Friday, February 04, 2011

My Protector, My Inspiration, My Sis...Happy Birthday!

When we were kids you protected me from the school bullies
Even when those bullies were twice your size
You appeared to do everything right
The model child every parent hopes for
You had two amazing sons; both are the apple of your eye
And it’s clear by how you live that you want the best for your loved ones
Today as you celebrate your birthday it’s important that you know
We admire your strength in the face of all obstacles
We are in awe of your grace and calm in the roughest of storms
We are so proud of all you’ve accomplished
You’re not just our big sister
You’re our link to each other
The one who sees the best in all of us
The real glue that keeps us all together
We love you sis…HAPPY BIRTHDAY


Evelyn R. said...

Really?!?! The same name and zodiac sign! You definitely have a jewel in your LIFE!

Happy Birthday Evelyn~


thegayte-keeper said...

GOTTA LOVE SISTERS! My sister is younger than I am, but she sticks up for big gay bro!