Friday, April 09, 2010

Pet Names; A Sign of the Times

Love is a funny thing. It blossoms, matures and continually changes. Many folks have trouble seeing themselves – as others see them – but I do a pretty good job at stepping back and getting a good view of me. I’ll tell you that for all the quirks I have, I am equal parts treasure. It may sound conceited to say that I’m worth the trouble, but my true friends know that I am fun, fun-loving and loyal, but I am also neurotic, anal and demanding. All said, I recently had to chuckle to myself at BD and how his pet name for me has changed. To be fair, BD has had a great deal more exposure to me and my FULL personality since we started living together, but I was recently surprised to see that his pet name for me on instant messenger had changed from Macchiato (referring to the caramel treat you get from Starbucks) to Spock (the overly-logical and incapable of warmth character) from Star Trek. When I noticed the change I mentioned it to him and he said, “Oh, it’s just that you’re so logical about everything, that’s all.” Right… So anyway, life goes on, pet names change and my hope is that I don’t somehow find myself face-to-face with HELLRAISER staring back at me as my new pet name. Such is life, huh?

Keep passin’ the open windows…

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Caspar608 said...

hellraiser was always who you were.