Monday, May 16, 2005

Morning Edition - 5/16/05

If I’m speaking in long-story-short terms, my weekend in DC was a blast! A special thank-you to Cedric P. for lending his pad to yours-truly. Your generosity and respect throughout the weekend will forever be remembered. To my soul wifey, Marcia R. – you know words can never say how great it was to see you. It was wonderful meeting your new sidekick Mat – aka Boy Wonder. Mat honey, you’re a catch… if I wasn’t so much older – and lactose intolerant – I’d shred you myself…. Give those DC children hell! Well, Taqua and Walter W., you are truly my sis and bro-in-law. Thinking of my Saturday evening with you guys had me tearing-up my whole drive back into the Apple. I love you – always. Veronica, Kim, Tamara and Melissa, lunch wasn’t enough. I miss you ladies! Sean D., I’m so happy that you’re doing so well. I’m reading the books! Call me. To all my ABAers…I’m so glad to reconnect with each of you. Liz, Roberta, Ros, Ros – yeah, there are two – Koy, and Mr. Mario… it was super seeing all of you! Shey & Angie… what happened? To my boys from the Mill and Mr. U Street… I’ll remember you. Sidebar: DC will always be my heart… even if I’ve trashed my rose-colored glasses.

Keep Your Money
In a shocking announcement condemning US views toward more controversial groups – ie drug users, prostitutes, etc. – Brazil declared it is refusing $40 million worth of HIV research grant money on the basis that accepting the cash would force its benefactors to condemn prostitution and promote exclusion of the very groups that are in need of services. The US has not responded to Brazil’s rebuff.

Washingtonians Addicted To Their Cars
The Washington Post reported that although folks in the DC area spend three times the average national commute time trying to get to work, they refuse to part ways with their cars and take the Metro. Citing inconvenience of service, most Washington area residents preferred riding in their own cars – even if it meant sitting in it for over an hour to get to their offices, rather than use Metro. Some Washingtonians are changing jobs, adjusting living arrangements and getting commuter vehicles, rather than considering public transportation.

Keep passin’ the open windows…

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Sounds like you had a great time. Also sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation....