Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Morning Edition - 4/4/06

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Truth can be liberating. It diffuses commentary by folks that want to use information against you and it empowers you to come clean and maintain control in, sometimes, difficult situations. What complicated, embarrassing or uncomfortable information have you revealed about yourself or your situation that has made you feel better about your life? What were the positives and negatives about the information being common knowledge? Do you have any regrets about being honest?

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petite morceau said...

I think telling the truth should and can be liberating, too. I don't like to hide things from people I love because I feel that if they love me then they should love all of me.

However, one big lesson I learned with my ex-husband is that you cannot always be completely honest about everything in your past with your husband/boyfriend/significant other, etc.. Or perhaps you should be and that way you can find out from the outset what kind of person they are (judgemental and hypocritical or non-judgemental and able to love you unconditionally).

My advice to those who ask questions and then don't like the answers: "If you don't want to know the real thruth or you don't know if you can handle the truth, then don't ask the frigging question!!"

Cocoa Rican said...

After leading a pretty care-free existence and doing a great job at leading a duplicitous life, I recognized the damage I was doing to some of the folks that cared about me the most. Ultimately, I wasn’t really fooling anyone, but myself. In matters of infidelity and holding on to the “what they don’t know won’t hurt them” mentality I was losing credibility in the eyes of others and diminishing my confidence when interacting with them. When I finally came clean and admitted – first to myself, that loving someone means you don’t do anything overt or covert that might hurt them; second, letting them know that I was wrong, that I am sorry and am making every effort to avoid the same pitfalls again; finally, that they can count on me to be completely forthright with any/all future information in our friendship. Taking these steps lifted a heavy burden from my conscience, helped me love myself again and released the demons that held me captive for quite a few years. Today, I speak openly with my exes (well, the ones I still call friends) and I give them my most honest assessment of myself. My interactions are all on the up-and-up and I try to shy away from any behavior I wouldn’t readily feel comfortable speaking of with others. Life Rule: If you can’t speak of it while holding your head up, you shouldn’t be doing it.

BTW Petit… I do have one ex who attempted to use my honesty against me. In his case, the loss and embarrassment was his. I told him that berating me for the truth was not an option and that if he wished to speak to me he needed to come to me with respect. Today, he calls less often, but when he does, he comes correct.

caspar608 said...

honesty is such a lonely word...everyone is so untrue.

I have no problem letting people know that I am a nutcase.

Anonymous said...

here, here, I second that

Tammy said...

yeah me to caspar...i aint the easiest bytch to be with...and they learn that fast. besides i'm to old and seasoned to even play games.