Thursday, November 10, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 11/10/05

Noah’s Arc – Recap
The acting at NA is slowly, but surely, improving and last night’s episode held some pretty funny moments. Chance as a thug was a joke in-and-of-itself, while Alex’s insistence on playing Mother Teresa at his place of employment had him opting for a clinic start-up of his own. Noah and Wade’s relationship is progressing in leaps and bounds – Wade even threw Noah a surprise birthday party. Being there for someone can help you win-over someone’s heart and Eddie proved to Chance that he could be counted-on to be there when even his closest friends left him in the middle of ghetto-central to fend for himself. Noah took on a job with Paramount pictures, but his position as editor for a script can pit him against the love of his life as he attempts to revamp a script written by Wade.

The Ski Trip
Friday, March 3 through Sunday, March 5, Evelyn M. is hosting a ski trip at the Eisenhower All-Star Resort in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The cost per person ranges from $285. per person if you don’t mind bunking four to a room, to $320. per person to do the one-on-one deal. The fee includes, transportation, breakfast and dinner during your stay, Friday through Sunday parties and, go figure – skiing! The first installment of $100 per person is due Thursday, December 1 and the balance should be paid by mid February. For more information or to sign-up please let me know via e-mail and I will forward this to Evelyn M.

Long Story Short
Jeanine A., of ABA in DC fame, is breaking ranks with the association and joining another firm. Her offer comes on the heels of her fifth year with the bankers
. Please call Jeanine or ABA directly for exact farewell party info. Carlos C. is recovering well since his release from the hospital over a week ago. He still has a nurse at home who changes his dressing daily. T and I will be spending the weekend together – even babysitting on Saturday night. Last night’s foray into watching Noah’s Arc while curled up on the couch together led to a late night and an even later morning. By the way T, popcorn while watching TV is great, but for the record, popcorn butter burns. Ewww...

On Blast
Name a physical characteristic of your partner/spouse you prefer DID NOT pass-on to your children.

Keep passin’ the open windows…


petite morceau said...

Fortunately, my ex-hubby is very handsome and tall so my son inherited only good things physically.

I can't really think of any physical traits I didn't like about the ex...