Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Morning Edition - 5/3/05

Long Story Short…
Grandma Warner, long-time Barnhart family matriarch, passed away this weekend. Warner was 103 years old. She is survived by daughter, Violet Barnhart, seven grandchildren and several great and great-great grandchildren. Manuel and Milagros C. were involved in a minor car accident last week. The fender-bender has left the retired Caribbean couple waiting for the repair of their vehicle. Donya W. has moved to Forestville, MD. The mother of five is said to be enjoying her new pad. Clent J. announced that love is sometimes found in the strangest places – ex. finding an orange in an apple basket or a vanilla bean in a chocolate factory… go figure. Ed Yingling has taken reign of the ABA after 25 years of serving in various capacities. He replaces retiring DC insider and sweetheart, Don Ogilvie. In even brighter news, ABA found a rewarding way to turn lemons into lemonade, after recent scandals in the United Way ranks forced ABA to discontinue all United Way corporate contributions, ABA now participates in several other programs. One, the National Rebuilding Day, gives families their lives back by returning their home to a livable condition. April 30, some ABA staffers, including Kim S., spent the day rebuilding a home belonging to an 86-year old man and his daughter. The project was said to be an unforgettable experience. Raymond V., personal trainer to the masses in NYC, is said to be wooing a certain cocoa-skinned Puerto Rican who relocated to the Apple in late 2003. In fairness, the Rican is basking in the fun of several prospective suitors. Wink-wink. Cedric P. is hitting the sunshine state for a work conference on the 7th. CP recently returned from a wonderful vacation in Italy and a weekend stopover in NYC. Latisha F. says the announced Largo, Maryland location for a July group gathering is too far out of her way. LF, who once lived in Laurel, Maryland, now resides in Charlotte. Self proclaimed irresistible NYC heartthrob, Slugger, is shacking-up with long-time friend and retired porn star T. The two are said to be working through various issues – not the least of which is, who’s in charge. Aisha D. is vacationing at Disney World this week. The svelte JPMorgan beauty is treating son Jayden to his first visit to the famous rodent’s pad. William C. is visiting his NYC siblings in the Big Apple for a month. The Puerto Rico resident spent his first weekend in the city enjoying his newborn nephew, Daylen. Marcia R. is promoting one of her first BIG events at her new gig. The former ABA PR pro is navigating the choppy waters of focusing media attention on a new classical pianist that will be performing at the Kennedy Center in DC. MR is celebrating her 20-something birthday on Wednesday, May 4. Steven (aka Laser) is relocating to Atlanta on Thursday. The heavyweight hell raiser will be joined by longtime pal, Laurien P., in July. Giving up is hard to do…your editor has returned to the gym this week and is looking to stop smoking by the end of May.

Will & Grace Star Ready to Talk
Megan Mullally, who plays side-kick friend and employee of Grace Adler on Will & Grace, has been signed to a seven figure contract to host a 2006 talk show on NBC. Will & Grace is scheduled to return for an eighth, and some say, final season. In the event that Will & Grace returns for a ninth season, Mullally has made arrangements to do both projects.

Atlanta Police Investigated For Harassing Gay Men
The Southern Voice newspaper in Atlanta, GA, is reporting an incident of verbal and physical harassment and abuse at the hands of police officers. The alleged victims say police officers detained them and used words like “faggots” when addressing them on the morning of April 21. A group of friends returning from a birthday party crossed Piedmont Park at approximately 2 a.m. Police officers are said to have arrested the group and detained them for over 12 hours. Piedmont Park closes at 11 p.m. Ann Fauver, an openly gay member of the Atlanta City Council, said that she is extremely upset by the incident and if even half of the allegations are true, then she is incensed. Piedmont Park has long been a “cruising” park in Atlanta.

Keep passin’ the open windows…