Thursday, November 03, 2005

Morning Edition - 11/3/05

Noah’s Arc – Recap of last night
Last night Noah’s Arc found Wade and Noah treading new waters as Wade decided to introduce the very flamboyant Noah to his straight football buddies. Before actually heading out to the bar for the boys-night-out, Wade stops by and makes some adjustments to Noah’s outfit – all in the name of making him look hot, of course – yeah, right! When Noah gets wind of Wade’s attitude around his testosterone pals, he’s furious and confronts Wade – in homeboy corn rolls and “hoody” top to get his point across. Probably the funniest and most shocking part of the show last night was the solidarity Ricky, Chance and Noah showed Alex when they took-on dressing in drag for a mini amateur night. Alex began having cold feet just before going on the stage and the guys (rehearsed and all) joined him for a hot number. For the record, Alex and Ricky really were doing it in drag – Noah honey, keep your beautiful football head out of women’s make-up. Eddie is attempting to convince Chance of how sorry he was for cheating. Last night his efforts were fruitless. If you missed the show last night you have another chance at watching it this Saturday at 11 p.m. on the Logo Channel.

Latina Interrupted
Excuse me nenas, but you’re never that slick… okay, I just had to put that out there for my muchachitas. Evangelina Gonzalez of Texas was recently hit with the same reality when she chose not to pay the tolls in her Dallas area community, said the North Texas Tollway Authority. Cameras caught Gonzalez running the toll plaza close to 3,000 times since February 2004. With fines and fees amounting to over $76,039, Gonzalez was arrested at her home last month. She will be put on trial and asked to pay the fines. The state has cameras showing Gonzalez breezing through without paying.

Stickin’ It ToYour Ex
After Gail O’Toole broke it off with boyfriend Ken Slaby she decided it was time to take matters into her own hands. She invited Slaby to her home for dinner and since he wanted to rekindle the relationship he obliged. After dinner, O’Toole waited for Slaby to fall asleep before she glued his penis to his stomach, his nuts to his leg and his butt cheeks together. She then went on to empty a bottle of nail polish into his hair. Slaby who was in shock when he awoke to such a “sticky” situation, was even more humiliated when he was forced by O’Toole out into the street – nude and glued, where he walked close to a mile to a pay phone to call authorities. O’Toole has been convicted of simple assault and sentenced to six months for her creative work. She will also stand trial in a civil case brought on by Slaby, who is seeking $30,000 in damages.

Loving You, Loving Me
With over 7 hours of consistent and exuberant telephone conversation and topics that would make Joan Rivers blush and fall-out, “Jim” and I are moving at a lightning pace that feels right as rain. “Jim” and I are scheduled to hang-out Friday night and throughout the weekend in what we both anticipate will be a cosmic experience. I’m announcing my man-of-honor (ala maid of honor) next week – just kidding. Truth is, Jim and I are basking in each other’s adulation right now. Stay tuned.

On Blast
Last night Noah’s Arc explored the issue of changing who you are to help get along with your partner’s friends. Name one instance when you’ve changed who you are for the purpose of making a better impression and what the outcome was.

Keep passin’ the open windows…



Coco, I have never had to change who I am for any of my boyfriends friends. It's not in my nature to conform to peoples ways. I am who I am and I am quite satisfy with showing that to the world. If you don't like it you don't have to stand in my presences. I have never had to deal with the BS.

petite morceau said...

While I've never tried to "change" who I am to impress someone else, I did, for a short time, put up with my ex-husband who was very controlling. He wanted to have a say in what I wore, who I talked to, who I did and did not hang out with, etc.

Needless to say that I was in my mid-20's and foolishly thought he would eventually change. HA! I know so much better now.

Yes, in relationships you have to make compromises every now and then but your personality and autonomy should never be compromised for anyone else.

Jeanine said...

Let me first say that I loved last night's episode. It ran the gamut of emotions and I think it was extremely well written.

ON Blast:

Yes, I've changed for an ex's friends. In my younger, rebellious years, I dated a bad boy from my neighborhood off and on since I was about 14. Wayne was a thug who enjoyed living on the other side of the law. We always flirted and officially got together during my junior year of college. I did his bid with him and when he came home, he wanted to introduce me to all of his boys. He asked me not to appear so intelligent since they would think I was upitty or bourgeoisie so I purposefully dumbed myself down. I never really spoke much when around then and I was asked to just agree with their ridiculous ponderings.

I was so into this fool that I did it in front of his friends and then it started to carry over into our relationship. He wanted me to "not act so smart" and that went on for a minute until I finally realized he was trying to change who I was. We later broke up b/c he said I made him feel inadequate through basic conversation.

The things you do when you're young dumb and in love.

caspar608 said...

I notice freaking said "presences". Is there a Sybill among us?