Sunday, June 28, 2015

In Our Lifetime

There's a priceless feeling that comes from being on both sides of history. The knowledge and appreciation that comes from experiencing when injustice is stricken down and equality is allowed to reign supreme. Marriage equality is a historic occasion that may seem small to some, but for those of us who have lived in the dark shadows of a society who marginalized the gay population, we recognize the importance of this legislation as life changing. Just as some of us can't fathom an America without a woman's right to vote or marriage between folks of different races, our children and grandchildren will never know an America where love between two consenting adults of the same sex is categorized as different from that of opposite sex couples. I am so honored to have lived long enough to see this amazing change in our country and look forward to the day when my grandchildren ask me, "why couldn't two men get married back then?"  There are so many other issues and injustices I'd love to see resolved with the same happy outcome. Until then I will smile with my heart that this one happened in my lifetime. 

Keep passing the open windows. 

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