Monday, May 23, 2005

Morning Edition - 5/23/05

The Burning Bush
Laura Bush was treated to heckling and passionate screams while making visits to sites holy to the Muslim and Christian religions overseas this weekend. At one point an onlooker screamed, “How dare you come here? Why your husband kills Muslims?” Bush kept her composure and addressed the crowds with calm and patience. In essence, her message was that all people were praying for peace.

No One Knows Diddly Squat at Diddy’s
Bad boy, Bobby Brown, was celebrating a relative’s birthday at Justin’s Restaurant and Bar in Atlanta when a fight broke out between two of Brown’s entourage and two other patrons. Witnesses say that with the loud music and crowd it could have been started by two people brushing up on each other. Allegedly, Brown’s boys vanished from the scene after attacking and stabbing two men in their twenties. Brown was not involved and wife Whitney Houston was not in attendance. Justin’s belongs to REAL Bad Boy, Sean “Puffy” Combs.

Connecticut Connection Crisis
The state of Connecticut is reeling from what is being described as an almost fifty percent increase in Syphilis cases in the last three years. The group with the highest number of new cases is gay men, which has prompted CT’s health department to surmise that gay men in Connecticut are shirking off safe sex. Moral of the story… practice safe sex and, for the next few months, don’t make connections in Connecticut.

Breathe, Relax, Sip Your Latte’
Drivers on I-95North in Springfield, Va., were met with stand-still traffic this morning after a tractor trailer struck the guardrail in an accident that completely closed the HOV lanes until about 6:40 a.m. For those who commute this road regularly, you know this time period is already congested and dicey between 5-10 a.m. Removal of the tractor trailer will occur when HOV lanes close at 11 a.m. The driver of the truck is said to be in critical condition. No further information is known on the cause of the accident.

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Coco loco,

What is up with men? I went out dancing this weekend and the place was jammed pack and not one of this knuckleheads even ask us out to dance until they saw us dancing amonst each other. What is up with that? My question is why do men stand there looking stupid instead of just asking? For christ sake it's just dancing!!!!!