Thursday, July 28, 2005

Morning Edition - 7/28/05

Join the Army
The ongoing commercial for the US Army usually ends with a soldier saying, “We do more before 9 a.m. than most people do all day.” This morning, while riding the train into the office after a day of stomach cramps and smoldering heat, a woman got on the train and stood by me at the door where she commenced speaking to her girlfriend (at volume 10) about NOTHING. I immediately plugged my iPod into my ears and continued reading my book, but apparently my efforts to ignore her were futile, since she had the nerve to tap me on the shoulder, coquettishly motioning that I remove my earplugs, before asking if she was wrong about thinking that men can be selfish sometimes. I looked from her friend back to her before choosing my words very carefully. “Has anyone ever told you that you should join the Army?” I asked in an obviously annoyed tone. “Oh, you think I’m militant, huh?” she responded. Her friend giggled, but stepped back apparently ready for the zinger that would be delivered. “No, you don’t appear militant. Ignorant maybe, but not militant… but the reason I thought you’d work out in the Army is because you do more f’ing talking before 9 a.m. than most folks do all f’ing day.” With this I jammed my earplugs back in my ears and looked straight ahead. I could see her friend do the “Oh snap” covering of the mouth and she pushed past four or five individuals to get further away from me. Moral of the story: Ladies, no one wants to hear you RUN your mouth about ANYTHING first thing in the morning. The less you run your mouth about, the more folks will pay attention when you finally speak.

Let’s Take A Look At Your Belly
Astronaut Eileen Collins manually steered the Discovery space shuttle onto its back to expose the belly of the shuttle to the International Space Station who would then photograph the belly and check the aircraft for damage. Discovery saw a similar incident as the Columbia space shuttle when a piece of foam dislodged during take-off. The foam apparently missed the aircraft, but double-checking was important to the mission. This is the first time in over 2 ½ years that the International Space Station receives much needed supplies. Discovery brings 15 tons of supplies and a replacement gyroscope. Gyroscopes help steer the space station.

Eat Me
Michael Link, 63, lived with his brother Adam Link, 66, in their Victorian home across from a school in Yonkers, NY. On Sunday, Adam called 9-1-1 to report that his brother was having trouble breathing. When paramedics arrived they were confronted with overgrown bushes and shrubs and a home that had no electricity. All these conditions could not prepare them for Michael Link’s condition. Paramedics say Michael was lying on cardboard boxes in his own feces with maggots eating at his exposed flesh. Although he was rushed to a nearby hospital, Michael died. Firefighters returned to the house wearing hazardous-materials gear to check-out the premises. Adam is undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

On Blast
An ex-partner, who you’ve always held a torch for, contacts you out of the blue and engages you in conversation. Without disrespecting you and in a roundabout way, he/she manages to ask you out to eat and shoot-the-breeze. In your heart of hearts you are aware that you are likely to engage in casual (and unfortunately, consensual) sex with this person. Do you still meet the ex and let bygones be bygones or do you decline the invitation and avoid contact with the ex? (Please refrain from addressing this issue from the standpoint of presently being in a relationship and cheating to engage the ex)

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

For me I would like to decline the invitation however, I'll be honest and can't promise that I will.

Perhaps for me more it depends on the ex my ex-husband no way others I don't know.


Jeanine said...

I agree with Krissy. I would decline the invitation. If you think it's going to go somewhere you don't want it to go, have the conversation over the phone and have the ex say their piece that way.

Jeanine said...

Question for On Blast:

Is it just me or are the rules of parenting and nurturing changing these days? In the past 2 weeks, we've seen 2 cases in the DC area where mothers have either killed their child or, left them in harm's way (on the beltway). I just don't understand how so many of these women are having children and turning around to treat them like's sickening to me.

For more info, see:


Winnie said...

Jeanine, I totally agree!!! What in the world is going on!! People honestly believe that they can do this sort of stuff and nothing will happen. I don't care how asleep Frankie is or how much I don't feel like lugging him out to walk in a store for 5 minutes, I would never leave him in a car alone, let alone in 90 degree heat. I think that there needs to be psychiatric evaluations prior to having kids especially for those of us who think that being grown is cocking our legs open for ever Tom, Dick and Hakeem, getting knocked up and expecting the gov't and taxpayers to pay for your little "mistake" that you keep making over and over again, knowing full well that you were not ready to be a parent. I'm so glad that I was 29 and mentally ready to be a parent when I became one.

But I digress...guess I should have waited until Jeanine's question was OnBlast! Oops!

caspar608 said...

Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.
Someone needs to sterilize these women. The gates of heaven always open for children, especially when they are killed at the hands of their own parents.
This stuff happends all of the time in NYC. But nationwide, it only seems to be big news when it involves white children.
Our children, in "minority" communities are our GREATEST resource. If you see something amiss and a child looks like they may be in danger at home we MUST get involved. Too many lives are being taken from this world because everyone wants to mind their own business.
If I had seen that baby on the side of the road I would have pulled over, given him a hug and told the authorities that I wanted him. Yes, my kids drive me crazy and yes I do discipline them...but I would rather they be a little spoiled (because I grew up without a lot of material things - but I knew my mother would run through hell with gasoline drawers for me) and know they are loved, than not know they are loved and become a statistic. Please folks! Get involved, keep your ears and eyes open.

caspar608 said...

Even though it should not be a black and white issue, our children should be valued as much as any child. That includes those who are kidnapped and go missing in the Carribean. I've seen it from both sides. I've always had ethnic friends and thought I had a bond with them, but when I gave birth to my babies I knew and I could feel the different ways they were treated in hospitals and schools - and I was ready to burn buildings down because of it. So please, all of us need to do what we must to protect our most precious resources - our children. I'm geting off the soapbox now.
Peace to all.

caspar608 said...

Bryan said you remind him of an Egyptian hyroglyphic. Pretty fancy stuff huh?

caspar608 said...

As for the blast question -
don't don't do it do it baby baby.

Cocoa Rican said...

I guess we're not going to address the Morning Edition On Blast question.

In regards to the kid issue... Is it possible that as it is in the wild some children are marked for extinction (prey)? Devil's Advocate question... I mean, we're not running and yanking gazelle babies out of lioness mouths, we simply accept it as the law of the wild. Can it be that it's a case of predestined population control? Just asking. I mean, so many folks mentioned that AIDS may have been a means of nature selecting a group for eradication or extinction.

::::: Frantically searching for my pills in my bag.... Deciding I'd rather run for lunch before the responses hit ::::::

Jeanine said...

Caspar you are so right. The media could care less about our children. Hell they could care less about our adults. Black/Latino women are abducted everyday and you think anyone cares? It's so sad...

Sorry Cocoa about the digression I was just livid!

But I did answer the question first so don't shoot me aight :-p

donya said...

Well hey guys sorry I missed you on the 16th. For the first question run for the hills!!!!! For jeanine this may take a minute:

The first thing that we have to realize is that it is babies having babies. There mothers did not teach them responsiblity for if they did they would not be pregnant.

Second, we all know that you learn by example therefore there parents must have treated them the same way. Plus some people say "well they know right from wrong" these incidents are evidence that they don't. To me anyone who hurts a child should be hurt the same way. I have four beautiful children and I will KILL!!!! anyone who tries to harm them in anyway.

MzBlackIce said...

On Blast: The few exs who had the balls to call (I'm big believer in closer), my question as what do I owe this call (pleasantly asked, of course.) I'll engage in conversation, but that's the extent of our interaction. When it's over, it's over.

Cocoa Rican said...

Although I'm a firm believer in "When it's over, it's over" there is always that ONE that you have to be weary of... you know, the one that will have you regretting shyt for some time to come...kickin' your own azz for making the same mistake - yet again! I guess that answers that question... learn from your mistakes, resist temptation and stay away from the ones you find it impossible to say NO to.

Anonymous said...

Hey Casper,
How is Bryan tooth doing? He was worried about the damage and cost. He’s so cool now that he's a pre-teen. And yes, I do have those Egyptian hieroglyphic features.
Thanks Bryan. I wish that I could read and chat more, but my plate is full. Two funerals, a Revival and my baby is sick so, there goes the baby.
Peace J'Moo

Cocoa Rican said...

Baby?! What baby?!
LOL... that just reminded me of that movie Two Week Notice when Hugh Grant says "Congratulations" to the heavy-set Black lady and she asks, "Congratulations for what?" and he says "The baby..." Sandra Bullock's then kicks him under the table, but by now the black lady keeps repeating... "WHAT BABY!"