Thursday, April 28, 2005

Morning Edition - 4/28/05

Like A Raft Over Trouble Waters
Last year over 110 Dominican citizens met their doom attempting to cross the Mona Passage into Puerto Rico. The U.S. Coast Guard says that the number is just an estimate, since many boats or bodies are never reported or found. This year, over 30 Dominicans have met their demise in the same strait. Now, famous Dominicans from singers to baseball players are asking their countrymen not to take the ill-fated voyage across these perilous waters. The Dominican Republic is one of two, very poor, countries on the island of Hispaniola – the other is Haiti. Many Dominicans risk their lives every year to find a better life in Puerto Rico – some attempting to come into the U.S. from Puerto Rico, since Puerto Ricans are born U.S. citizens and do not require documentation.

…And Then There Were Five
American Idol voters have not been following a predictable elimination pattern. The first real upset – for me – was Anwar Robinson last week, but last night’s axing of Constantine Maroulis had the audience in an uproar and Paul Abdul balling inappropriately. Sure, Idol viewers and even the judges tend to develop favorites and attachments to the same, but boo-hooing in front of millions of folks about double-chinned, fake-sex-appeal Maroulis seemed a bit over-the-top. Most, expected that either Scott Savol or Anthony Federov would leave the show last night, so the announcement that Maroulis received the lowest number of votes was slightly shocking. The 29-year old had been initially pegged as a hard-line rocker – one of two – with Bo Bice rounding out the pair. In recent weeks though, America found they like Maroulis’ pop side more than his rock side and his chances at hanging on increased. Tuesday, Maroulis decided to return to his rock roots. It’s apparent America only intends to support one rocker – Bo Bice. Vonzelle, Carrie, Bo, Scott and Anthony return to the stage on Tuesday for another round of American Idol.

New Houston Library Regs Stink
The City Council of Houston passed new library regulations that specifically prohibit sleeping on tables, eating, using the restrooms for bathing and body odor that would be offensive to others. Mayor Bill White says the new regulations are in response to public complaints that city libraries were being abused by the homeless. Any chance we can explore moving some of those regs to our offices?

$280 Million Is No Game
Jayceon Taylor (aka The Game) has been sued to the tune of $280 million by Kwasi Jones. Jones was filming an interview with The Game and DCs WKYS radio personality Zxulu when the radio Zxulu made a comment about The Game’s manager, Jimmie Henchman. Zxulu and Jones both “caught a beat down” from The Game and his entourage before being apprehended and charged with assault by the Prince George’s Police Department. The Game is set to appear in court to face the charges on June 20. Zxulu and WKYS have not yet pressed charges.

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