Tuesday, November 09, 2010

He Promised He'd Remember

It was years ago during one of those conversations you have when the liquor makes you laugh and you're laying in the still of the night. We were just discussing something that happened at the club that night and I had the facts all wrong...he said he'd remember. Then there was the time when we were watching an old Oprah show we recorded on tape years earlier and I got the scenes confused...he said he'd remember. The names of the men I dated, the countless times I had been in a drunken stupor, yup...he said he'd remember. The thing is I never counted on him not being around to remind me. I miss you and my memories Bobby. Now I have to remember.

Keep passin' the open windows...

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~Kahlua~ said...

This hits home in a way I can't express right now. It's too fresh and it's too raw. May we both receive the healing our hearts need so badly Cocoa. Love you my friend. xo

Nobody not really... said...