, truth be told there are the sexual fantasies, but I wonder whether I’d be more inclined to want the questions of loyalty answered and would opt to watch my pals from my invisible perch.

Just Me, if you got a load of what went on at my crib your balls would crawl back into your body and you would probably be found curled in a fetal position stewing in a pool of your own urine. Boy, don’t make me break you down this morning. :)

petite morceau said...

Just me, shame on you! You'd actually rape a woman? Oh and if you did tap any woman's azz and she didn't know it (invisible or not), then I'd have to guess that your "manhood" isn't impressive at all... lol :-P

Anyway, if I were invisible for a day, I'd like to be in the White House following Mr. Bush and others in order to find out the real deal with the mess that this administration has thrown us into.

Tammy said...

Damn, Just left yourself wide open for petite morceau. Maybe you should think before you talk. LOL!!!!

caspar608 said...

I would sit in at school to see what REALLY goes on with some of these butthole teachers.

Then I would swing over to my eldest childs middle school and see if he is caving to any pressure from his peers.

I may just drop by an exes house and do things to make him think that his house is possessed by the devil (just because he is one of those hypocritical holy roller the types)...I think that would be hilarious....could my video camera be invisible too?

Thats about it. I am boring.

Tammy said...

I have no idea what i would do if I was invisible. Probably run through the streets bukit nakit!! My sons are to old for me to peek in on them...probably scare the hell out of me!!