Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Morning Edition - 6/28/06

2006 NYC Pride
Last weekend NYC celebrated Pride 2006. Personally, I celebrated 20 years of being an openly gay man of color. It’s an experience that has been liberating and at times, heartbreaking. Surrounded by close personal friends, we partied like the good ‘ole days and reminisced of a time when we were carefree. By Sunday, we had rallied over 15 of our closest friends to meet at New York’s West Village where the festivities were in high gear. In honor of the occasion – or maybe because I’m also celebrating my personal Body Beautiful for 2006 campaign – I wore an outfit that can only be described as Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Just BAM! With camouflage hot shorts and matching muscle tank covering very little of my body, I gyrated to tunes from back in the day. Truth is, I haven’t had that much fun in quite a while and the self-conscious demons of yesteryear weren’t around to ruin the festivities. A special thank-you to Linda and Juanita for serving as my personal drivers for the evening and to Slugger and Bobby for serving as my security staff…at times, I was a bit overwhelmed by the groping hands that insisted that looking was just not enough. A welcome home to Tim… boy, this battle is not yours. Most of all (and here comes a religious moment) a special thank you to my Lord Jesus Christ, for allowing me to come through a period where so many didn’t make it through. I’m open to your will and purpose.

Taking Matters Into My Own Hands
In just over a month I’m celebrating my 37th birthday. It’s a time to take the bull by the horns and create the perfect birthday weekend by heading out to the beaches of Puerto Rico. My soul-wifey Marcia will be taking my birthday trip with me this year and I can’t think of a better person to bring in a new era with. The plan is to fly out Friday, August 4th and return Monday, August 7th. I’ll have pictures to share with the group in mid August.

DC…Can’t Get Enough
I’m thinking of visiting my home away from home again next month. If all goes as planned I should be coming down for a short weekend stint in mid July. I’ll keep my DC family posted. All those who missed out on getting together during my April visit are asked to make a special effort to squeeze me onto their busy calendars. Folks, let’s try to plan something to bring all the new additions – those growing babies – together. It is truly a blessing to have our children mingle now and create bonds early. It also makes the collective history of our crew live on more vividly.

On Blast
Women: Do you feel that the down-low phenomenon has affected the way you feel about openly gay men? Do you now create a clearer separation between your man and your gay friends?
Straight Men: Are you afraid to interact with gay men and be open-minded for fear of being pegged as a down-low man? Do you believe that all gay men want you?
Gay Men: Do you curb your behavior around straight men or become standoffish with straight men, to avoid being seen as flirtatious? Do you engage straight men as possible “playmates”?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Melissa said...

Glad you had fun at Pride. I can only imagine the stir you caused in that outfit! (smile) Can't wait to see you in July.

On Blast: Nope DL men have not changed how I feel about openly gay men at all. Having lived with an openly gay man (who at times made me want to revoke his gay card!)for two years and befriended his friends, I can empathize with of some of their struggles and in a few cases the inner turmoil that they go through. That time with my former room mate was one of the best experiences for me. I will always cherish it.

caspar608 said...

How about not being so damn selfish and stop slacking off on your Morning Edition mission to keep us all entertained with your hijinks and sex life. This is getting ridiculous....1 day on 5 days off?
Who do you think you are?

PS...I could care less about men being on the down low, up down or in between. As long as my man and I are completely honest with each other a friendship will always be salvaged and he will be always be loved...just not having sex with me if he is having sex with other people REGARDLESS of their gender.

Tammy said...

I dont even think about men on the down low and my man. we've been together four years. My man also has gay male friends that he has had for years. I dont worry about him and his friends Gay or Straight (believe me he would get in more trouble hanging with his straight friends). And as far as affecting the relationship i have with my gay brothers...never.

Tammy said...

...and Caspar is right. stop being selfish! We need to hear from you more godammit!

Just Me said...

I never curb my actions for the sake of sparing feelings. I could care less if your gay, str8 or Bi. Just when I inform you of my preference you listen and proceed from there. As previously stated, I have many friends and I think that it is because I am able to respect you if you can respect me. I don't tease or accept teasing from others that are not of my preference. I have learned that woman are more acceptable of the gay man than most men will ever be and I believe that due to the stigma "Every gay man wants me." men are more stand-off-ish with gay men. That aside from the feminine actions that some portray...bewildering... I do love lipstick lesbians...HOT!!!

petite morceau said...

Personally, it would never occur to me to question anyone having gay friends. In fact, I'd be suspicious of anyone who has never had a gay friend or who says they're not comfortable around gays. Either they have been living in a hole in the middle of the Mohave Desert or they're very closed-minded which would put a damper on our ever being very close friends.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's the gay men we have to worry about with our men. DL has not affected my relationships with my man and our gay friends. To me, it's the DL men that are ranting and raving about bashing gay men. So as long as my man continues to communicate with us - me and our gay friends - that phenomenon affects us in no way.

Anonymous said...

A more appropriate question might be: Why do you feel men, specifically men of color, feel is necessary to maintain a DL status?