Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You've Given Me a Lifetime of Valentine's Days

While many struggle to search for words that will convey how they feel for their spouse or partner today, I’m comforted knowing that I say those words to you every single day. Heck, for ‘GP’ I will often just look at you and ask, “Did I tell you I love you today?!” It isn’t a coincidence. It isn’t contrived. Although I’ve made light of it, the truth is that there is nothing as serious and sobering as you in my life. You’re my security blanket that I reach out in the middle of the night for and fall fast asleep the moment I feel the warmth of you beside me. It’s as simple as watching you as you prepare our dinner and as complicated as our concerted effort to buy our home less than a month ago.

Nothing is forever….not even us. Life is fleeting…time betrays even its best friend. It’s for this very reason that I tell you how much you mean to me every day. Everything we accomplish, every goal we meet, every barrier we break through is a testament to the strength of our love.

Valentine’s Day may be a ploy by the card and flower industries to generate income, but for me, it’s just another opportunity to proudly shout from the hilltops “I love you!”

…and the other stuff is separate. ;)

Keep passin' the open windows...


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Cocoa Rican said...

Happy V Day to you!!

~Kahlua~ said...

This makes my heart smile knowing you've finally found that peace in life you've been waiting for all these years. Oh Happy Day! xoxo