Thursday, December 13, 2007

Morning Edition - 12/13/07

Together Again; Janet Jackson

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To my friends Michael P. and Tony who will not be joining me in 2008…The memory of you will stay with me forever and I know that you’re laughing, loving and living through me; so I’ll do my best to do us proud.

Don't waste time...throw away the rules...screw the threat of failure...say what you what you believe

How will you celebrate life in 2008 to make those who did not make it feel you are living fully?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


fuzzy said...

I do not know, but not taking lfe for granted is always a start. Thanks and appreciation are great ways to start off the year, use during he year and end the year with!

sammygirl said...

In honor of my Uncle Mike - I will make my family number one in every situation, and tell my husband and kids every single day that I love them, no matter what.
In honor of C.G.A. - I'll remember to be fair to my daughter's friends and I'll start going on dates with my hubby more often.
In honor of G.L. (who you blogged about), I'll call my grandmother more often.
And for Baby Jacob - I'll hold my son a little tighter at night, snuggle him for just one more second, and take a deep breath when he's fussy.

life said...

I don't have a flow for 2008, yet. For the pass several years when I look back on the year I realized I came out victorious.

Kensilo said...

I will celebrate life with great expectation of achieving my goals and letting go of the disappointment that life tend to bring. As well as you I will honor my Dad who is no longer with me but is in my heart and enjoy what I do have my friends and family.

yet another black guy said...

that song always reminds me of my Uncle Eli. RIP