Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Morning Edition - 4/12/06

DC, Here I Come
The time has come for my road trip to DC. I’ll be leaving NYC on Thursday morning and expect to be in DC (God willing) by the afternoon. Friday, all who RSVP’d should meet at the Daily Grill for our 1:15 p.m. lunch. I’m really excited to see all of you and hope to catch up on everything that everyone has been up to. Angie are you coming? Latisha contacted me to say she’ll also be in DC this coming weekend, so we should really try to get together at some point. I’ll be visiting my sis Taqua – hopefully on Saturday. Girl, crank up the grill – something light though, I’ve been sabotaging my diet and exercise because of my cold the last few days. I’ll be staying in Georgetown, so getting around town should be pretty easy. My cell #: 917-434-5743.

Selfless Show of Kindness
Evelyn M. has always intrigued me with the way she handles situations. She is classy-hood with that rugged-girly-girl appeal that I have always admired in a woman. All said, she always seems to know what to say and do to make everyone who associates with her feel special and understood. In the past four months I’ve grown very close to Evelyn and am glad that I have such a determined and focused work-out partner. I also recognize that she has become a fast and true-friend who has captured my heart. Without sharing any of our stories and discussions, Evelyn stepped out and did something so selfless and caring yesterday that I was completely taken aback, pleasantly surprised and sincerely touched. At a time when it’s difficult to find folks who will simply do enough to maintain a relationship, Evelyn goes above and beyond to build a life-long bond built on the true meaning of love – expecting nothing, always there and with no agenda. It may not seem like a big deal to you Evelyn, but in the big-picture scheme of things, you’ve proved yourself to be a cut above the rest. Thank you for being a positive part of a new phase in my life where actions speak so much louder than words. You’ve inspired me to let down my defenses and care in return. I love you.

Long Story Short
Carmen C. lost her oldest sister last Friday. She expects to bury her Monday, April 17. Our prayers are with you Carmen. Evelyn C. began her one-year intensive course load at NYCs Mercy College. She will complete her Bachelor degree by June 2007. I’m proud of you sis. Dava and Didi B. have joined our blogger family. The beautiful twins have been reading from the sidelines, but we want to take a moment to welcome them to our blogger family and encourage them to throw in their two cents to our discussions. My stunning nephew Daylen (yes gosh darn it…. I said stunning) turns one year old on April 26. You go boy with your two-teeth self!

On Blast
With the immigration laws in the process of changing we’re trying to find adequate provisions that folks on both sides of the debate can find acceptable. What is your view on our immigration laws? Should illegal immigrants be allowed to enter our country and stay simply because the US provides a better way of life? What do you believe would be acceptable guidelines for establishing citizenship in the US? Do you believe the present laws are sufficient to maintain order with regard to immigration? What is your view of the Haitian / Cuban double standard for US asylum?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Just Me said...

It is not about you Senor 'Pepe Le Pew' Cruz. If we don't have the number, we probably don't want it.
We need rules and guidelines for entry into the every country. I don't believe that we have enough security on tracking those people that we permit enter this country. I also believe we should have exceptions to those rules that are not ultimately defined by color on origin.
If this country was truly diverse we would have many more ethnic groups representing all levels of decisions making. Excuse me but, Whites are NOT the only race with education. This is still a white-washed arena and those people with the power are still afraid of people of color or those that don't think along the same lines as they do.

Thought for today...
Allow yourself to receive and give love. Living in seclusion doesn't nurture our togetherness. If I wax that ass it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you, it means I do.

Cocoa Rican said...

Well, well, well… if it isn’t ugliness and jealousy rearing its triflin’ head again… come on Just Me, you know by now that it really is about me. If you didn’t know, now you know. I’m the head rooster of this hen house, so don’t get your feathers plucked first thing this morning.

Most Americans derive from some sort of immigration from a foreign country – willing or unwillingly, so it’s hypocritical to sit in judgment of folks trying to find a better life for themselves in America. The good US of A is known as the land of opportunity worldwide and we can’t blame immigrants for risking life-and-limb to get into our country. That said, there has to be some form of equal and across-the-board regulation to control how many folks flood our country each year, since we unfortunately, end up supporting many of them through our public assistance programs – via your taxes. Also, I’m slightly disturbed at the ease that some immigrants have at obtaining services and college grants, etc., while our impoverished American youth finds no recourse to continue their education and also attain the American dream. In the case of Haitians and Cubans entering the US, it’s a case of disparate and completely unfair treatment. As some may already know, Cubans who make landfall in the US are granted asylum and allowed to stay in the US, while Haitians are shipped back even when they’ve run aground. Either we allow Cubans and Haitians the same rights and rules for entering the US or we’re being blatantly racist. I’m not oblivious to the communist situation in Cuba, but we have to recognize the almost certain fatality of impoverished Haitians.

Anonymous said...

If they are "illegal" I agree with the house' bill, it's a felony. The US guidelines for citizenship that is in place seems to be no problem for those who have gone through it, so why can't the illegals do the same?

This issue is bigger than those who want to better their lives be it Mexicans, Haitian...In my opinion, it's the government's fault. They knew this was happening for years but because their coporate buddies that provided $$$ for their campaigns want to hire the illegal immigrants at a lower rate, they turned their heads. So, now law makers'college aged children can't get a decent paying part time summer job because of the illegal immigrants, the parent's knees are hitting the desk and something must be done. That is bullshyet.

I believe the majority now understands that they may no longer be the majority in say 5 to 10 years and they are trying to move fast to maintain their status. Let's just say they gather all of the illegal immigrants and ship them back in two years. Two months after that, they will be right back. So, these bills needs to rest for a minute. The right here and right now should be about securing the border from FL to CA.


caspar608 said...

Call me what you want, but I watched those two building fall up close and personal on September 11, 2001. Unless I know everything about you and know that you are going to work as hard as the rest of us and do everything by the book and pay taxes and register for selective service so you can go and fight for America then I am going to have to turn your tired hungry and poor back....because this country needs to start taking care of the legal citizens BEFORE we start taking in anyone else.

Look around you folks. We are a mess right now. We are in no position to leave our door open when we aren't taking care of our "own" people. And yes, illegals are exploited by being paid poverty wages BUT anything here is better than where most of the illegals come from. I am keeping it REAL.

No ... WHITES are not the only race with an education, but it seems to me that predominantly WHITE schools have the most effective curriculum, better facilities and the better graduation rates. Just Me, if you would like to challenge me on this please provide me with all the documentation I need to consider before I go to war with various school boards and politicians. Yes, there are educated latinos, african americans and various other ethnic groups....but the majority is uneducated not by the choice of the child or the community...more so because of a conspiracy of the powers that be.

And personally, I could care less if anyone on this blog has a degree or not. My concern is the children who are currently in the public school systems in urban areas TODAY. Bill Gates shares my concern.

Close the borders DOWN until we get our shyt together.

petite morceau said...

As my son pointed out to me recently "...but aren't most Americans immigrants or descendants of immigrants?"

My answer was "Yes, I, myself, am an immigrant BUT a LEGAL one."

My family and I came to America in 1969 from Cuba. We waited many years in Cuba after putting in a petition to leave the country. The screening process took many years and we were required, if possible, to have a relative already living in the U.S. to ensure that we would not be a financial burden to the U.S. if we were allowed entry.

For ten years, we lived in constant fear of violence/death. My father had been part of the previous political regime and his life was in peril always. He was imprisoned for quite a while and the mental torture he endured was something that haunted him severely to his dying day (i.e., in jail his friends were executed by firing squad daily and my father could see them being taken away and then shots being fired and they'd never return. He lived every single moment in that jail wondering when/if his turn would come next). Fortunately, my father had some good friends that had some pull with the Communist Party and he survived. But even after his release he was forced to go to "camp" for 3 or 4 months at a time to work the farms for free, of course. So yes, those seeking political/religious asylum should receive special consideration.

There are very good reasons why all immigrants should go through the rigorous screening process (diseases, criminal records, and to ensure that they can and will be able to support themselves if allowed entry. We have enough people in this country already living on welfare, and we DO NOT NEED ANY MORE).

Yes, I know most of these illegal immigrants are dirt poor in their countries and are seeking a better way of life but the bottom line is why should that be America's problem to solve? These people are not being persecuted by their government because they're poor. Their OWN government should be forced to help them.

After all the help America offers the entire world we are constantly being criticized/vilified and told to mind our own business, butt out. However, when they need money, food, etc., what country is the first to be called upon?

I say, let's take care of our own, now and stop trying to mother the world.

Sorry, I can see this turning ugly lol.

caspar608 said...

I am next to you Petite,
and God Bless you and your family for all of your struggles.

We need to build a generation of intelligent, considerate citizens now so that maybe, someday, they will solve the worlds problems. In the meantime, other countries should take care of their own problems.

For example...I lived in a building that was populated by many Bengali (Bangladesh) families who came here seeking political asylum in fear of Saddam AFTER Desert Storm. These families had many names in single units and most of the wives lied about where their husbands were so that they could received MORE welfare benefits for themselves. Tehy got MEDICAL, FOOD STAMPS, and CASH BENEFITS every month. Meanwhile their HUSBANDS who actually lived with them but had different intricate Arabic names were working at various establishments making modest wages but HEY when you are on the dole and your rent is being paid courtesy of the US and you have no medical expenses to pay out of pocket for and you don't pay for food that type of lifestyle is 1,000,000 times better than the hellhole you ran from in Bangladesh. Guess what...the majority of the families that lived in my building are now HOMEOWNERS in the Bronx. WHAT THE FUCK??!!!!! I cannot even afford to own a home in the Bronx, yet these MF's came her cheated the system and now THEY are really living the AMerican Dream while I have to live in a Co-Op that is supervised by the State and I cannot even have a f(&cking dog? I have lived here all my life, paid taxes, never cheated the system and people come here under "asylum" from other countries dirt poor and become HOMEOWNERS before me? Its bullshit. The money we spend on helping everyone else could be used on our own POOR, our own CHILDREN. ANd for the sake of Jesus, CHEATING should never be an option "asylum" or not.

WHat about slavery reparations...I guess the liberals forget about that huh?

As Public Enemy said... SHUT EM DOWN.

Marissa "MJ" said...

Hector, Donya and Tammy....please email me