Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Morning Edition - 4/20/05

I Say Okay. What Does Mayor Williams Say?

DCs attorney general, Robert J. Spagnoletti, put the heat on Mayor Anthony Williams when he announced that gay couples married in Massachusetts may file joint tax returns in DC this year. He said it would be up to the Office of Tax and Revenue to accept or deny their filings.

Although DC has already said that it will not issue marriage licenses to gay couples, it has not addressed the issue of recognizing marriages performed elsewhere. Under federal law gay couples (married or otherwise) cannot file jointly – The 1996 Defense of Marriage Act.

DC has one of the largest gay populations in the country, but faces opposition to any gay-friendly legislation by the Republican Congress.

Get Me My Platforms, I’m Watching Idol

Last night, American Idol had the final seven contestants perform songs they probably never heard first-hand, since the theme was Seventies Dance Music. Highlights included the explosive Donna Summer hit “MacArthur Park,” conquered by the talented Carrie Underwood. Vonzelle Solomon belted out a throaty, but fun, “I’m Every Woman,” while my soul mate, Anwar Robinson, performed an animated rendition of Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September”. Even the true resident rocker took his turn at belting out a 70s tune with “Vehicle”. Tonight’s cast-off show is sure to hold some surprises, but a safe bet is that Scott Savol, Anthony Federov and Anwar Robinson will find themselves sweating under the lights as our bottom three. My prediction is that Savol will be taking down a Super Size Wendy’s frosty at a drive-up window before the sun rises Thursday morning. In any case my crystal balls tell me this: Savol will be gone tonight, Federov gone next week, and Constantine right after, with Anwar to follow. This will leave Bo Bice, Vonzelle Solomon and Carrie Underwood as our final three. Chances are Underwood will take Season 4. ::::Note to Anwar – I will comfort you -– WELL!::::

Closer Couldn’t Be Further From Story-Book Endings

After watching “Closer” with Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman this weekend, I’ve come to the realization that now-and-again Hollywood will deliver a movie that does not have the predictable story-book ending. Closer tells the story of two couples who suffer enormous emotional breakdowns brought on by infidelity. Will their relationships survive? The storyline is believable, more for its outcome than for our journey to it. Time lapses in the film are initially hard to follow, but you’ll be given clues to months – or even years – that have passed between scenes. Watch it with your significant other. If nothing else they’ll get the idea that being truthful is ultimately the best idea.

Keep passin’ the open windows…

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