Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Morning Edition - 4/26/06

Robin Doesn’t Care for Bird
Robin Williams, funny man and at the strangest times, serious actor, told the Irish Examiner that he is not gay. The declaration followed rumors that Williams had been with men in the past. Even during his drug-induced party stage, Williams says he never considered having sex with men – and this is when bisexuality was the rage, Williams said.

Momma Can You Hear Me
There are countless stories of heroic parents who race in front of 18-wheelers to save their tots from the massive truck barreling their way or are willing to jump in the path of a bullet to prevent harm to come to their baby. Yesterday, six-year old Da-Onah Watts awoke to strangers dragging her from her burning home. Unfortunately, after Watts was in the clear, the panicked child rushed back into the burning home to rescue her mom. Myiaa Smith, 29, Watts mom, had already jumped to safety from her second floor bedroom window. Da-Onah was found dead under a bed. The towns-folk of Steelton, Pennsylvania are in a state of shock over the loss of Watts who they say was well-known and loved by the community.

Night and Day; Daylen turns 1
It was one year ago today that Daylen Evan F. came into our family and brightened our lives with the most arresting smile and heated “tude.” My flawless nephew was God’s gift to celebrate my return to NYC and he was everything I could’ve wanted. He’s smart, beautiful and reminds me of what’s really important in life. Anytime I’m feeling down, upset, confused or stressed I just need to spend five minutes with Daylen to realize that nothing – yes folks, nothing – is really that serious. His innocence renews my spirit and his curiosity makes my heart warm. Happy birthday Day-Day!

On Blast
Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Birds of a feather flock together. Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres = tell me who you hang with and I’ll tell you who you are. There are countless phrases created to validate our need to define or box folks into categories based on who they associate with. Do you believe that who you associate with directly identifies or defines who you are? What are the pitfalls of interacting with individuals who don’t share your interest? What are the benefits of staying connected to people in different socio-economic groups?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


caspar608 said...

You've been slacking off lately. Its Wednesday. You better work.

Just Me said...

I don't believe that we are necessary like those that we associate with. It takes all kinds of personalities to co-mingle and create a whole. If you only associated with arrogant, ungle, selfish Hispanics what would that say about you? I associate with all different types of individuals but I remain unique in my own view, ways and thoughts.

Cocoa Rican said...

You know what, Just Me?!? Don’t make me go there this morning… I caught the shade….
Which takes me directly into my On Blast response… I love that I’ve always interacted with folks from very different backgrounds. Straight and gay. Hood and professional. Black and white – yeah, even Latinos, every now and again. I particularly enjoy hangin’ with the underdog…you know, the person everyone tends to look down on and criticize. These have been my most interesting acquaintances. Recently, my interaction with a crack-head has-been porn star rendered a picture of someone broken and mangled that found joy and redemption by not being judged and being treated as an equal. Sure, I wouldn’t trust him around my valuables, but he’s a hoot to have a beer with. I’m no phased by how I’m perceived by having friends and acquaintances that are different and I think it expands my view of the world and how I see myself. I’m not one to care what folks think of me because of the company I keep, but I do realize that professionally who you are perceived to be cavorting with directly affects how you are viewed and subsequently your growth in many organizations. …oh well, when you’re a pee-on anyway, it doesn’t matter who you take your lunch breaks with, “do it?” Happy Admin Professionals Day to those hard working admins…. Remember, you should keep telling yourself that you are the one doing all the work and the one in “the know.”

Toy said...

I don't think those that I associate with identify my personality because I associate with different types of people. However, in the past, I've had problems with being myself around each of my associates. I have recently learned to do so (that's another story).

The benefits of "keeping it real" and staying connected to my roots are plentiful. I am by no means above anyone because I am a paycheck-to-paychecker and for right now am ok with that because I know that better things will come. I benefit from keeping it real by not losing sight of my goal(s). If I chilled with people of a higher economic status than me I fear that I'd lose sense of what I should be doing to excel. I may try to keep up with the Joneses or something. Well, you catch my drift right?!

caspar608 said...

ALl of my peeps are off just a little bit, its barely noticeable. Take this blog for instance...I consider all of you my peeps...and every last one of you is a little touched so to speak (i.e. crazy). If I am thrown in the nuthouse because my peeps are all different levels of crazy then so be it. Highs and lows enhance the human experience, no?
I try to be considerate of all unless they have just worn down my consideration and taken complete advantage of me and mistaken my kindness for if one of my friends is a complete crackhead and I feed him dinner everynight but he robs me blind while I am not looking, does that mean I am a crackhead and a thief for associating with him?
Everyone is an individual, but I believe we are drawn to others because we see a little something of ourselves in them.
I was drawn to Cocoa because he could identify with me through the Jan Brady middle child syndrome AND he loved to roller skate and act silly and LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH - sometimes at the expense of others.

I don't understand the Robin Williams "Bird" comment....please clarify

caspar608 said...

I am protesting Secretary's Day by working from home today.

petite morceau said...

I have friends and acquaintances of many different backgrounds, religions, sexual-orientation, etc..

I don't think that who you casually associate with is indicative of who you are, necessarily.

However, since our lives are directly affected by the choices/actions we make, any/all influences (bad/good) that others have on you will be part of the result.

That's why I generally avoid people who are excessively negative about everything, whiners, and especially people who are inclined to be liars.

Another cliche I like: "If you lay down with dogs, you'll wake up with fleas" LOL

Tammy said...

He's talking about the movie 'The Bird Cage' where Robin Williams played a gay man.