Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Morning Edition - 5/4/05

Kiss and Tell, The Fall of Paul Abdul
Tonight at 10 p.m., ABCs Primetime Live will air Fallen Idol, the story of 2003 American Idol contestant, Corey Clark. Clark alleges he engaged in an intimate relationship with Abdul that included his being coached and groomed by her to succeed in the show. Clark was ousted from the show for withholding information regarding a 2002 arrest record. In 2003 Ruben Studdard was named American Idol, but ABC questioned other 2003 contestants who felt the allegations would mean Clark had an unfair advantage over other contestants. Clark’s story is corroborated by a voice mail left by Abdul asking him not to speak to reporters should they call him. In addition, Clark’s parents recall their son mentioning the affair and fielding phone calls from Abdul to Clark at their home.

Remember When We Were Young and You Were Mine…
My Boo, Marcia R., turns 28 today. I met the charming DC beauty in 2002 and we’ve been fast friends ever since. Marcia plans to spend her birthday evening at home tonight, but special plans may change her idea of curling up to the boob-tube.

Daddy Dearest to turn 62
Daddy dearest to “yours truly” turns 62 tomorrow. The retired minister and father of five will be visiting the Big Apple from Puerto Rico, with wife, Millie, on Tuesday, May 10. The two will be visiting their new grandchild, Daylen for 14 days. At press time Millie and Manuel were scheduled to stay at the Mouse Hole, a.k.a. my place. My doctor has been contacted for a double dose prescription of Xanax. Stay tuned for upcoming drama.

Cat Got Your Tongue?
The new Blog style format for the Morning Edition was created to give each of you a voice. That is, we can now stay in touch, hear everyone’s take on our Morning Edition – and other issues – and keep our e-mail accounts clear of clutter. At the end of each Blog posting there is a small envelope with the word “Comment(s)” by it. By clicking on the envelope icon you will be allowed to post your comments, opinions, shout-outs, etc. On your first attempt to post comments you will be asked to develop a screen name – any name you’d like – and a password. This will maintain the integrity of your posts and prevent anyone from making comments using your name. Simply ask the site to remember your name and password OR just write it down somewhere…. It’s as easy as that. Also, this Friday we will announce the majority vote for our July gathering date based on your responses to the 4/26 Special Edition on our Blog. If you haven’t done so already, please get set-up and respond to the Special Edition invitation today.

Keep passin’ the open windows…


caspar608 said...

I've had it. You've been carrying on with this Marsha character toooo long. You were mine before you even knew how to tell time. Now THAT's shady. And my heart is broken...not too mention I am green with envy. HOW DARE YOU! You oughtta be strung you up with the bastard who created this blogspot....someone get me a nurse.

Winnie said...

Hey, Everyone. Just wanted to say Hi! Things are great. I am unemployed now and loving it b/c I am actively pursuing my dream of being a web designer. I am taking classes and have signed up with a web staffing company to go out on assignments that will give me much needed experience. I have two interviews, one on Thursday and one on Friday, so please keep me in your prayers!!!

I'll keep you posted!!! Thanks. Love yall!

Cocoa Rican said...

First, Casper (and it is Casper, you non-spelling so-and-so) we've been friends since I was 5. Even if I make new friends, time will forever be on your side. I love you honey... Marcia is just my soul wifey... you're the 6' sistah I never had... wink-wink.

Winnie!!! Congrats on your chasing your dreams! It's so important to not lose sight of what we hold dear. Like Oprah said, find what you love and find a way to get paid to do it. Also, as we get older we sometimes become afraid to take chances. My prayers are certainly with you... always!

Has anyone heard from Marissa?!?!? That girl is not working at the place where she forwarded an e-mail address from a year ago. Angie... get on it!


Shey said...

Papi!!! I'm glad you have this, I miss our ABA days! oh, to go back to that time. Well, I hope we can do the get together in July, it would be great to see everyone and catch up with everybody. Since I moved to Gaithersburg and started back to grad school, sista don't get out like she used to.

Happy Birthday Marcia! I remember 28 like it was last year ;-)

kimmicee said...

Hi's nice to hear from everyone and to know what they're doing now. Winnie, I just saw a job opening for an IT Professional. Goto for more info. Good luck.

Marcia, Happy me or email me when you have a chance.