Friday, August 11, 2006

Morning Edition - 8/11/06

One Mo’ Year!
Soul wifey, Marcia R. and I spent an incredible weekend in Puerto Rico, 8/4-8/7. The model-esque wifey charmed my family who attempted to feed her at every turn. Conversely, I didn’t need any coaching and readily devoured mom’s food and all else that wasn’t nailed down. By day two of our trip I had clocked over 48-hours of straight awake time and had more baggage under my eyes than what I brought on the island. The divine Ms. M was the prescription for the perfect birthday and we enjoyed sightseeing, clubbing and beach time crammed into 4 days and 3 nights. Of course, it’s PR folks, so we had to have a couple of dramatic scenes… dare I share two of these… First, wifey and I decided it would be a great idea to drop our first full roll of film off at the Walgreen’s photo development counter on Saturday night. When we returned for our pics on Sunday night, they had been lost. Marcia tore the counter staff and assistant manager at Walgreen’s a new one and I was kind enough to translate each word and add a few of my own. As we pulled back into my parent’s neighborhood we realized all power in the area was lost. Marcia and I sat up telling stories by candlelight and listening to the torrential rains. At 2:30 a.m. the manager at Walgreen’s called back to say they found the pics and had printed courtesy 8x10s of our Caribbean experience. Marcia and I arrived to pick up our photos just before 3 a.m. in our PJs and flip-flops to squeal in delight as we forced the manager and assistant manager on duty to look at each photo with us. Thank you Marcia, for an incredibly beautiful and eventful birthday weekend. You’re the best! Yesterday I shared preliminary pics taken with my digital camera and they were a bit too raw… meaning, I looked like crap! Marcia will share our “good” roll of pics in the coming few days.

Put Down That Coffee and Dump That Hair Gel
Just when I returned from Puerto Rico – unharmed and unbothered by my air travel experience – the British have uncovered a plot to blow-up planes headed for New York, Washington and California. Terror alert levels have been raised – I believe the alert level is about at blue (which is the color passenger’s faces will be turning when they realize how long they’ll be waiting to board). What does this mean for you? Simple. If you’re traveling anywhere, anytime soon, be sure to pack everything neatly in check-in luggage. Leave your tanning lotion, hair gel and alcohol flask at home and give yourself at least two hours prior to your flight to clear the check-point area at the airport. Don’t wear the fancy belt with the big (Hookahville) belt buckle and certainly leave those knee-high lace-up Timberland boots in the closet. Otherwise, continue to travel about as normal – well, as normal as finding out there was a thorough plot to work-us-over-and-not-all-suspects-have-been-apprehended allows.

And Crunch…
In just three short weeks we will bid summer 2006 an official farewell. Well, it would seem that we’ve enjoyed this summer and the weather played nice to help give us some fun in the sun. Admittedly, I cheated on my diet (not my work-outs) and hovered in the 150s – 10 pounds over my target weight – but you know what, it was all good. Yesterday, my first day back in the office, I began my new diet and have stepped-up my cardio routine. The plan is simple – take it to an even 140 lbs. I’ll keep you posted on how this progresses.

On Blast
Give us your summer story…it has to include drama…it has to include one of your summer events and be sure to sock us with that punch line.

Keep passin’ the open windows…

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Just Me said...

I'm sorry but NO drama in my life. I wrote the song for MJB. The older I get the LESS dramafied I get.