Friday, May 06, 2005

Morning Edition - 5/6/05

Six Makes Him 24?
Busta, my brilliant baby, turns six today. Born in Virginia, Busta was my first child to be potty-trained (housebroken) in one week. Doggie insiders say dogs age slightly different than humans, with larger dogs having each year count as seven; while smaller dogs can count four for every one. This would make Busta a guy in his mid twenties. Plans to hit a special dog run and eat home food (a definite no-no throughout the year) are planned for Sunday.

Gays Can Skip the Bank, FDA Says
If you are a man who has had sex with other men in the last five years, the FDA says you will not be eligible to make anonymous sperm bank donations. Per these new regulations, sperm banks will reject any donation made by gay men who are not celibate for five or more years. Although folks close to the issue say the regulation unlikely to become law, sperm banks will adhere to the FDA standard. The FDA says that gay men carry a higher-than-average risk for carrying the AIDS virus. Critics say that the FDA is ignoring a more general approach of addressing sexual behavior screening without regard to sexual orientation. In essence, a heterosexual man who has had unprotected sex with prostitutes can donate sperm, while gay men in a monogamous relationship, practicing safe sex, would be excluded.

Save The Date…Drum roll please!
With the majority of votes (5), the date for the Morning Edition Reunion gathering is Saturday, July 16. The other date came in a close second with four votes. The undecided brought up the rear. In the next few weeks, we will update the ME group and provide information on location – specifically if Watkins Park in Largo, MD will be our venue. NEXT WEEK: I will be in DC next Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Some of the ABA crew will be joining me for lunch at the Daily Grill on M street / Connecticut Avenue NW on Friday, May 13, 1 p.m. So far, Jeanine, Marcia, Melissa, Tam, Kim and hopefully Angie will be attending. Jeanine, will you please make a reservation for us? Anyone wishing to join should contact Jeanine at ABA no later than Monday afternoon, so that she can call the Daily Grill with a final head count. Saturday night, May 14, we will be partying at the Bachelor’s Mill, in SE Washington DC. I will provide my cell telephone number prior to hitting the road out of NYC.

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Jeanine said...

No prob on the reservations, I'll let you know the headcount and take care of it on Monday.


Cocoa Rican said...

Jeanine you're a saint! We'll touch base on Monday. Also, I'll need to give my cell number the close ABA ladies and direct folks to call you guys directly if they'd like the number. Much love... talk to you Monday & see ya'll next week!

Lady Long Legs said...

Jeanine, I will be attending the lunch so please add me in the count.

Hector, I know I'm old as crap I thought you meant meeting at Arundel Mills mall on Saturday night when you said the Mill... LOL

Shey, what's up? Let's hang out with Hector on Saturday night. Also, if you have time to do lunch on Friday, I can swing by your job and pick you up. Let me know.


Cocoa Rican said...

LLL.... Now you know better than the Rican askin' his ladies to hang out at some Arundell Mills!! :) You know I almost fell out of my chair! We'll be hanging at The Bachelor's Mill - it's seedy and fun and the drinks will knock us on our asses! Dress to impress no one!! FYI - if you're bringin' your man friends let them know they'll have to be very open minded and stick close to ya'! INFO: Bachelor's Mill, 1104 8th Street SE, a few blocks from Pennsylvania and 8th Streets