Friday, July 29, 2005

Morning Edition - 7/29/05

MJ Disaster; Album Won’t Sell
Michael Jackson’s new release, The Essential Michael Jackson, sold 8,000 copies in its first week of release. To give you an idea of how bad this is, Carly Simon’s new CD, Moonlight, sold 58,000 copies in the same week. Jackson may have been acquitted of abusing Gavin Arvizo earlier this summer, but it appears the public hasn’t forgiven Jackson for the charges. Jackson’s Thriller sold over 40 million copies worldwide.

Tit As Ticket
The Leopold Museum in Vienna, Austria has a new exhibit called The Naked Truth. To bring life to the exhibit, museum founder Elisabeth Leopold announced that people who visited in a bathing suit or naked would be allowed into the exhibit for free. Present temperatures in Vienna have been over 90 degrees, so having, yet another reason, to strip down suited some folks fine.

Pissed & Burned
Kathleen Williams just wanted to sit down and take a quick leak before returning to her meal at a Denny’s in St. Louis, but her lawyer says that the moment Williams sat down to urinate she felt a burning sensation that, to this day, has her wearing burn victim panties and taking pain medication for the nerve damage. Williams alleges the cleaning fluids used to disinfect the toilet permanently burned and damaged her rear. Sidebar: I thought you ladies said you hover?

On Blast
Ignorant bliss or painful honesty? If given the choice to live in ignorant bliss – that is, you never will be made privy to the indiscretions of your partner and never suffer any humiliation, embarrassment or betrayal from them OR have someone be painfully honest with you – telling you any/all indiscretions, shared fantasies that may not include you, faux-pas that would never make their way back to you. Which would you choose? Would you live in ignorant bliss or painful honesty? Why?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


caspar608 said...

neither. I've had it with all the bull. I'm joining the nunnery!

Anonymous said...

I would choose "Painfully Honest" - there's nothing worse than someone hiding something from u or better yet - you appear like a fool to others!! I believe in open communication and 1000% honesty!! Hey - the truth hurts but its better than looking like "FOOL" :)

Anonymous said...

To me I belive it tends to depend on the agenda of the individual and on what outcome you want to get out of doing either.


Cocoa Rican said...

Keep it real
Keep it honest
There's nothing more degrading and humiliating than being (probably the only) ignorant party in your circle.
Just tell me it all
Let me filter it
Let me make my own choices
Let me keep my self respect
Let me save face
Take those things away from me and your cut-off - PERMANENTLY
Self-inflicted ignorance - that is your are aware of what's being done, but choose to ignore it (a cabrone in Spanish) is simply ridiculous.
Do you ever really fool yourself?

Jeanine said...

I'll take painfully honest everytime. Tell me the truth, in love, and I can't be mad at that. Save the BS for someone else!

Anonymous said...

I agree with my Kissy-Girl, agendas play a major role in the synopsis. Want you going to gain out of the helpful and sometimes, timely need to enlighten me. And most of all, I keeps it real with myself first and foremost. Leave other people business alone…to each his own.

Tammy said...

Concerning Michael Jackson...if you don't advertise a product then you cant sell it. I have never heard any song from Michael's CD played on the radio. No promotion what so ever! Michael's public is still here...its his promoters that have deserted him!!