Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Morning Edition - 6/21/06 (SUMMER '06 BEGINS!)

Lookin’ Out a Dirty Window to a Beautiful Scene
Sometimes you can’t explain feeling out-of-sorts when everything is going very well. Since our last Morning Edition more than ten days ago, I landed a new position, am making more money, have leveled off at 150 pounds and have met an incredibly beautiful and smart man. I’m grateful for all the wonderful new milestones in my life and know that as I begin meeting some goals, I get harder and harder on myself. I recognize that it’s okay to enjoy these moments when things have come together. So, I say this more to me than to you – get off my back and let me enjoy this moment; the now; my new gig begins Wednesday, July 5.

The Petersons and the Pea
Henry and Winona Peterson are expecting another addition to their family. With their first baby now a toddler, they now have a holiday pumpkin on the way. Please keep them in your prayers as Winnie is prone to some technical difficulties. Congratulations!

All About the Arc
Noah’s Arc is repeating its first season for all those folks who just can’t find a moment in their busy schedules to sit for the sometimes cheesy, but oh-so-gorgeous men of Logo’s runaway hit. Last Friday I purchased the first season on DVD and intend to overdose on the show before the second season begins August 9. It really is groundbreaking to have a cast completely made of men-of-color on prime time television. Bury your insecurities and step aboard the Arc. It is being praised as a male Sex and the City.

Pride; Twenty Years Later
When I was 17 I attended my first NYC Pride Celebration and had my eyes opened to the widest spectrum of the gay life I had ever experienced. Don’t get me wrong, I had been openly gay since I was 15, but at 17 I had settled into myself and was finally meeting people who were more like me. This year I’m celebrating 20 years in the life. It’s a hugely nostalgic experience filled with wild memories and painful recollections all jumbled to make for a time to celebrate my identity. Survival and happiness; two blessings I celebrate this Pride weekend.

Time to Revise the List
The Morning Edition has been around for years, but the blog set officially celebrated its 1st Anniversary this April. It’s time to revise our subscriber list. If you want to add a name, change the e-mail address your reminder arrives to or want to fall back and leave the family, please hit me up at

On Blast
Trial and error and fix…There are plenty of instances in your life (even repeated ones) that have changed an important aspect of your personality and actually made you take-on traits that are not inherently yours. For example: You’re pretty talkative, but rather keep your business to yourself to protect your feelings. What would you say is a trait you possess that is not you, but works in your life?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


lala said...

Hector, I would like to say congratulations on all of your successes! They couldn't have happened to a better, more deserving person. I love you Sweetie and you continue to stay strong and positive.

Melissa said...

Hector, congrats on the new gig and new man, baby. You deserve to be happy. I love you, sunshine!

On Blast response: I'm no longer surpressing my "emotional needs" voice. With my upcoming entry into the 40s stage of life, I'm feeling more confident about what I need from a relationship. And I'm happily letting that voice speak...or shout if some are hard of hearing, LOL.

Tammy said...

Congratulations darling on your new job and new love and sexy body. Also congratulations Winona and Henry! Winona take care of yourself sweetie. On blast: you actually named my trait hector in your example. everyone who knows me knows that i am talkative and outgoing...but when i am in a new position (like i am now) i am very reserved and observant. people tend to think i'm some stuck up bytch...cause i just smile (or not) and keep to myself.

Anonymous said...

20 years in the life?, do the math; 17+20= "you made a mistake in your addition"; don't ya think?

Congrads on the New Positions: on the job and with the man, smile, you skinny lill' #*^@!

On Blast, surpress, hold back and things of that nature have been delete from my level of self expression. "Buckle your seat belts..."


Anonymous said...

20 years in the life?, do the math; 17+20= "you made a mistake in your addition"; don't ya think?

Congrads on the New Positions: on the job and with the man, smile, you skinny lill' #*^@!

On Blast, surpress, hold back and things of that nature have been delete from my level of self expression. "Buckle your seat belts..."


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS Hector on the new gig and the new love.

This monogomy trait is something that I have grown into because it wasn't me until I gave birth to my first daughter and then another - He knew what He was doing. Now that they are older I'm still stuck here and it seems to work for me. Oh well!!!

Miracles and Blessing

Cocoa Rican said...

Thanks for the congrats!
I've made no mistake... I came out (completely) at about 17. I was on the street actin' a fool at 15. Enough said. I'm 37 this August - you do the math.

On Blast: My example is my tidbit... I will listen to virtually anything and I will share what I think is appropriate, but I try to keep things I really don't want the opinions of others on, to myself. All said, I don't mind making the wrong decisions every now and again, so long as I feel the decision has been completely mine. At least the outcome is easier to live with.

Just Me said...

Screw the pity party. Life is a roller coaster and there is only one way to exit the ride...

Congrats: On whatever you feel is worth your own praise, new job, new love, car or new clothes. It doesn't matter it's new....Be thankful..

To the soon-to-be parents....Congrat...God's grace be upon u...It really takes a village..

Blast: I'm very shy during my initial encounters. I look/listen and learn and then make my approach. You may get me once but only once before I turn and rip your another azz-hole.

caspar608 said...

Congratulations on that little miracle growing inside of you Mr. and Mrs.Peterson - and belated congrats on the one thats running around fraying your nerves. Children are a blessing.

Hector....did you ever think that sometimes misery becomes our comfort zone - even if its just for a little while? Why doyouthink wealthy people can sometimes be so damn mean and ruthless. They have everything yet they still are not happen. My advice to you, although not requested, is to breathe deeper and sigh whenever you feel the need to do so. Then look up to the heavens above and thank the good Lord that he has blessed you with the ability to breathe and release in complete comfort despite the fact that you were (are?) a smoker.

You are truly beautiful, truly gifted. Live your life like you know you are. Live your life like its GOLDEN.

I love you.
Ms. Hanley if ya nasty

Marissa "MJ" said...

Congratulations to you HECTOR! You deserve all the best life has to offer you. Congratulations Winnie and Henry! :)