Monday, August 31, 2009

Unsolicited Rude Honesty

It has probably happened to everyone – or maybe that’s what I tell myself to lessen the blow – but at one time or another in our lives we encounter someone that whether by ignorance or pure cruelty has the unmitigated gall to share some pearls of rude honesty. Today was my day.

More than a year after my work team moved from one location to another and now to a third location, I returned to my original stomping grounds to have lunch with BD. After raking more than eight ounces of beef tenderloin to my plate, I shoveled a few hearty tablespoons of mac and cheese and sealed the deal with a generous serving of corn; picked up some tasty Diet Dr. Pepper and I was all set. Once at the register, I recognized one of the cashiers who I hadn’t seen since my initial move. I waved and heard her yell back at me, “Where have you been?” I waited until I got slightly closer and smiled before responding, “Oh, I’m at the new building across the street.” The words hadn’t quite left my mouth before I heard the nails-upon-the-chalkboard-next-statement that bellowed from her, “You’ve gotten so fat!” Caught off guard I looked around nervously, two-shades darker than a bottle of Heinz Ketchup and attempted to give her – or maybe myself – an out, “I guess I’m just happy.” She frowned and shot back, “Well then don’t be so happy then. You were so attractive when you were fit. You need to lose that weight.” To add insult to injury she shook her head and tapped the cashiers nearest her to look as I walked away.

BD wasn’t privy to the incident and quite honestly, he does such a great job at loving me for me, that I may have ignored the bigger pant purchases or the cutting underwear and needed to hear the truth from an impartial party, but I wonder if I needed to hear it like this.

So as I sat down with BD and some friends, I told them what just happened and did what I do best…made a big joke of it. No one laughs more at themselves and is more critical of their own physique than me. As I walked back to my office I was gripped by the realization that this ignorant bitch’s unsolicited and rude honesty was just what my fat ass needed to get serious about getting back in shape.

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What was one of your most unsolicited, yet motivating, instances of rude honesty?

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