Monday, May 02, 2005

Morning Edition - 5/2/05

Church Council Stands in Judgment of Trans Couple
Renee and Mayetta Usher have been married for 40 years, but Renee Usher was Michael Usher over 10 years ago and the gender change has prompted a church council at a Lutheran Iowa church to ask the couple to stop attending services. The Ushers received a letter from Rev. Allan Simms offering to give them communion at home. The Ushers are presently seeking another church to attend, since they were both raised to worship in a church setting.
Sidebar: Which is it Christians? Do we want “sinners” to be exposed to the Word or are we concerned that their “sin” will contaminate the rest of the congregation?

Paula Abdul May Be Next To Leave Idol
ABCs Prime Time Live look behind American Idol will air on Wednesday night. Fox and Paula Abdul's attorney, Marty Singer, have already threatened to sue ABC if it proceeds with allegations of an inappropriate relationship between Abdul and a 22-year old contestant that she is alleged to have coached. Now, ABC alleges they have video and audio tape to back their story – evidence they feel would save them any loss or embarrassment during future lawsuits. Stay tuned…

Family – When Enough, Is Enough
It seems that the more you give, the more is expected of you. This is true even with family – or should I say, especially with family? The issue of adding pressure until something (or someone) snaps came to a head this weekend, when my family – who live just two floors above me, decided it would be a good idea to have their ONLY bathroom tiled while eight guests visited them for the weekend. Here’s the kicker; the thought was that having your bathroom retiled, constitutes an emergency, and therefore requires complete tolerance by the imposed party. NOTE TO FOLKS: Pipes bursting constitute an emergency. Having your bathroom retiled when you have a house full of folks just makes you an inconsiderate idiot. Needless to say, yours truly was again viewed as the unreasonable, grouchy, selfish, tyrant who doesn’t care to lend a hand when needed. After wrestling with trying to make family understand otherwise, I’m comfortable with accepting the oversimplified perceptions.

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J'Moo said...

Now you know that families always have one thing in mind, what they think is your best interest. Leaving you with two options; to be a sheep or to be...well okay let's just say,"less than a family member", I'm trying to keep this entry clean. All of your life they tell you to be your own person and not to follow after everyone else…
But when you have finally developed your mind set, “Why can’t you be more like everybody else”.
Well, when someone needs to boop!, politically terminology, they gotta’ go.
So, share your bowl because you never know when you may have to share someone plate.
(Just'Mine Own Opinion)

Cocoa Rican said...

Figures you would say someting like that... :)