Monday, May 16, 2011

Death As A Motivator

Two years ago I lost one of my closest and dearest friends. Bobby Sims died leaving an enormous gaping hole in my heart. There are still days when something happens that triggers a memory of him and I will either smile, laugh or simply tear-up. So much of who I am is a product of our friendship. Bobby’s death motivated me to live fully…never to take a second for granted and that no matter how dark any one day can be, I am here to live it. On days when I feel overwhelmed I hear Bobby say, “Don’t even go there…you’re here to fight another day.” His telephone number is still in my mobile phone’s address book and there are moments when I’m tempted to dial it with the insane hope that he’ll pick up and say, “Yeah, I fooled all of you.” …but he won’t…it’s only a wish…a dream… Yet Bobby lives on in my hopes, in my dreams and in my ability to do what he would have done – to live like I appreciate how precious life really is.

I miss you kid!

Keep passin’ the open windows…

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thegayte-keeper said...

It is so nice to see you live your life to the fullest. I am sure he is looking down on you with pride.