Thursday, May 05, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 5/5/05

Happy Birthday Daddy! I didn't forget... I was just scheduling my appointment with my therapist. She wants me to bring you in while you're visiting next week. Apparently, she doesn't believe you exist.

Is It Really About the Bikes For Black Bikers?
The 25th Annual Black Bike Fest takes place May 27-29, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Recent years have been plagued by controversy stemming from ill treatment by local vendors, to “freak-fest-esque” gatherings by participants. “It’s really not about riding bikes okay… it’s about the bitches,” said Jason Morris, a New York participant. Most riders are mainly from the Northeast. “We tell our wives we’re goin’ down to be with the fellas and we show our ass,” said Morris. “Show our ass indeed,” said Benjamin Bison, who claims his last marriage ended amidst photographs his wife found of him in very compromising and revealing positions while at a Bike Fest a few years ago. Over 400,000 bikers, ages 21-45, and their admirers flood South Carolina for the Memorial Weekend event.

DC Pride Celebrates 15 Years
This year DCs Black Pride Weekend celebrates its 15th anniversary. It is touted as the “longest running, most inclusive Black Pride in the United States. As a former attendee of this event, I’ll second them on the “most inclusive” tip. This year, in addition to the slew of “surprise” guests being mentioned on promotional flyers, one guest has been named to appear. Karamo, the athletic, svelte, booty-luscious (yes, I meant luscious), reality TV hunk who was part of MTVs Real World cast will be at the Edge Nightclub on Friday, May 27. For full details of this weekend event, beginning Thursday, May 26 and wrapping-up on Monday, May 30, visit

Touchstone TV Digs Diggs
Taye Diggs, who now stars on UPNs Kevin Hill, has signed a one year production and development deal with Touchstone Television. Under this agreement Diggs will bring show ideas to the studio and serve as executive producer on projects the studio picks-up. Diggs’ film career has a diverse scope ranging from musical numbers like Chicago to afro centric favorites like Brown Sugar and The Best Man. He is presently working on a film version of famous Broadway play, Rent.

Put Up or Shut Up
Tomorrow is your final day to tell us your preference for our summer ME Crew Gathering. Please be sure to go to the 4/26 Special Edition (Reunion Prep) posting shown on the list to the right of this posting and insert your response on the bottom under Comments. Available dates are July 16 and July 23.

Keep passin’ the open windows…


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