Friday, January 16, 2009

Hypocrisy; the Catholic Church & Their New Delusion

Hypocrisy; the Catholic Church & Their New Delusion
The Vatican now says it is doing a better job of rooting-out homosexuals and teaching chastity and celibacy at its seminaries implying that it is now safer for boys and girls in parishes across the United States. After spending over $4 billion since 2002 to settle lawsuits brought by victims alleging abuse by priests – and worse, the long-stemming problem of the Catholic church turning a blind-eye to the accusations, the Vatican still does not recognize that Catholic priests are just a smaller representation of the general population and statistically, child molesters are more likely to be heterosexual regardless of the gender of their victims. Some scientific reports now mention that child molesters ‘don’t necessarily have a sexual orientation and that the term “homosexual molestation” actually refers to “male-to-male molestation” and does not accurately convey the more widely-accepted fact that the majority of child molesters have not developed the capacity for sex or attraction with adults and are therefore attracted to children’ – male, female or both. So while the Vatican celebrates a win – the effective discrimination and banning of gay priests from Catholic seminaries and parishes – child molesters who purport to be heterosexual can rest easy; the Catholic Church has banned the goat from the chicken coupe only to let the proverbial fox guard the joint.

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Should help organizations (such as Catholic Charities) that align with a specific religious sect be granted/awarded federal and state dollars? Do you believe in the separation of church and state?

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Mr. Jones said...

You betta go awwwf on the Catholic Church. Hypocritical bastards.

**walks to the nearest Unitarian chruch**