Thursday, July 28, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 7/28/05

The Sun Will Come Out
Monsoon rains have killed over 500 people in India in what forecasters are touting as one of the worst rainstorms the country has seen. Bombay, the financial capital has been shut down for two days following massive landslides and in the small town of Juigaon, an estimated 100 folks were buried under an avalanche. Yesterday the Maharashtra government, the town in India suffering the greatest hit so far, called for a holiday today and asked everyone to stay home.

Wish You Were Muslim
Over 131 people are dead in China from what reports are calling the Swine Flu. Although the condition has never been known to cross lines between pigs and humans, scientists now believe the disease could mutate and unleash an epidemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) said it is watching developments closely. America does not import livestock from China. Chinese officials say that feel they can control the pig-borne bacterial disease. Sidebar: Cancel my order of pork fried rice and pernil please.

I Robot
Life imitates are or is that the other way around? Today, Japanese scientist unveiled Repliee Q1, a life-like silicone skinned female android that appears to breathe, sit and flutter her eyelids like a human. Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University says one day robots will fool us into believing they are human. The Repliee Q1 is said to be able to follow the movement of a human wearing motion sensors or act independently. It can even respond to people touching it.

On Blast
This afternoon’s On Blast is a two-parter...
The first part comes from Jeanine – most of you have started responding to it already that is: Is it just me or are the rules of parenting and nurturing changing these days? In the past 2 weeks, we've seen 2 cases in the DC area where mothers have either killed their child or, left them in harm's way. The second part deals with involvement and was submitted by Maddy: I know someone who has been involved in an "unhealthy" "mentally, verbally & physically abusive relationship" for 10 years. Should one get involved or just sit back and listen? Wrap-Up: What’s the story with parents lately and second is it worth getting involved?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Jeanine said...

Maddy's question is a tough one. One the one hand you want to help your friend however, you have to wonder, if she's still there after 10 years, clearly there's something going on in her head that you're not privy to.

That being said, perhaps she thinks the abuse is normal or warranted. I would tried to help her get some counseling b/c she may have some self esteem/self love issues.

Also, realize that love is a complex feeling/state of being and she might really want to stay with this person in spite of his faults be they lethal or not.

OK I just straight assumed the abuser was a he and the abusee she...please forgive my misogynous assumption.

Anonymous said...

Yes the abuser is a he! It's my older sister! I've been there for her for over 10 yrs of the abuse! I'm very tired of giving my advice and she does nothing but IGNORE it! I was told that my role is just to listen - not judge just listen! It's very hard for me NOT to judge her because he makes me FURIOUS! There have been episodes where I had to get into with him because he was being disrespectful to her in front of her family! It's a frustrating position to be in :( I am at the point that I want to cut off all communication with my sister unless she leaves him! I know its wrong but its just too much.

Cocoa Rican said...

Maddy... I agree and disagree - in other words, I'm as confused as you are. I have a similar situation with someone I care about. I thought that I should do the same - that is, cut them off and save myself the headache. Strangely, I've come to the conclusion that the abuser may like that arrangement. You see, although we don't think that our abused friend/family member hears us, they really do. What we say does stay with them and hopefully one day they'll come to their senses....ultimately though, I like the abuser to know that I'm still here... WAITING... WATCHING AND READY TO POUNCE ON THEIR ABUSIVE AZZ IF THEY GET TOO CRAZY.

::::: Where's my asthma pump... LAWD HAVE MERCY! ::::::

caspar608 said...

If anyone was abusing any of my siblings I would have to do in the abuser. God forgive me.
I watched my mother take abuse for years. then I took a little of my own. Right now, I am a ticking time bomb for anyone who dares to hurt any of my loved ones...including yours truly.
I go to war with the enemy. No tit for tat. I go to WAR.