Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Morning Edition - 5/24/05

Emotions - Exodus
Call me a big baby, but I cried after leaving my parent’s this morning. I knew that when I returned from the office they would be gone. Gone would be my nights on the couch, my three-hours of interrupted water-running sleep, my 6 a.m. coffee conversations with mom, laughing about some weird dream that didn’t mean anything, but we would certainly interpret just for laughs before I left for work. As I hugged mom and dad this morning, I felt like a child going off to my first day of school. I know I may have drugged them, yelled at them – well in dad’s case, it’s the only way we can have a conversation – and complained of my mom draining my bank account, but it won’t be the same without them. In any event, the next few days will be filled with catching up on rest and decompressing from two weeks of intense attention and very little “me” time. It was so well worth it. …between you and me, I’m really going to miss them. In the eternal words of my little brother William, “My heart hurts so bad.”

Breathe Bitch a.k.a. Already Exhaling Gathering
The Freaking Rican will be joining yours truly and several other guests for our first-ever Breathe Bitch Gathering. The Breathe Bitch Gathering follows in the same vein as the Waiting To Exhale parties held years ago and provide a forum to get together and share funny stories among “girlfriends.” For clarification sake, I’m not one of the “girlfriends” so don’t break crazy and call me “girl” by mistake. Call me the moderator, the guy pal, the designated male ear – but call me. The date is set for Friday, June 3, 2005, 6:00 p.m., at Café Centosette, 160 2nd Avenue. The Freaking Rican is keeping tabs on the guest list, so hit her up via the “Comments” reply section. This is a female / gay male function only. Boneheads strictly prohibited.

The Return of The King
Armando, king of the Latino political down-low movement, is visiting NYC this week. I had the benefit of meeting the extremely handsome and well-spoken “Mando” this Sunday and was floored by our instant connection. Great minds think alike – or you’re a big sick freak – in either case here’s to you sir! I’m scheduled to have drinks and shake the bon-bon with Mando tonight at Mi Gente in the Bronx.

Today's Afternoon Edition will put Donya On Blast, so stay tuned and feel free to give me your take in answer to the On Blast question she posed yesterday.

Keep passin’ the open windows…



Coco, "Breathe Bitch" is an excellent name for our gathering. Where in the world do you get the funny sh&t that comes out your mouth. I am so looking forward to our "Bitch" session. Can't wait to have our girl talks with you just too see what else comes out of that mouth of yours.

Cocoa Rican said...

It just occurs to me that while folks are busy "exhaling" they sometimes forget they need to take in some air too.... hence, the "Breathe Bitch" concept was born! It was better than the "Where's My Albuterol" Gathering. :)

Lady Long Legs said...


In all honesty, you can not blame the brothers you have to blame the women. The men in this area love to exploit women because they can. I know three women who are dating married men. One of them is paying the man’s cell phone bill and car note even though she has had to get 3 abortions and she had to get treated for numerous diseases. I can not believe the stories that I hear about what women will do for these men. What happened to letting the man court you? Better yet, are you are real man if you are depending on your woman? Or are the women so desperate that they will settle for anything?

Donya, Shey, LaLa & all of the DC ladies. I think we need to take a trip to NY after the summer and sit in on a "Breathe Bitch" gathering. I'm serious so please let me know. I can rent a car and get us a room.

Lady Long Legs said...

Here's my blast question:

To piggy back off of Donya. Love, Lust & Lies (the Michael Baisden talk show) topic of discussion is "The Other Woman".

Today more than ever, women are willing to share a man even if he's involved in a serious relationship or married. The reasons for excuses range from a shortage of good men to women claiming to truly be in love.

My question: Are you willing to be the other woman or the other man? If so, why?

LaLa said...

I don't mind buying a man a meal or a drink but only AFTER he has treated me (sexually or monetarily)...as long as I was treated. All I need is to spend my hard earned money on some knuckle head and never see him again.

LLL...they NY thing sounds good. Me and a girlfriend could meet yal in MD and we could ride up together. I would love to see my Papi again!

Winnie said...

#1 - I'm down for a Breathe Bitch weekend!!! Just let me know.

#2 - I wish a "man" would ask me when am I going to take him out to eat. Be selective is all that I have to say! I have no time for a trifling man.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would ask me to treat them to something. "If I had the notion to jump into the ocean..." Why would I need someone to suggest when and how I choose to give of my heart. Man,women, cat nor dog shouldn't be asking anyone for anything;other than Santa for a gift. If you want to be charmimg and treat someone out on the town, do it. But never let some dry pocketed dead beat spend your money.

nydia said...

Hey you!
regarding being a big baby, i just got back from spending 2 weeks with my parents in our enchanted island, and the whole Luis Munoz Marin airport must have thought I was about to have a nervous breakdown! I even cried in the plane for 2.5 out of the 3 hours the flight lasted:( , even cried over Ocean 12!!! I began missing them the minute they left me at the security check!!!! I feel you man! My heart hurts just as much:(
I might just benefit from your breath bitch gathering... te mando un beso

Cocoa Rican said...

NYDIA! Ay bendito! Mamita, I miss you! Latino parents tend to be so "tight" with their kids that they make us feel like babies until the day they die. I love my mom and dad and though we've had our rough patches, I tend to feel that age has brought us closer and closer together. Last night I cried at a note my mom left on my kitchen counter saying she loved me and had a good time in those two weeks.