Monday, May 09, 2005

Morning Edition - 5/9/05

Reverse Discrimination – G-Univ Gets Slapped With Lawsuit
In a case that brings a smile to my face, not for it’s content, but for what appears to be the tables being turned for once, two women have filed a lawsuit against Georgetown University in DC Superior Court alleging the computer services department violated the DC Human Rights Act by giving an unfair advantage to hiring and promotion to good looking young men and eliminating the jobs of older female employees, in a 2003 downsizing. Sounds complicated? Not really, since this type of behavior has been traditionally observed by other cultural and racial groups, it was only a matter of time before the oppressed became the oppressors – uh, right? Mindy Hicks and Emilya Nudelman are the plaintiffs in the case alleging that the director and assistant director of the IT dept., both identified as gay, have been showing favoritism to the young hotties… I’m sorry, I’m still giggling! In fairness, the suit doesn’t even mention if the folks benefiting from the alleged favoritism were/are gay. Georgetown released a statement saying it opposes all forms of discrimination.

J-Lo, Mama, Just Ride the Wave
First, I’ll admit I’m a fan. Jennifer Lopez is an artist in her own right and though she clearly isn’t GREAT at anything, she certainly knows how to be a part of everything. For a Boricua girl from New York, working your way into the A-list and changing perceptions on what a HOT bod is in Hollywood, does deserve some admiration. All hating aside, she has truly had a meteoric rise to stardom. This Friday, J-Lo will star in Monster-In-Law with one of Hollywood’s old-school iconic leading ladies, Jane Fonda. The trailers are hysterical and reviewers have given the flick two-thumbs-up. Both Fonda and Lopez say the film was a hoot to shoot, but egos and physical scenes combined to make working with the other diva a positive challenge. With her recent string of movies considered flops, J-Lo can relax and ride the Fonda wave.

Mandela in Harlem, USA
Mandela is visiting the U.S. on, what an insider tells me, might very well be his final U.S. tour. Mandela is set to visit with President Clinton in Harlem and President Bush in DC. Want a final opportunity to have a live glimpse of Mandela? He is rumored to be making a special visit to Riverside Church in Harlem this Saturday for a noon service. Reps at Riverside did not return calls to confirm the visit.

Lunch on Friday?
Today is the final day to confirm our lunch plans for this Friday at 1:30 p.m. at the Daily Grill in DC. If you are joining me, please contact Jeanine Arnette at the ABA. If you’re having trouble contacting Jeanine, please post your RSVP under the comments section of this posting. Thanks for making the res for us Jeanine!

Posting Nightmare Corrected
Those of you who experienced problems posting comments to our new Blog, will find that posting is easy as 1-2-3 now. I’ve removed all registration requirements! So, post away, but please tell us your name (or at least the name you’ll be using) so we can address you, if necessary.

Keep passin’ the open windows...


caspar608 said...

I'd like to give a shout out to the Riverside Church Hawks. My firstborn, Bryan, is their new point guard for the summer league. Already 6ft tall and a mens size 15 at the age of 12, I believe my baby boy is a future New York Knick and the greatest ball player of all time. I am trying to be modest....
God Bless Him.

Jeanine said...


We had to take a 1:30 pm reservation since they couldn't accomodate of party of 7 or 8 at 1pm. Would you guys prefer that we to move it up to 12:30 pm or just keep it at 1:30?


Cocoa Rican said...

1:30 is fine with me... since I'll be recovering from a hangover anyway! Talk about scheduling... who schedules a hangover? If anyone has trouble with that, I'm cool with 12:30. Just let me know what y'all finally decide. Thnx again Jeanine!

Winnie said...

Hey, Yall! Sorry that I can't make it on Friday. I'm now working a temp job from 3-11 pm, Monday - Friday and I will have to be on my way to work at around that time. Make sure to have some fun for me. I will have to catch yall in July. Mama is always busy!!! Speaking of Mama, Frankie and Henry are doing well. Pictures coming soon.

Cocoa Rican said...

Aww, Winnie... sorry you can't make it... July for sure! Ang, Shey, girls et al.... are y'all hangin' at the Bachelor's Mill on Sat.? Taqua - what's goin' on Fri. evening and/or Sat. afternoon? Brett...don't worry I gotchu.... LOL ;)

Lady Long Legs said...


I spoke with Shey and we are definitely hanging out with you at the Mill.

Just let us know the time and place to meet you.


Cocoa Rican said...

Ladies... I'm staying in the city, so it'll be easy to hook-up and drive over to the club... e-mail me at the office and I'll hit you up with my cell phone number.

Caspar... why so pressed?! Okay, a 12-year old with a size 15 shoe... let's give him six years and I have some girlfriends for him to meet.... assuming there is a God and he's seen fit to match apendages (sp) :)

Boot... how'd your eulogy go? Hit me up boy!

L. Williams said...

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make the lunch on Friday. Hope to see you on Fri. or Sat. night!


Cocoa Rican said...

L!! LAWD JESUS!!! Why come?!? ...yes, I said, "Why come?!" Girl, you know it ain't right... and it bettah not have anything to do with that man of yours... or I'll knock the remaining teef out his mouf.
...uh-oh... did I just say that out loud?!