Thursday, April 27, 2006

Morning Edition - 4/27/06

Illegal Ride; Saddle-Up!
Chief of police Kevin Ambeau of St. Gabriel, Louisiana, went on WAFB News Channel 9, to ask viewers to attempt to identify a man captured on hidden video screwing a horse. Owners of a barn in St. Gabriel became suspicious when they found sex paraphernalia in one of their horse stalls. They installed two video cameras and were shocked to watch the tapes and find a thin, light-skinned man, wearing flip-flops, creeping into the barn in the middle of the night to have intercourse with their horse. They turned the video over to police who now say that when the man is captured he may serve up to five years in prison and be fined up to $2,000.

I Don’t
Gay marriage is an enormous issue and whether you agree that all consenting adults should have the right to marry the one they love, or you feel the sacrament of marriage would be defiled by same-sex couples taking the plunge, new statistics may actually put the discussion in perspective for many. A new study shows that the percentage of gay couples choosing to tie-the-knot in countries that legalized gay marriage, was negligible. Less than 10% of gay couples in Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada actually took the plunge. Even Massachusetts, which legalized gay marriage in 2004, had less than 20% of the gay population opting to be anchored down. So, it would seem that for all the fury of the religious right to ban gay marriage, the issue may be moot. Maybe now we can concentrate on issues that affect a larger segment of the population – how about straight-couples divorce rates?

Gay Man Walking
Less than one week after asking you to sponsor me for this year’s NY AIDS Walk, I have reached my goal. Initially, I set my goal at $500, but your response was overwhelming and I raised my goal to $700. Today, I’ve surpassed my goal and have raised $725. Even more uplifting, there are still several sponsors who will be contributing to the campaign in the coming days. I am floored by your support and can’t say enough about how much your contribution means to thousands of victims living with AIDS. On May 21, I will be high-stepping it with each of you pulling me forward by my heart strings. Thank you!

On Blast
If you want control buy the album…. Relationships can sometimes take odd turns and we may find ourselves changing facets of our personality to conform or compromise to make them work. Comic Chris Rock once said that when we meet someone, we’re not meeting them, we’re meeting their representative. Do you find that you conceal aspects of your personality when you go on your first few dates with folks? Why is it important to not allow your prospective boyfriends or girlfriends know the “real” you? What about you do you struggle to change with each new partnership to change the outcome of your relationship? Has it worked?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Tammy said...

Ok, i've heard (and seen) horses screwing and mules screwing women...but how in da hell can a man climb up on a horses big ka-dunka-dunk and mount it? he himself must be hung like a horse! And since the owners never heard any late night complaints from the horse the mare was obviously enjoying herself. LOL!!! Oh the sickness of the world.

caspar608 said...

a mule having relations with a woman? where did you see this and did you seek therapy for the trauma afterwards....
please do let us know

you made my stomach hurt real bad today tammy baby...real bad

donya said...

Oh caspar ABA use to get the nastiest videos. Remember the one with foot!!!!!!

donya said...

Or what about Fred, Wilma and the Pachyderm!!!!!

Tammy said...

I sorry if I hurt your stomach caspar baby...but it was the truth. Someone sent it to me as a link. Men and women on a farm with a white horse and the horse was having his way with the women, while the men played with the horses balls. Then I saw two girls frolicking in a field with a goat and giving him head. (wait a minute while i be sick)...ok I'm back. In Mexico there are certain bars you can go to to see women get done by mules. And no caspar i didn't seek therapy aftawards...but i didnt consider myself that much of a freak anymore either. I thought bending ova and grabbing my ankles during the act was da bomb! Come to find out...I'm an amateur...(Thank God)!

Tammy said...

oh hi donya baby. tee..hee...i didnt know you were on here until afta i posted. uh..ignore the part about your big sissie bending ova...that was uh actually something i saw. how are the kids?

Anonymous said...

I think that it is the most natural thing for anyone and everyone to do, putting your best foot forward in a first impression. Truly it is an interview of the most intense kind; there are no labor laws or political correct restrains.
Rules: elbow off the table, feet flat on the floor, (ladies, knees together and gentlemen, feet slightly apart to show confidence), and never clean you plate, NEVER.
But, at the same time it is fun, the most wonderful and joyful interview of two people who have invested time in their ignition attraction, rather physical or chemical, to learn one another.
Now on the other hand, if you are just looking for a “quickie” or “Booty-Call” bubby, (ah ha you know what I’m talking bout) and many of us have and some of us still are, here wha ya’ do; lean in over the table with both elbows firmly grounded, legs crossed, (Women: thigh high with a split reveling a little glory.
Fellows: ankle to knee and let them hang as you please), and then clean the plate and ask for second.

Why is it important to not allow your prospective boyfriends or girlfriends know the “real” you?
Just because sweetie, just because… no seriously, because I have been taught to protect myself always and in every situation be aware of the player(s) and characters involved. It’s not a phobia but it’s definitely a survival technique proven successful over the years, I still here. So, when someone applies to major in J’Moo, (because you can not minor in J’Moo), just like at any accredited university you most start with J’Moo 101, hence the lack of bachelors and doctorates issued in the subject.
What about you do you struggle to change with each new partnership to change the outcome of your relationship?
My level of patients, my understanding on different cultures/ traditions and my awareness that everyone does not show Love in the same way or fashion that I do.
Has it worked?
Oh Yeah Ba-be! I got a man, a real good man, who Loves me intensely; as intense as our first interview, I mean date, smile.


Toy said...

Oh hell no J'Moo! It's about to be some sh&t! You supposed to be my Boo! There's always a slot, oops, I mean spot, open for you in Forestville:-)

Luv u,


Anonymous said...

Yo Toy,

You know this Boi will always Love his Toi; there isn't anything Boys rather play with more than their Toys...especial the wind-up ones, smile.


Cocoa Rican said...

Uh, first things first, Toy/J’Moo, you’re making my stomach hurt – BAD!

Although it is reasonably safe to assume you’re not seeing someone in their entirety during your first formal meetings, it is only a matter of a short while before most folks begin to let loose and let their “guts” hang out. What I’ve learned is that if I feel overly tense in our first interactions, chances are we’re not going to work in the long run. My best relationships have been with folks that set me at ease and make me WANT to expose more of myself…. Shut up J’Moo and Just Me. Of late, the characteristic I’m looking to overcome is my ability to disengage. I don’t feel fully invested in any one person and refuse to be emotionally affected by the folks I meet. Consequently, I find it all too easy to drop a prospective partner if things don’t feel right. Hey, I’m working on it!
I’m a very affectionate person and sometimes that may come across as “emotionally available,” but don’t be fooled I’m not even feeling that.

Anonymous said...

I will be in D.c. this weekend for a sda event, my Auntie passed away and her home going service is on monday morning. I will be dealing directly with my family, instant stress and may need to get away. Hollah at a brother on sunday eve...


Chocolate Rican, please feel free to give out my cell number to the peeps, you all know who you are...

caspar608 said...

I cannot wait to buy your book.
So classy, so puttin on the Ritz.
I love you baby.

Anonymous said...

Hey Caspar608,
Whazzup? How are your two princes and princess doing? How are you? I will make sure that you get one of the first copies; so that you and my mom. Two down 999,999 copies to go.

caspar608 said...

2 out of three are sick right now. 1 is being a ballbreaker. Other than that, everything is cool.

Mine better be autographed!!!!!