Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Morning Edition - 7/22/08

Wendy Williams; Radio Talk Show Queen to TV Host Flop
Long known for bringing out the worst in her radio talk show guests, Wendy Williams has been given a six-week stint on Fox (select cities) to see if her far-fetched interviews – that often border on slander – can translate to TV. Unfortunately, I missed the first week of the show, but was sure to DVR Wendy’s second week attempt at daytime television. Her special guest yesterday was Omarosa – the fork-tongued, ice queen of Trump’s reality Apprentice series. Just before the stone-faced bitch was set to take the stage, Wendy announces that she’s going to “set her straight,” making a reference to the type of interview Omarosa was sure to expect. To Wendy Williams’ unprepared surprise, Omarosa was not going to be outdone by the 40-something hood rat that banked on sealing Omarosa up and sending her packing. Omarosa came out swinging; called Wendy to the carpet for playing nice with her TV guests while on the set, only to tear them a new one during her afternoon radio talk show – The Wendy Williams Experience. To Wendy’s horror she even alluded to Wendy appearing to have had a nose job and needing a wig that didn’t sit “three inches above her head.” The result was Omarosa scoring all the right points and sealing Wendy on her own show. Hey, I’m no fan of Omarosa, but I’ll be damned if she hit one out of the park for all the Whitney Houstons of the world who fell victim to the queen of double-talk and mean.
Moral of the story: It’s easier to catch your enemy unprepared, than to announce your plans to put them in their place before they hit the set.
Omarosa is one guest Wendy did not anticipate going word-for-word with. The judges all give Omarosa 10s across the board.

On Blast
Success in one medium (ie. TV or radio) do not translate to automatic FIRE in another medium. While Wendy may be an interesting radio personality she does not make a good TV talk show host.
What other journalist, artist, etc. has proven a success in their genre only to flop in another medium?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Turn me up a lil said...

wow I wish I could see that one. I've been waiting for someone to get her.

Darius T. Williams said...

Didn't Michael Jordan and baseball not mix so well?

Darius T. Williams said...

I just saw this on youtube....OMG - this was hilarious.

I think it's a disgrace to Blacks on public medium cuz non-blacks won't get it. They'll see the interaction between Wendy and Omarosa and think that's how we all act. Or they'll use those interactions as a point of reference. I don't think Wendy and Omarosa are good friends, but they know how to make a dollar and if need be they'd work together again. LOL - that Wendy is hilarious. She said "thanks for coming on MY show."

Caspar608 said...

I like Wendy Williams. She lets people know that no matter HOW fabulous they think they are...they shit, fart, eat, sleep, binge, purge and do everything else mere mortals do. She can be mean, but so can everyone else.

I watched the interview and Omarosa just seemed as obnoxious as Wendy...only meaner and skinnier. It was obvious from Wendy's reaction that she did have a lil work around the nose area. And the fact is, Whitney Houston is a HOT, STINKIN, DISGRACEFUL mess of a crackhead who needs to get her shit together if not for her own sake, then for the sake of her daughter who did not ASK to be born. It pains me to watch her sing "Where to Broken Hearts Go" or "Run To You"

Anyway. Madonna, while good for helping us shake our asses through the years is a horror story as an actress - although she was halfway decent in Evita and Desperately Seeking Susan.

Anonymous said...

wtf does whitney houston or madonna have to do with anything on the posting?

Joey Bahamas said...

I don't like Oma, but I really don't like Wendy. I'm glad she got her together...cause I would...no shade! Luv!!!


Caspar608 said...

Anonymous?....were you a rider on the little yellow bus during the formative 'reading comprehension skills' years?

Let me break it down for you...

The posting was about Omargrossa and Wendy Williams...Wendy Williams has a history of insulting (or stating the truth about - depends upon if you are in denial or not) Whitney Houston and many of her fans were so incensed with anger that they hate Wendy Williams...are you following so far?...OK, I submit my comment accordingly and stated - as per the question posed to the literate public - that Madonna had suckified acting skills to be damned. Reading is Fundamental. WTF...can't you read?

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

i actually have been enjoying Wendy's show... I think she needs better guest but it is a 6 week preview so maybe the guests will get better.

As for Omarosa she may have think she got the best of Wendy but what she did was get people talking about the show and in the end that is what Wendy needs so her show will be picked up in the fall.